6 Life Lessons I Learnt While Travelling Alone To Uttarakhand

‘Travelling alone to Uttarakhand’ was something that was never on my list. Yet here I am sharing my experience that was nothing short of phenomenal. When this expedition started I wasn’t sure at all if I would actually complete it or not but here I am after successfully completing it even with many hardships and lessons. And along the journey, I realized that in some way traveling teaches us a lot about life and ourselves. It teaches us to enjoy and embrace the uncertainties because that’s how life really is.

So here are 6 life lessons that I learned while traveling Uttarakhand:


traveling alone1. Finding your comfort zone is as important as getting out of it

The very reason I jumped in and decided to go on an expedition alone in Uttarakhand was that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and thought to grab the opportunity that was right in front of me. All my life I had heard people say that miracles happen out of your comfort zone. And that is why I was shocked when on my first day at the camp our camp leader said to us that find your comfort zone and be in it while traveling. We were supposed to ask ourselves two questions:
  ● Am I walking easily?
  ● Am I breathing easily?

And if the answer to these two questions was ‘yes’ then that was our comfort zone and we were supposed to be in it. And honestly, when I started with this expedition I was never sure if I would be able to finish it. But finding my comfort zone and being in it helped me finish it. And I realized it’s not always about coming first; sometimes you just have to finish it. Do what you never thought you would do or could do. Sometimes the only thing that’s stopping you is your mental blockage and to break it you first need to find it. And similarly, finding your comfort zone and being in it is as important as getting out of it.

traveling alone to uttarakhand

2. Carry only as much of baggage as you are capable of

With each and every step you will be reminded of the baggage you are carrying. Especially when the journey is uphill. And each gram you are carrying will feel like a kilogram. But you gotta reach to the top if you want to enjoy the view. And with every step, I realized that how similar is this situation with our life. We as humans are accustomed to carry everything. It’s hard for us to let go of anything and so we decide to carry all our baggage along with us. But if we really want to enjoy the ride and keep moving; it is important to know that we should carry only that much of baggage which we are capable of. It’s okay to let go. It really is.

traveling alone to uttarakhand

3. Life, Truth, and Nature: Needs no justification or manipulation

Life, truth and nature- Their beauty lies in their harshness. When I saw the mountains in Uttarakhand I was in awe of its beauty as much as I was in awe of its harshness. Those lush green mountains and their sharp edges. Staring at them for long I realized that it is what it is. Whatever nature had to offer was right in front of me. Just one landslide and it could be the end. And in that moment I realized that ‘nature is as harsh as it is beautiful’. And what amazed me is that it doesn’t try to hide it. Having talked to the locals I realized how hard was their day to day life. While we travel to places for a few days and adore the beauty of the nature they live the harsh truth of it. And standing there at such a height and looking at the view I knew whatever there was to be known. For every set of eyes, this realization would be different as only you know what you see and feel. But if there is only one thing that’s universal then it is the realization that nature doesn’t justify or manipulate. And neither does life or truth.

travelling alonetravelling alone

4. Solitude is the answer when you don’t understand the question

If I am being honest with myself then I would admit that one of the reasons to go for this trip was to clear my head. And being a person who has always loved solitude I never thought that this trip would offer me a whole next level of it. I was at a place where there was no network at all. And being a music lover I was shocked when I didn’t take out my earphones to listen to the music during the whole expedition. I started moving early morning and continued till the evening. A whole day; without network, music and communication (minimal). Just you, your baggage and the mountains. There were the moments when every damn thought in my head was turning into a tornado. Every decision ever made, every person who took advantage, every person who wronged, every person who left and every risk and every regret. And then, there were moments when my head was totally blank and all it was focused on was gathering the strength for just one-more-step.

It was this transition that taught me that in some weird way there is calm in the chaos. Sometimes solitude will amaze you by showing what you truly are capable of if only you believe in yourself. And how important it is to spend time with yourself because mostly we are too focused on what’s happening around us that we pay no attention to what’s happening inside us. And that is why when you don’t understand the question; solitude is the answer.


travelling alone5. You can cheat yourself but you cannot cry

Sometimes when people finish the expedition and reach the top they are overwhelmed by the experience and accomplishment; And the only way to comprehend and express the feeling is through tears. And our camp leader said to us that if at any time during the expedition you took any lift or took any shortcut then you can cheat yourself but you cannot cry. Because there are no shortcuts to good things.

travelling alone

6. The one who comes last enjoys the most

Life is a rat race and we’re expected to come first. All our life the society has burdened us with its expectations and so we’re mechanized in a way where coming first is a moment of proud. And that’s why I was taken by wonder when our camp leader said to us that the one who comes last enjoys the most. And it is then when I realized that when we travel we come out of our rat holes and traveling in many ways breaks the social customs and offers an experience that is so much more than what words and photographs can ever really express.

travelling alone
For every person who travels; the lesson, the experience and the feeling is different. And the only way to find out is to go on an adventure of your own. Because the only regret you’ll have on your deathbed is that you lived a life of someone else. So what are you waiting for? Go travel and seek out for an adventure of your own.

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