6 Most Amazing DIYs For Diwali Decoration

This Diwali take a selfie and flaunt these home decor!

Making a long list to buy home decors for Diwali? (or managing this Diwali too with the decors of previous Diwali?)

Just stop and have a look at these super easy and beautiful DIY home decors which will WOW your house more than just some vibrant cushions and a rangoli and you can flaunt around with selfies with your decor in this festive season.

So let us quickly sneak peek into the world of DIY.

1. Entrance 

Your old bicycles and light rope and here we go!


Decorate the entrance of your house like a bomb and burn all your neighbours!

Here are some of very quick and easy to do decorations which will not need much of your effort and time because you need time to add new entries to your closet as well.

Just some flowers and some Diya or lights and you are done!

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2. Staircase

Who decorates the staircase in Diwali! Woah. Did you say that? Just have a look here.

Image result for stairs with flowers and candles


Light ropes are the all-time saviour in Diwali. Just invite them inside sometimes and see their wonders! It is beautiful. Isn’t it?

3. Room

Here is an idea for a perfect, easy and mesmerizing DIY for your room.  You can use flowers, papers and even your old curtains. Give it a try and surprise your Mom.

4. Floor decor

Floor decoration is one of the most important part of Diwali decoration of an Indian Family. Keep aside your old Rangoli and try this. Floor decor with flowers is much easier than making Rangoli with colours.

Image result for Diwali


Image result for flower decoration on floor

Image result for rangoli ganesh design for diwali 2016

5. Candles and Diyas

Obviously. Diyas = Diwali! (After firecrackers, which are being banned)

When we are keeping aside all the old stuff then why mainstream Diyas and Candles? I bet these will be the easiest thing you will see on the internet today.

Image result for diwali home decoration idea

Image result for diy candle holders

Image result for diwali decorations ideas at home

Image result for diy tray decoration indian

Image result for table decorations living room

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6. Walls

Tadda! Beautiful wall hangings just steal the show or should I say that they are show stoppers! Some old bottles, some papers, light ropes!

Image result for Origami

Image result for lights decoration with plastic bottle

Image result for diy decoration for christmas

Image result for kitchen decoration items online

Image result for paper decoration for diwali

Disclaimer: Your mother will give you the responsibility to decorate the house in next Diwali too!

The MagZone wishes you a very Happy Diwali in Advance. We hope this article helps you in decorating your house in a better way. Drop your wishes to your loved ones in the comments below!