5 Types Of Negative People We All Come Across In Our Daily Lives!

God could not be everywhere, so he created mother, and Satan could not be everywhere so he created a whole class of *insert all not-so-good adjectives here* people to help you NOT ease your daily life a little too much. I bet you got ‘em all!

1.The Body Shamers

Yes, these are the people who ALWAYS greet you with a demeaning sentence, viz. ‘Hey! You look even fatter today!’ or ‘See, you got moustache growing out on you girl!’ or ‘Why do you look darker than usual?’
Seriously people, let me be ME. If I don’t mind my body fat or my facial hair or that goddamned complexion of mine, neither should you. Stop trying to fit me into your bullshit beauty standards. I will get waxed or thin or whatever whenever I feel the need!

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2.The Bitchi’ Gang

To these people, even Aamir Khan has flaws (just kidding)! They are the ones who will coat you in honey on your face and take no minute to speak the most loathful of things about you the moment you are not around. Fun fact, sometimes, they are the wolf in disguise in your peaceful herd of sheep. I mean your friends, silly!

My suggestion – ‘Aise praaniyon ko door se namaskar karein.’ Easy, right?

3.The know-it-alls

Can’t score well? They can help. Relationship problem? They will give the best advice. Stressing out over the career? Go to them. Couldn’t get masala packet in Maggi? They have a solution to that too! Really, these guys are too much to deal with. And the worst part, none of their help actually does any real good except for wasting a significant amount of your time and making you curse yourself later!

4.The Judgemental a-holes

They have the superpower to judge you for literally anything! Are you breathing? How can you even breathe when you have just had a break-up, you aren’t placed yet, you owe money to your friends and your life is falling apart!

‘Well, I breathe so that I can figure things out and never have to see your stupid face again!’

The bottom line is, nobody really knows your situations, and hence, nobody got the right to pass verdicts on any aspect of your life. So the less you entertain these people, the happier you will be.

5.The Whiners

They will keep crying about how sad and miserable and full of struggles their life is. My experience tells, most of the times, it’s a cooked up story. And people really have no limits. They can go up to the extent of faking deadly diseases for minor health issues or exaggerating a small relationship skirmish as a breakup.

Still figurin’ out what fun they get outta it if any, but stay clear of ‘em guys!

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Truth be told, life would have been so much heaven – like if we could just cut out this negativity. Agreed?

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