5 Songs That’ll Make You Feel Proud Of Your Singing Skills

If you ever doubted your singing skills, Do listen the songs below to feel proud of yourself.

Eye to Eye

Singer: Tahir Shah
Release Year: 2013
YouTube Views: Around 4 lakhs

‘Eye To Eye’ definitely deserves to top the list.
Tahir shah, a Pakistani singer recorded ‘Eye to Eye’ in 2013 where he sings about “sensational eyes, emotional eyes, colourful eyes, exciting eyes, fabulous eyes, spectrum eyes, human eyes, my eyes, your eyes…” and what not.

This song has several parodies as well. We recommend you to watch the Hitler’s one.


Singer: Tahir Shah
Release Year: 2016
YouTube Views: 15 lakhs

As if Eye to Eye wasn’t enough. Tahir shah came with another one in 2016. This song made him trending on top in twitter hashtags. Bollywood star Hritik dedicated this song to Ranveer Singh as well.

Angel is enough to kill your eardrums.

Swag Wali Topi

Singer: Dhinchak Pooja
Release Date: 2015
YouTube Views: Around 3 lakh views.

How can someone miss this one. Though the song is well enough to make you laugh, Dhinchak Pooja gained an ample popularity and Facebook followers through this creation.

Can’t beat Tahir’s standard, still the song is enough to make you feel you like a professional singer.

Trust me, You’re better than her.

Oh My Baby

Singer: N.I Raj
Year of release: 2016

As if original baby wasn’t enough, this guy came up with ‘Oh My baby’.
A song shot with a low quality camera, perfect choreography and some amazing steps. The co-stars are worth watching.

Khada hai
Cast: Anil Kapoor, Sadhna Sargam
Movie: Andaz
Year of release: 1994

Arijit and Atif are showcasing some best kind of talents we’ve got in our nation. No, this wasn’t the case some two decades ago. To name a Bollywood song in the list, “Khada hai,khada hai”. Truly deserves a place.
From its double meanings to Choreography, khada hai khada hai is worth listening if you’re having a bad day today.

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