5 Reasons Why Bollywood Is Just “Bakwas”

Salman Khan – The God!
Shahrukh Khan – The Prince!
Kareena Kapoor – Barbie Doll!
We have a tag name for every hero, every heroine. Bollywood – Movies ka funda! What movies do we talk about? Movies where one hero – without prior knowledge of fighting whatsoever, I might add – beats 25-40 bulky people. The catch is that they fly in the air. Every villain flies like a disgraceful Superman. This is not just the case in Bollywood, Indian movies with a good plot line dwindled to numbers which we can count on fingertips.

What is wrong with Indian film industry? Here’s the answer –

1. Plot-line

The interesting thing about plot-lines is that most of them are copied shamelessly from either Hollywood or some other foreign industry. Most of the Indian population do not watch Hollywood movies albeit youth and a few others. This is the reason many people do not know that Bollywood movies are “plainly plagiarized”.

A copied poster too – not just a movie

Here are some examples –

  • Zinda (2006) – Oldboy (2003), a Korean movie
  • Chachi 420 (1997) – Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)
  • Race (2008) – Goodbye Lover (1998)
  • Singh is King (2008) – Miracles (1989)

Here’s a list of movies which have been copied from Hollywood – Click here!

2. Let’s talk about Heroes

The movie is a hit as long as the hero has a six-pack. Eight pack – even better! I don’t know how the film makers adopt such weird notions on behalf of the public. And, we aren’t even proving them wrong because, on the first day of its release, we are the ones printing flex boards of their perfectly toned abs. We are worse than crows. Let the Hero enter and we give a standing occasion just because he tore open his shirt and let the buttons fly!

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Seriously, his body is given more importance than his talent!

3. What do Heroines wear?

It’s a pity that Heroines choose to wear fewer clothes. I really don’t understand how showing plenty of cleavages and wearing transparent Bikinis is a portrayal of life. ‘Coz, I’ve never seen any girl in bikinis or flimsy shirts roaming about on roads. All the crap on the silver screen is a load of bullshit if all heroines wear are one-pieces and two-pieces.

Films are nothing more than Blue films now-a-days.

The thing is that even the ever traditional saris became a play material. They are to be draped over the shoulder while the cloth’s heavy border is supposed to give a finished outlook to the wearer. The saris in the film – there is no cloth, save the border. All I see nowadays is a sari border running along the expanse of heroine’s chest – covering next to nothing. They’ve become a “porn” material instead of “tradition”.

This is the plight of today’s sari and we call it “fashion”

4. Wrong Repeated Love

It’s funny – how every Bollywood movie seems to have the same base for different love stories, just like a pizza base which can be used for many varieties. Now, the recent love stories are mostly like this –

  • They meet for the first time. (The air suddenly turns violent just to blow their hairs)
  • No one seems to be in their line of vision anymore.
  • Hero speculates Heroine’s “Mujh se koi achi nahin” type of character.
  • Suddenly, they have intercourse! (Seriously?)
  • They think they are deeply in love until heroine decides that the hero is “just a friend” who she had a fling with mere moments ago. And when the Hero acts a little forceful with her, she slaps him – hard.

  • Hero decides to win her back as a lover at any cost. So, he woos her.
  • Then, another guy decided to drop in as a rival to the hero.
  • The heroine wants to be with both the guys but she likes the hero a wee bit more.
  • A fight ensues between the goons of the villain and hero.
  • Hero wins because, you know what, he’s got a six-pack and he can make those overly grown goons fly like feathers.
  • Did I forget love songs? And, we have hugs and French kisses too!

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5. There’s no physics or gravity in our movies

We know the story of “Apple tree and Newton“, don’t we? I bet Newton would formulate a counter theory to gravitational laws if he were to see our movies. Bodies on silver screen seriously defy the term “Gravity“. They fly like birds in the sky and bump on the sandy road as if their bodies are made of rubber instead of skin. Add to that a terrific mind-blowing music to praise these impractically phenomenal acts of our hero.

Bollywood needs to be treated

We are hardly appreciating movies in the recent days because there’s nothing new in them. Plus, we succumb ourselves to “Hero-worship” instead of concentrating on the story. Whatever stupid movie stars Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan or any of your favorite heroes, we make sure it’s a hit because “It’s for the hero or heroine”. How many of us actually delve into the depths of a meaningful story? Every genre involves unnecessary and uncensored romance that requires no clothes and skin to skin contact.

How are we supposed to sit with our parents and watch the hero and the heroine getting it on with each other? That’s so embarrassing!

Where are movies like “Chak De India“, “Taare Zameen Par“, “Bhag Milka Bhag” and “3 Idiots“? What’s with crap movies like “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” and “Tube-light“? What next, “Gas-light“?

The only recent good movie with a message I’ve truly liked to the core of my heart is “Pink“. “Indu Sarkar” was released on 28 July and I haven’t seen it yet but as far as the reviews are concerned, it’s way better and meaningful than the movie “Mubarakan” that got released on the very same day.

We need movies which will let us think on a social-basis.

We need movies to throw a light on controversies.

Not porn. Not nudity. Certainly not a breach of privacy.

Until then, “Bollywood is just Bakwas.”

The reason I said “Bollywood” and not “Tollywood” or “Kollywood” is because it’s the top-most industry that most Indians follow.

What are your views on today’s Indian Cine-industry? Drop them in the comments below!

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