5 Questions That Your Relatives Would Have Asked You Too

From UP wale Fufaji and Haryana wale Tauji to Jaipur wali Mamiji and Dilli wali Maasiji, we’ve had rib-tickling, socially awkward conversations with all. They never let go of you, or do they? From the time you’ve given your class 10 board examinations to the time when you had a break-up party; they’ve known all about you ever since

1. “Ladki Mili koi?”
Said all aunties and uncles ever. They’d tell you that if you didn’t find one, you will. They might appear to be mocking at your singlehood, but secretly, from within, they are too happy to give even a hint of it. Of Course, Auntyji would want her niece getting married to you later.

2. “Kya Kar Rahe Ho Aaj Kal?”

Right from the time you chose your streams to the time you got interned, they’ve always asked this question.If you’re doing engineering, they’ll tell you how bad the conditions are in India as far as employment is concerned. (Agar aage se AC theek karne ke liye bola na..to..)If commerce, there’s nothing other than “beta, CA ke liye to bahut mehnat karni padti hai” you’d hear. (Uncle, mehnat sab mei lagti hai. And commerce wale sirf CA nahi bante!)

And, for Humanities- “Acha..scope to nhi hoga?”

3.“Future Ka Kya Plan Hai?”
Don’t ever let them know if you’re planning to become an artist. The dose of reality they’ll give you otherwise will destroy the artist in you.

4.“Ye Kaise Kapde Hain”

The fashion sense our dear uncles and aunts have, is just worth listening to. Supposedly, you are going for a family dinner and you wear an off-shoulder top, (with jeans! -decent enough) you still get to hear about how THIS TYPE OF CLOTHING is the reason behind crimes against women. The funny part is that they still claim to be COOL AUNTIES OF 21 st CENTURY!

5.“Shaadi Ka Kuch Socha?

They don’t care if you’re 23 or 27, you’re always late for getting married. The dialogue that never gets old is- “Baad mei koi nhi milega”/ “Abhi se dhundna start kar dete hain”. Honestly, jodiyan bhagwaan nhi, rishtedaar banate hain!

This might be a bit torturous at times, but let’s be honest; the sense of pride that comes after giving a good comeback is inexpressible. And moreover, out of 170 likes on your Facebook DP, 70 belonged to your relatives; so be grateful.

If you have Rishtedars (that we are sure you do) then you would have surely come across these questions. What are some other questions that you are tired of listening?

Do let us know in the comments section below.

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