5 Minor Changes In Your Diet That Can Absolutely Change Your Lifestyle

Being a full time student, I’ve never had the chance to focus completely on my diet as such. The very glaring, obvious reason being, I don’t know what that particular day may have in store for me, and how much time I might have to dedicate for that.

I’ve been negligent about my eating habits a while ago, and it took a big toll on my health. Thus, I started making minor changes, nothing major, however, life changing. Here are a few and I’m informing in advance that this is what I did and no one is under any compulsion to follow the rules exactly by the book. Understand your body type and other factors and go ahead if it suits you.

1. OTG over Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are quick, handy and really is a time saver, however, I’ve always been afraid of the repercussions that it might cause, thus I shifted to the OTG. I roast, bake, toast, thaw, warm and literally do a lot of things using the OTG and I’ve never felt more comfortable.

2. Cutting Out Sugar

I gave up on white sugar. As easy as it might sound, it’s really difficult, as you’ve been used to the presence of it in so many things and it’s not that simple to cut it off from your diet. Thus, I replaced it with brown sugar, jaggery and sorts.

3. No Rice, Please

Carbohydrates, as much as it rules a South Indian’s diet, has a real sluggish effect in the afternoons and it basically slows down your functioning post lunch. After giving up on rice, the first few days were difficult, I felt light-headed, dizzy, however post that, the feeling of not being a slug felt really good. Days are lighter and I feel I can do so many things.

4. Eating Rainbows

Go all out, and load on the vegetables and fruits you can lay your hands on. There’s no little or too much on that. I’ve seen a good friend of mine, who stays in the college hostel, and every time she turns hungry, she munches on an apple. That doesn’t need a lot of effort, but the goodness that comes out of it, is huge.

I’ve, on my part, have always shunned vegetables. However, right now, I oven roast instead of stir frying or pan searing a variety of veggies after seasoning them to suit my tastes and it becomes a breeze to chomp them down, any time of the day.

5. Junking Wisely

I gave up on fast food joints. They scare me to no extent, I have no clue on what damage I have done to my body till date, however it isn’t too late to reverse it. No late night binges, they do more harm than anything else, to your digestive system and related organs, no excess oil, sugar, spices, salt, they bring a World of problems along with them. No processed food products, packaged, preserved, dried, any kind. Rather, I prefer to whip up something right from my kitchen, if at all I have the urge to binge, substitute a few ingredients here and there to not intake too many extra calories and that has been going really good.

To people who are reading this, you may have made changes to your eating habits too, that may have had a real good impact on your bodies and health. Please do drop your lifestyle changes in the comment box below, I would love to know them too!

Happy positive impacting, you all!

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