5 Indian Mother Dialogues That Matches The Different Moods Of Bosses

The Indian mothers are very stiff with their own taste. They are the homemakers. The real boss for the entire family.

Bosses and their dramas.Though we do find some cooler ones these days. Yet they sound so unpredictable at times. Just like mothers, Indian mothers. They always have something to say about anything you do.

The MagZone presents the famous dialogues and the kind of bosses you can relate to:

1. “What are you doing?”, ” Why are you sitting simply? Can’t you just get yourself busy?”

Really? You came back home and just touched the TVs remote and your mom comes up to you saying “Why are you sitting simply?“. The very basic character of the real boss. They can’t just see you sitting simply. Even when you did half of the work or almost the whole and imagine to take a blink of your eyes. Beware! you cannot because your boss wants you to work. Since according to him you have done nothing at all.

2. “You can never understand the situation. Become a mom and then you’ll know what I have been going through.”

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This often comes when you talk something really practical and your mother slips down from the practical view and makes things emotional.

Yes, the fine boss attitude. The boss is fine with almost everything but then when your point reaches to a discussion where you sound almost right and he/she knows that. But the boss can’t agree with you because he/she is  ‘THE BOSS’.

3. ” Where is the Dabba? Where did you leave it? How can you leave the Dabba?”

In the entire life, you just know very well about these famous words. For the real Indian mother, the Dabba means everything. It’s the thing that has to be attached to every point of mom’s talk.

Every boss has something like ‘a lot of strings attached’ and with you, it’s about ‘no strings attached’. Say it mail, ppt, uploads, GIFs or others. They need it like the mother seeks for the Dabba. Like that’s the only thing available in the world and dare you forget it.Image result for bosses

4. “You can’t even do this? At your age, I almost did every household work!”

The girls usually get hit with it. So, similarly are the old bosses. They find out history even about a screwdriver. And they dictate is as if they just created it.

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5. “You can’t do it. Don’t be sad about it.”

Mothers are really the most beautiful creation of the world. They just know what’s going on with you even when you don’t tell them.

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Bosses do possess this ‘I know about it‘ quality. They just know how things work when it doesn’t work for you. And the leading bosses would always lead you to the worst place in your sight. That’s what successful companies possess.

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