5 Indian Ads That Make You Go Whaaa!

Indian TV channels are filled with advertisements of various products and services. Some of them are funny, some are stupid and some just make you say Whaaa?
Here’s my list of these kinda Indian ads:

1. Fairness creams

This had to be on top of my list and you might already know why. These creams which claim that being fairer would make your life heaven are just wrong on so many levels. Firstly, I have never seen as ‘being fair complexioned’ a job requirement. Secondly, India being such a diverse country has people of all colors so this promotion of being fair and better than others totally makes me say Whaaa?


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2. Sanitary Napkins

All the brands’ ads are almost same for this product. Dancing and jumping girls with white dresses on their period!
All the ladies would agree with me on this, “Who the hell wears all white bottoms and jumps while they’re on their period?”
Trust me, no girl EVER! Until it’s not utmost important like wearing a white uniform. So every time I watch these ads, it makes me wanna say Whaaa.

3. Pan Masala Ads

I’m already rolling my eyes while writing this and I guess you all can tell why. Top Bollywood actors and actresses are shown having pan masala in luxurious apartments and cars urging the Indian people to have that ‘pan masala’ and become the most successful person in the world, and I am like Whaaa?

4. Hair Care Products

We all know that the ‘extra shiny and long’ hair shown in the ads of shampoos, hair oils or hair colors is totally unreal(the result of animation and graphics). And don’t you believe these Bollywood actors if they tell you that they use ‘head n shoulders’ and Tresemme for dandruff and hair fall issues. Jacqueline Fernandez has her eyebrows insured worth millions for God’s sake. How can she or other b town stars claim to use these very normal products?
This concept of promoting products with unreal representation totally makes me say Whaaa?

5. Soft Drinks

Now, this makes me laugh more than saying Whaaa?
How can having a chilled soft drink transform you to your bravest self ever,
leading you to jump off mountains and swim in the deepest waters.
Those are just soft drinks(soda with sweet flavors), not even energy drinks for God’s sake!

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What do you think about these Indian Ads? Let us know in the comments section below: