5 Easy Ways To Be A Decent Human Being On The Internet

Troll using a pc

2017 social world is ruled by hatred, period. From having a government which does nothing about conflict among religions to wars on Twitter, there is hate everywhere. So much of negativity is making social media toxic to the point that cyber bullying and trolling are rampant. And the old quote that the world needs more of kindness hasn’t been more relevant up till now. Here’s a guide on how to be a decent person on the internet, something we should have been taught in school:

1. Shut up

Do you know when an opinion is valued? When it is asked for. Don’t go about advising people or giving them information when they haven’t spoken to you. There is absolutely no need to comment what people should wear or do beneath their posts. Do everyone a favour and shut up.

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2. Ignore

When you see something offensive on the internet, which you will, because the net is a dark place; you don’t really have to reach out and abuse or tell the person how it affected you. Although you want to point out what’s wrong with them, the wiser option is to let go. Unfollow. Block. Report. Just don’t engage in a verbal war which will escalate into nothing.

3. Be sensitive

Refrain from posting jokes or insensitive content about religion, victims of crimes, assaulted women or anything which strikes a chord with a section of the people. What is a joke to you may be offensive to them? And you really don’t need to comment on things you know nothing about.


4. Practice respect

Respect is earned- and texting inappropriate messages to people, especially women is one way to ensure that you never get it. Asking women, or men for that matter, for nudes or other sexual favours is not cool. You’re not entitled to anything, it is downright disrespectful and borders on online harassment.

5. Don’t like something, don’t look at it

‘Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate.’ It is as simple as that. You don’t need to set out with a bandwagon of trolls and online insults to throw at someone who is doing something you don’t like. You can instead focus on and appreciate that content which you like.

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It costs ₹0.0 to be a good person. You might not be able to erase hatred from the world, but putting in your bit of love helps.

Try to be a decent human being on Internet. Tell us your views in the comment section below: