12 Things To Do With Friends Because You Only Live Once

Things To Do With Friends

Travelling means meeting new people at new places and experiencing new traditions & culture. It is one of the most mind refreshing thing and if you are going to a trip with your peeps then it’s like icing on the cake. Here are few things to do with friends because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

1. Partying in Goa

things to do with friends

A trip to Goa has to be on number one in our list of things to do with friends, well, why wouldn’t it? Goa has been the most popular partying hub among the youth and the adults alike. If you are planning a trip to a beach then Goa is the place and once you are there experience the night life as it could be the most happening thing you have ever come across.

 2. Trekking on hills

things to do with friends

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Trekking on hills with friends always reminds me of Bollywood movie YJHD. If you got friends who you can relate to the characters of YJHD then trust me you are damn lucky. Trekking not only refreshes our minds but also helps us to create a bond with spirituality. In India you can have a lot of options for trekking.

3. Scuba diving in coral reef of Andaman

Things To Do With Friends If you love seas and oceans then Andaman Island is the place for you. Scuba diving is one of the much loved things among the youngsters these days. If you want to experience the life under water then do visit Andaman Island.

4. Attend Durga Pooja in Bengal

Things To Do With Friends

West Bengal is famous for it’s Rosogullas, Sondesh, Banarsi Sarees and Durga Pooja. If you ever go to Bengal in Autumn don’t even think about missing the Durga Pooja there.

5. The celebration of Onam in Kerala

Things To Do With Friends

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Kerala the state owned by God himself is one of the most beautiful place well known for its handicraft and Madras cotton, silk and Kancheevaram Sarees. Onam is the most important festival celebrated there. It has it’s own concept of beauty. Onam is well known for the boat races and Rath Yatra so you know what’s to look for.

6. Visit monastery in Sikkim

Things To Do With Friends

Sikkim owns natural beauty. The monastery of Sikkim tells different stories about the monks and the warriors. Beautifully designed Architecture has some very deep secrets hidden inside them.

7. Explore Ajanta Allora caves

Things To Do With FriendsAjanta Allora caves had been attracting people from the ancient period. The idols of Gods and Goddesses will make you wonder with their brilliant aura moreover the pillars standing there will make you look high.

8. Bike ride from Manali to Leh

Things To Do With Friends

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One of the favorite thing or trip among the youngsters now a days is a bike ride from Manali to Leh. The scenic beauty of Leh will definitely gonna mesmerize you and a bike specially when it is Royal Enfield will make your trip even more happening and adventurous.

9. Sunrise in Dong (Arunachal Pradesh)

Things To Do With FriendsIt is said that watching sunrise brings positive vibes and fill your life with positivity. Dong is a small village in Arunachal Pradesh where sunrises before any other state or city in India.

10. Sunset at Alleppey Beach (Kerala)

Things To Do With FriendsSunset is always an eye filling scene and Alleppey Beach in Kerala is the best place to see the sun setting down.

11. Safari at Ranthambore

Things To Do With Friends

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If you are an animal lover and love to click wildlife then safari at Ranthambore is the best option for you. It provides you a view to the wildlife and specially Tigers and Zebras.

12. Paragliding in Gangtok

Things To Do With Friends

The Last on our List of Things To Do With Friends is Paragliding which certainly is not the least. It is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying. Paragliding in Gangtok is becoming popular adventure sport. And why not? Who would not love to see the magnificent Himalayan range and snow peak from the sky?

These were few things to do with your friends. Have you done any of these things? Or is there anything you want to add? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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