11 TV Cartoons From Your Childhood That Will Give You A Pill Of Nostalgia

Warning! Nostalgia Incoming

“Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.”Walt Disney

As conventional as it may sound, we all know how difficult it is to be a kid at heart; but at the same time, we cannot deny its importance. With social and work life taking a toll on us, we’re left with no option but to let ourselves fade away in this smoke of life.

Take a break, have a pill of nostalgia.

Sit back and get ready for this roller coaster ride, back in time, to your childhood as we present before you, some glimpses of your cherished ones.

Cartoons From Your Childhood
Swat Cats

1. Tom and Jerry

This has certainly been one of our first cartoon shows ever. From running here and there, but still loving each other to the core, Tom and Jerry have given us friendship goals.
Cartoons From Your Childhood

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2. Mickey Mouse

The one reason we didn’t fear mice anymore was because of our favourite character Mickey. Along with Minnie, Donald and Daisy Duck, Pluto and Goofy, the show was undoubtedly the best.
Cartoons From Your Childhood

3. Powerpuff Girls

Our first dose of women empowerment was served by these three super-girls. For every girl out there, they were definitely the role models.

Cartoons From Your Childhood

4. Scooby-Doo

This gang of five gave us legit squad goals but we grew up only to see that everyone in the group was Shaggy and Fred. If you have a Velma, Daphne and Scooby in your group too, you’re actually a lucky one.

Cartoons From Your Childhood

5. Popeye

Anybody who likes ‘paalak paneer’ was surely Popeye’s fan. Certainly, the moment her child eats spinach was the happiest for any mom. Despite the fact that he glorified muscle power, he always won when he combined it with his wit.

Cartoons From Your Childhood

6. Dexter’s Laboratory

We knew a big word like ‘laboratory’, even before school started. All thanks to Dexter! And to anyone with an elder sister, you related to Dexter on another level (because Dee-Dee).

Cartoons From Your Childhood

7. Oswald

The Blue Octopus, his love for Winnie, nature and music is something we’ll never forget. Henry, the penguin was always an example of what pride does to one- leads the way to one’s fall.

Cartoons From Your ChildhoodCartoons From Your Childhood

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8. Noddy

We all rejoiced to see Enid Blyton’s Noddy come to motion in his yellow taxi. Big Years, Mr Plod and the Goblins were other characters who stole our heart (Goblins literally did steal it, though! *pun intended*).

Cartoons From Your Childhood

9. Recess

The troop of 6 fourth-graders set a perfect example for us by portraying the correct morals, without ever undermining the fun.

Cartoons From Your Childhood

10. Richie-Rich

This extremely rich guy always had the brains to tackle any situation with the resources at hand. Before Doraemon, how badly we wanted all his devices! The luxurious life he had, and still not so proud he was, we loved him for everything.

Cartoons From Your Childhood

11. Pokemon

Then or now, this has been our craziest fad of all times. Ash and Pikachu still rule our hearts and Brock still never fails to amaze us with his excellent flirting skills.

Cartoons From Your Childhood

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The list is endless when we start remembering the ones who’ve shaped us into what we are, made our childhood the best and never disappointed us.

Which one are your favourite Cartoons From Your Childhood? Do let us know in the comments below:

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