11 Things Only Indian Children Will Relate To.

With being an Indian comes the fun side of being a part of a typical Indian family. Two generations clash and it is hilarious to see the older generation takes the upper hand. On one hand you have parents, and on the other hand you have Indian parents. Read through to realize that you’re not the only child enjoying Indian parenting.

  1. “Humaare Zamaane Mei ToIt’s not just Bhide’s favorite dialogue but our grandparents’ too. Be it when you are clicking a selfie or when you are going to a club, you will always know what the 50’s youth was interested in.
  1. Aaj Lunch Mei Ghiya Banau Ya Tori?Image result for indian parents cartoonIf your mom doesn’t have a 3 sabzi formula (Ghiya, Tinde, Tori), I yearn to think if she’s actually an Indian mother or not. Because if you don’t eat these, “tum kabhi bade nhi hoge!”
  1. Paise Ped Par Ugte Hain?
    You left the bathroom lights on or suggested a fine-dine outlet for dinner, your Dad says this one line and there’s nothing after that. He’ll taunt you about being jobless and lectures you till you don’t settle for nukkad wale Bittuji’s samose.
  1. Baap Baap Hota Hai When your Dad is out of his ‘khadoos’ mood and you both are being a savage to have a fun fight, he wins by thrashing you out of the competition by just saying, “Baap baap hota h!”
  1. Monica Degi Tera Paper?Is what she says when you are stuck on completing the 7th season (for the 5th time) in the midst of your final year examinations.
  1. Khichdi Khaayega To Sab Theek Ho Jayega
    Is her ultimate totka for getting you out of sickness. Kaadha for cough and haldi wala doodh for an injury are not to be forgotten.
  2. Meri To Iss Ghar Mei Kisi Ko Parwaah Hi Nhi Hai
    This is what she says every once in a fortnight. You know that’s just a signal that she is alright.
  1. Padhoge, Likhoge, Banoge Nawab. Kheloge, Koodoge, Hoge Kharaab
    This is what they say when you’re 15 and then taunt you at 22 for being an engineer and still berozgaar. 
  2. Sab Iss Phone Ki Galti Hai
    If she broke a glass or India lost the first test match against Ausies, you know who is to be blamed. Yes, your phone.
  1. Had Trump Been An Indian ParentImage result for indian parents cartoon
    The first thing he would’ve done is call Ivuu (not Ivanka) and ward off the evil eye.
  1. But fam Is Love Because:
    1. You eat maa ke haath ke raajma chawal for the next 4 meals in a row.
    2. Your Dad tells you not to lose hope when you’re single.
    3. Your Grandparents always save you from Maa-Paa ki daant.

Comment below to tell us stories about your ajab-gajab parivaar and right after that, keep this phone aside, go to your family to tell them how much you love them before they put it in water 🙂

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