11 Instagram Poets You Should Follow Instantly

Instagram Poets To Follow Right Now

In the world of perfectly plasticated photos on Instagram, there is a totally different dimension of Instagram Poets which exists beautifully. The meaningful content they produce is heart-melting and overwhelming. Their poetries and write-ups aren’t just read by us, but they talk to us, shout out loud and touch our soul. Starting from love, heartbreak, self-love, motivation and life, these poets pack their inundated emotions in a small box for a small yet fulfilling meal for us.

The MagZone now presents some of the must-follow Instagram poets who have mastered the art of blending words and emotions. 

1. Vinati Bhola

Vinati Bhola is an internationally published poet based in Delhi. She works as a lawyer but falls back on poetry, time and again to keep up with the monotony of everyday life. Writing since the age of thirteen, she believes poetry is so much more than romanticizing emotions. “It is an art, as simple as breathing and as complex as living.” When not writing or lawyering, she likes to bake the world’s yummiest oatmeal raisin cookies in her free time.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/writingsofvinati


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2. Megha Rao

Megha Rao is an artist, book addict and an impulsive poet who is on a pilgrimage to find the world’s best coffee. She published her first novel when she was sixteen, and signed with Penguin Random House for two books at nineteen.She is the author of It Will Always Be You (2015) and A Crazy Kind of Love (2016). When she’s not travelling, she’s in Kerala with her family, trying to bring strays home and writing poetry on love, loss, trauma, courage and empowerment.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/_megharao


3. Afeefa Nishaat

A seeker of knowledge and an admirer of beauty. A girl who finds beauty in people, their stories, in nature and everything ordinary to extraordinary; in the journey of a droplet of sweat travelling from the temples of a man rumbling its way to his thirsty lips. She’s rowing her boat in a drought-stricken city— the city of stray hearts and minds.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/afee.fa.nishaat


4. Sayan Sen

Sayan Sen, 21 is a poet torn between making puns and petting dogs. In his free time, he can be found sleeping, eating or being awesome in general!

Follow him on: http://instagram.com/thesayanishere

5. Deb Roy

Weaving sweet nothings, twist endings and everything in-between. Currently fumbling through the unhurried conundrum of Madras and t(c)rying to be a journalist. Often cynical, mostly awkward.

Follow him on: http://instagram.com/theparadoxwhowrites


6. Harmanjot Singh

Engineer, who has a different world in beautifying pain. Writes anytime, anywhere – when the demons are too tough to handle. Believes in the hustle and starting the day with a coffee. Can be easily spotted with a turban on and trap hip-hop music blaring through the earphones, 24×7.

Follow him on: http://instagram.com/harman_writes

°| cherish |°

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7. Ubair Fayaz Fazili

He studies Humanities in Amar Singh College in Kashmir. He loves the works of Pablo Neruda, Agha Shahid Ali, Walt Whitman and occasionally writes prose.

Follow him on: http://instagram.com/ubairffazili


8. Ibra Zahoor

Trying to find liberty in her words while being captured in the beauty of nature’s kaleidoscope- the sky.  A part-time student and a full-time procrastinator.
Likely to be found bragging about her hometown- Kashmir, when not clicking pictures.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/ibra_zahoor


9. Oindrila Chawdhury

This 18 year old from Noida is a travel enthusiast and an enraged political debater.She has a huge interest in mobile photography. Her write-ups cover mostly romantic genre with some abstract essence to it. And you’d probably catch her reading a book during any hour of the day.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/iwriteshiz_

When he tells you that he loves you, clench your fists and let it settle, bit by bit. Let the words, those three mystical words- encircle, swarm you. Let the 8 letters create ripples in your soul, and let your brainwaves slowly settle down in the same damn rhythm. Let his eyes, the maze, marked with trees of hazelnut and lips that taste like coffee; let them brew together, and let yourself breathe it in; the incumbent smell of passion. For a subtle moment, stop. Stop! Don't think, don’t freak out; let your lips do the talking. Bound his galaxies with your lips and when you pull back, say! because now that you've thought so much, you love him too. . ~Oindrila. . . My midterms finally got over, so you'd see a lot more of me for the next few days. Spam time, bitches! . . . Shot on Galaxy Grand Duos with macro lens. . . @delhisnaps @delhigram @dd_delhi @dfordelhi @moodyindia @streets.of.india @sodelhi @streets.of.delhi @delhiexplorer @phodus_competition #delhisnaps #delhigram #indiapictures #_soi #indiapictures #i_hobbygraphy #vscoindia #ig_india #phodus_competition #mobilemag #g_o_i #igramming_india #theuncommonbox #MaiBhiSadakChap #everydayindia #indiaclicks #photographers_of_india #_coi #desi_diaries #indiapictures #phodus #india_undiscovered #indiaphotosociety #jj_mobilephotography #_poi #indianphotography #phoneonly #inspiroindia #official_photography_hub #iiframe #writersofinstagram #writersofig

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10. Himadri Roy

Being a full-time medical student, her hobbies include painting, origami and reading.
When asked, she said poetry happened to her by chance and that’s where she found her solace. She writes what hits her mind when words find her.
She strongly believes that writing is just like love – you don’t plan it, you don’t control it, you don’t force it.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/hi_mad_reloaded_


11. Akanksha

She’s a college student. She is entirely clueless until it’s something she’s writing (gest clueless even then too, so it must not come as a surprise if her stories are all over the place). You’d mostly find her in the middle of old books, listening to songs that are ten years old and no longer on playlists.

Follow her on: http://instagram.com/usernametroubles

We can blame social media for so many things but these Instagram poets are helping in making poetry popular again.

Now, what are you waiting for!? Go, follow these amazing writers and shower them some love!

Let us know in the comment section below about the Instagram poets you liked!

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