10 WTF Bollywood Song Lyrics That Will Leave You In Splits!

1. Su Su Su Aa Gya Main Kya Karoon

Okay, the first one has to be this. Akshay Kumar in this really out of the world (pun intended) song dances around a bunch of kids all feeling to pee. He even goes on to suggest the kids ‘Jaake ghar mein kr ke aa’ and ‘Ja jhaadi k peeche jaa!’ . This one is really a score! *ROFL*

2.Khada Hai Khada Hai

If ever there goes a chart for most double meaning songs, this one’s the winner. Anil Kapoor goes on to tell how Juhi’s lover is standing at her door, waiting for her to let him in. And there is a whole lot of visual treat too, like the humping of cots, closing up of the camera to his crotch and stuff! *wink*

3.Teri Le Lu Baahein Baahon Mein

Old but gold. It’s hard explaining this one. There’s actually a line ‘Dheere Dheere Daalu..’ if you know what I mean. See for yourself. *Dies of laughter*

4.Ladkiyon Hmse Na Uljho Button Dabaa Denge

Okay, which button are we talking about? Seriously, there are many! Oh wait, maybe he means all. *Gets in the mood, listens to the song. Does not feel like having it for a year!*

5.Ye Maalgadi Tu Dhakka Lga

You know how it’s often difficult to get the right words to tell your partner that you are feeling horny? Well, not anymore! *Hot session follows, or really?*

6.Meri Pant Bhi Sexy

Shout out to all the self-obsessed people. Need I say more? And really, what’s with the dance steps Govinda? *Gets a scissor, cuts the pants in half!*

7.Tu Ladki Po Po Po

Yeah she is a girl, he is a guy, and then there is po po po! The lyricist fell really short of words it’s pretty clear. And oh! The masterpiece he has created. *Shouts po po po 1000 times and dies*

8.Suno Suno Ladkiyon

There’s nothing else wrong with this one, except the chorus. It’s a whole new language altogether, and unintelligible too. There, Bollywood originated a new language. *Slow Claps*

9.Ek Chumma Tu Mujhko Udhaar De De

Awr badley mein UP Bihar le le! Really? That’s how easy it is? Damn! I always wondered I would have to become the President of India to do that. *Applies lipstick.*

10.Mere Bhai Ki Biwi Mujhko

Facing troubles explaining a foreigner all sorts of relatives we have – chacha, taaya, bhabhi, behan and so on? You’re sorted now. You can thank Bhaijaan later. *Sighs*

P.S. – Sorry for the damage done to your ears, and your soul! 😛

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Cover Image Credits: baapokabaap.in