10 Things You Should Start Teaching Yourself And Doing For Yourself Right Now!

Enough being a crowd pleaser. You’re not some 18th-century court jester. It’s about time you started loving yourself, caring or attending to yourself or nurturing your soul. We’ve all been taught and raised in a way where placing self-interest over public interest is considered either self-centered or ungenerous. But come on! It’s the 21st century and we need to do something for ourselves. We need to live for ourselves. Well, we’ve got a list of all the good stuff and the fun stuff your soul has been starved of.

1- Start spending on what you love rather than what you need

Who are you saving the money for if not yourself? Get up, dress up and head out to all the shopping malls, cafeterias, theatres, museums, amusement parks and do whatever you’ve longed to do. Go on shopping sprees every once in a while (don’t go bankrupt, of course).

Update your closet with everything you’ve always LOVED.  Spending on what you NEED is a given and a wholly different concept.

2- Satiate your rapacious appetite

Devouring a pizza in one go once in a while won’t kill your achievements procured from your salad diet. Good lord! Who cares even if it does. The point is, it’s important to overlook the body and give a mindful thought to the soul longing for extra fries or ketchup. Go on, consume all the calories you want. You only live once.

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3- Get yourself a pet

Be it a cat or a dog, a hamster or a parrot; animals are way too better and empathetic than humans. Get yourself your favourite pet, spend your leisure time with it, confide your secrets to them. I assure they won’t leak them.

4- Learn new skills and languages

Why confine yourself to one particular language or skill when you have a fair chance to master more than that. Explore your potential, get acquainted with your aptitude, excel in more than what you can. Learning new skills and languages will definitely open a plethora of various opportunities for you. They always come as handy.

5- Give yourself sporadic breaks

There’s no law stating that you relax only during weekends and public holidays. Give yourself some break, go for vacations even if it’s a one day picnic or an hour’s visit to the nearest park. Remember, being busy doesn’t always mean being productive. Productivity comes from ideas that can be well generated when the mind is free and all the unnecessary bugs are ousted from it.

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6- Feed your mind

Why only bookworms should get the fun of reading. Not a bookworm or a nerd? So what? Get some fun literature to read even if it’s just a pretty picture book. Why starve the mind Google up when you come across a topic that’s new to you, find the meaning of that new word you heard from someone. Wouldn’t take too long but will nourish your brain.

7- Don’t deprive yourself of the 3 D’s

What are the 3 D’s? They hold the key to ultimate success and peace. They are crucial to a happy and satisfied life. Those 3 D’s are devotion, dedication and determination. Be clearly devoted towards your dreams and aspirations. Dedicate yourselves to acquire required skills to accomplish your task. Always be determined not to get swayed or swept by the obstacles trammelling and hampering your path.

8- Never sit back by your setbacks

Never forget that success is impossible in the absence of failures and every failure is the stepping stone towards your success. Don’t ever hesitate to seek professional or social support when your foundation quivers.

9- Learn to let go of people not meant for you

Ever wondered why introverts experience disappointments lesser than extroverts and ambiverts? The reason hides in there expecting little or nothing from people around. Not necessary that the person you love will love you back or respond positively. Nonetheless, continue showering them with your affection and ardour but set your limit and walk away once you’re done with them without remorse in your tears or tears of remorse.

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10- Extend your social circle

Learning to let go of people doesn’t imply shifting to your own little cocoon. Expect less, interact more. Hang out with people who love you, value you. Attend parties and seminars, make new friends everywhere. Tick off all the shopping malls, cafeterias, restaurants, museums, amusement parks, clubs and theatres off your list. This will help enrich your experiences.

These are some of the things that one needs to start doing for themselves right away. We’d love to see some more helpful ones in the comment section below, drop your insights: