10 Things Everyone Should/Shouldn’t Do After A Breakup

At some point in our life we all go through a breakup. And it literally breaks you. We are all the same miserable pathetic beings while going through a breakup. So here is a list of 10 things that you should or shouldn’t do while going through a breakup.

(Warning: Get a Lover first to relate more with this article)

1. Stop stalking

Don’t lie. I already know you are. But you need to know that at some point it has to stop because it is nothing more than a self-inflicted pain.


2. Delete the history

Delete the photos and the WhatsApp messages. In short, delete your history with them. Anything that might remind you of them.

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3. Go for a movie/dinner alone

Treat yourself to a wonderful dinner or a nice movie. This will give you a sense that you are capable of living your life on your own. Might feel weird at first but it will kick you out of your comfort zone and that’s the point.

after a breakup


4. Take a solo trip

Take that solo trip you’ve been planning in your head for long. Just do it. Something in you would have changed when you’ll be back.

after a breakup


5. Don’t drink

Don’t drink too soon because we both know you would end up calling or texting them or probably die in your own sorrow.

after a breakup


6. Don’t listen to sad music

Stop it. Just stop doing that. Seriously.

after a breakup

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7. Throw away the gifts

Throw all those letters, cards and gifts. You know at some point you have to let it go. Do it now.

after a breakup


8. Take up a new hobby

Start learning something new. This will give you the feeling that you’re in control.

after a breakup


9. Don’t call/text

I know the urge you’re feeling to call or text them. Don’t go for it. If it didn’t work out the first time, chances are that it won’t the second time. And the closure you’re looking for is in yourself.

after a breakup

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10. Work on yourself

Work on yourself. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Do meditation or whatever that makes you feel alive and at peace.

after a breakup

Did you get the things you should/should not do after a breakup? Is there something more you would like to add? Do let us know in the comments section below.