10 Dialogues That Are Totally Mummy Favorite.

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There is nothing in this world that can be compared to mother’s love. Every mother is cute and caring in her own ways. Indian mothers have their own identity for that matter. Being a ‘Maa’ is respectful and being a ‘Mummy’ is loving at the same time.:

Here Is A list Of Mummy Favorite Dialogues Every Indian Kid Must Have Listen To:

1. “Tumhare Jab Bache Honge, Tab Tumhe Samajh Aayega!”
mummy favorite dialoguesTheir futuristic approach. *Sigh*

2. “Tum Gharke Bahar Rehte Ho Toh At Least Shanti Rehti Hai!”
mummy favorite dialoguesAnd when you aren’t home, “Tumhare bina ghar soona lagta hai..”

3. “Tum toh phone pe lage rehte ho. Phone hi tumhari duniya hai”
mummy favorite dialoguesBecause Moms hate phone.

4. “Aisa Kya Hai Iss Phone Main Jo Itni Hassi Aa Rahi hai, huh?”
mummy favorite dialogues
They hate phones, totally!

5. “Ek Din Main Iss Phone Main Aag Laga Dungi.”
mummy favorite dialogues
Hatred turning into violence, You know.

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6. “Saara Kaam Mujhe Hi Karna Padta Hai” followed by “Iss Ghar Main Meri Koi Madad Hi Nahi Karta.”
mummy favorite dialogues
Basic Mummy ke complaints…

7. “Maa Hu Main, Tumhara Sahi Galat Acche Se Samajhti Hu.”
mummy favorite dialogues
Cause’ she is used to being a decision maker.

8. “Meri Baat Koi Sunta Hi Kahan Hai?”
mummy favorite dialogues
Even Daddies cannot escape this. Hahaha!

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9. “Bittu Ki Mummy Jaisi Hoti Na Main, Tab Pata Chalta!”
mummy favorite dialogues
Cause’ Mummiyan love to compare.

10. “Yeh Din Dekhne Ke Liye Paida Kiya Tha Tujhe? Papa Ko Aane De…”
mummy favorite dialogues
This is Moms ultimate weapon!

Don’t Lie That Your Mom Never Used One Of These.

Share Your Mummy Favorite Dialogues In The Comment Below.

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