10 Insane Reasons Given By Parents To Convince Us For Marriage

After grinding in school for 12 years with hopes of future we step into college. World we never saw stand with bare hands inviting us into real life. Amid new friends, new experiences and lessons we learn after right slap from life, our parents drop a nuclear bomb on us – Marriage.

The huge decision a person have to make is compelled by parents on the basis of silly reasons. Reasons not even related to the person are given as significant factors. They irritate us and also make us laugh. Come on! 2017! Please change these reasons and these are not basis for marriage. We are not falling for blackmail anymore. Hopefully not.

You are growing old!

No. I am not. I am just 22. I am growing old enough to make a living for me and it is definitely not marriage.

Me and your father are growing old and we have diabetes.

I wonder how is that a reason to get us married. How is marriage the treatment to your diabetes?!

You should settle now.

What?! Settle! Seriously! Is my job not a sign of settlement? How would marriage settle me better?

Early marriages are good to start a family.

Namaste! Right time to start a family is when you feel it is right.

You will not be able to find good rishta later.

Fine. I will stay single; but I will not get married now because of this. I have better dreams to chase than this rishta. 

Your friends and cousins are getting married.

Oh! Now you want me to jump into the well with them. Remember I wanted to go on trip with them and you said they are not good influence. So, you stop getting influenced by them.

What will people say, if you sit unmarried at home?

Please show me those people. I have tickets for cruise which is forecasted to sink.

We want to play with our grandchildren.

Yep! I am just going to produce one immediately after marriage.

If you get married now, in next few years we will plan your sisters wedding.

You have no idea about the happy dance she is doing for delaying her marriage.

You can travel after your marriage with your husband.

He is neither my passport nor my ticket to travel plans. I can travel where ever I want. I am earning!

Well, I’m not getting married. Not anytime soon. Still, nice try Indian parents, Nice Try!