Here’s Why They Ask You To Turn Off Your Phone During A Flight. And It’s Damn Important!

You don’t need to take those ‘mandatory’ pictures of clouds. We all have seen them a hundred times and wish to see them no more.

This has to be stopped. We are tired of watching the same type of image, again and again, that too with a similar caption every time. So, it would be kind enough if you read further what I have explained and keep it in your memory the next time you or someone you know is going to travel via air.

“Please set your portable electronic devices, including any mobile phones, to flight mode.” A statement said by the flight attendants we never care to take interest in.

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Our personal electronics are shielded yet they emit Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). It is necessary to turn off your phone or put it in flight mode during takeoff and landing. One or two devices might not be the reason for a problem in aircraft. Since there are so many people on board that it interferes with the pilot-ground communication. Pilot-ground communication is very important while taking off and landing. It is the time when most of the accidents happen. The pilot needs to have proper and undisturbed communication with the Controller on the ground.

Mobile phones, laptops, and notebooks are the highest electromagnetic interference (EMI) gadgets which people carry. They are the biggest RFI and EMI offenders. Though they are shielded, they still emit and interfere.

On another note, any fuel leak vapours during takeoff and landing could also be set off by the use of personal electronic devices if the plane was forced to abort the takeoff and a tank ruptured, though RFI is the primary concern. A similar case happens if the plane had a hard landing that resulted in a wing tank rupture and subsequent fuel leak. While fueling your car it’s the same reason you’re asked to turn your cell phones off.

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