Underrated GOT Characters Who Deserve More Recognition From Us

underrated got characters
Underrated got characters

Underrated GOT Characters

Game Of Thrones comes under the category of the ‘most watched’ shows and for those who are the die-hard fans of it will know what it feels like to eagerly wait for the next episode or the season to come up. One of the reasons that Game Of Thrones got hyped up initially was the ‘Good sex’ part but as the show progressed it eventually turned out that it was the ‘Good story-line’ that grabbed the attention of the audience further. When we talk about the cast of GOT, there are many characters who became the most admired or the ones who played the best role, but there were also some underrated GOT characters whose role made them the heroes that they ought to be.

These are some of those underrated Game of Thrones characters who turned out to be valiant in their own peculiar way.

Samwell Tarly

This is one of those characters which displays an overweight, innocent and a non-violent guy who is disinherited from his family to join the Night’s watch and also ends up being a close friend of Jon Snow. Him being a book worm and less of a warrior is what makes his family give up on him, but as the season progresses we tend to see a courageous man hiding behind the innocent cloak. For instance, the incidence where his affection and bravery helps him draw the strength within him to kill a white walker.

His love for books not just helps him gain the knowledge but also benefit Jon Snow in finding the dragon-glass to kill the white walkers and Jorah Mormont cure his disease.

underrated GOT characters

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His selfless motives and loyalty is what makes his character a remarkable one in the show but he is still one of the most underrated GOT characters.

Jorah Mormont

This is a character of an exiled knight who is known to help Daenerys Targaryen to adapt to her new life in Dothraki. His constant support and advice is what helps Daenerys to have the courage in becoming the Khaleesi of the Dothrakis.

He was known to play the role of a spy to Lord Varys initially, but his growing respect and affection towards Khaleesi makes him refrain from the same. His willingness to live and protect Khaleesi is what inspired Tarly help him free from his pain. Though not considered as much of a hero, his unconditional love and his faithfulness towards Khaleesi is what admires the audience and makes his character, a unique one.

underrated GOT characters

Jaqen H’ghar

His character in GOT is that of an uncanny mysterious man who trains Arya Stark and help her safe passage to Braavos. He carries a serene posture throughout the season under which he hides a dangerous face. Though he introduces himself as the Lorathi criminal, is actually an unpredictable faceless who protects and trains Arya to accomplish her reprisal.

His manner of addressing is what grabbed the audience attention. Considering the incidence where he calls himself ‘no one’ or ‘the man has no name’ made a whole new path to the show. He is courtly gracious in an unsettling way.

underrated game of thrones cast

His masked expression and stern behavior is what makes the character beautiful.

Sandor Clegane (The Hound)

Hound is a character of a kings-guard with an ugly facial scar that gives him the scary look. His role in initial seasons is that of a bodyguard to king Joffrey who obeys every command of the monstrous king. Though being the guy who follows every command there are instances which show him to be less of a cruel man; for there is an instance where he not only helps Sansa to rescue from the mob but also kidnaps Arya to help her get back to her family.

underrated got characters

His transformation with each season, from that of a rough guy to the guy who has a soft and tender corner hidden under the tough face is admirable.

Jaime Lannister

By what right does the Wolf judge the Lion?

If there is any person in Game of Thrones who has showed real character development, it has to be Jaime Lannister. This is one of the best game of thrones characters you’ll come across in the show. If there’s any character that has played multiple roles in one character, it has to be him. In the show, he has come to be known as the kingslayer and also as the Lord Commander of the kingsguard.

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He is known to be in an incestuous relation with his sister Cersie which though may sound and look gross, but it’s his immense love and charm that drew most of the attention. In his own words, “We don’t get to choose who we love”. Not to forget about the affection and kindness he has for his brother Tyrion who has been dejected by his family.

He is a warrior who has been transformed from the villain in the initial seasons to a chivalrous hero as the Seasons progressed, after all, By what right does the Wolf judge the Lion?

These are some of the underrated got characters that add to the list. Which character do you think should be included under the same?