Truck Cover Material Buying Guide

Keep your truck safe for the season or for the night with a custom cover. Custom-fit car covers and truck covers offer the perfect fit and a great layer of protection for your vehicle, whether you’re parked in a garage or on the street. Explore the different types of materials, the pros, and cons of popular materials, and where to find reliable covers online.

What Are Different Car Cover Materials Used for?

There are dozens of material options and cover styles, so it can seem overwhelming to shop for truck covers. Here are a few common cover material categories to consider for your truck:

  • Soft cotton and blended indoor covers
  • Transparent indoor covers
  • UV- and water-resistant outdoor covers

There are many cover options that fit each of these categories, so it’s important to consider your storage situation. Are you parking your truck outside for the night, or do you have a cozy garage stall? Are you looking for an affordable cover, or do you want to invest in the highest level of protection available? These factors will help you choose a cover material for your truck.

Any cover should have a soft, scratch-free inner layer. Choose a cover with a soft cotton layer that gently touches your truck’s paint job and doesn’t leave scratches and smudges as you take it on and off. Clean your truck and use a California car duster before putting a cover on it to keep your cover clean and ready for use.

Pros and Cons of Your Car Cover Material

One of the most popular cover materials for indoor storage is a 100% cotton cover. This soft cover offers a gentle touch that prevents scratches. A 3M Scotchgard treatment gives your indoor cover a light moisture resistance feature, which is perfect for small spills, oil spray or other indoor accidents. Unfortunately, cotton flannel can be heavier than other cover options and doesn’t provide the same level of water protection.

For long-term indoor storage, few covers compare with a car capsule. These impressive systems not only seal up your truck from moisture and rodent issues, but they also circulate fresh air for a mildew-free setup. Most car capsules are transparent, allowing you to monitor your classic truck or summertime ride while it’s in storage.

Outdoor covers use a blend of materials and multi-layer technology to combine a number of protective features. Look for a cover that is breathable, offers UV protection, has high levels of water resistance and fits the shape of your truck.

Quality outdoor covers aren’t a replacement for indoor storage, but they can be a great option while you’re parked at work or if you’re renovating your garage. Prepare to invest more in a quality outdoor cover. You may not need one of these thick, durable covers for a truck parked in a garage, but for an outdoor parking situation they are a must.

Learn more about the best cover material options at a reliable online store. Don’t settle for a generic option that doesn’t fit your truck, but use product information and customer ratings to receive the ideal cover for your truck and storage situation.