Things You Shouldn’t Do On An Empty Stomach 

A lot of us tend to skip breakfast when we’re running late for office or school or when we have got early tasks to do. We rather binge on some other stuff which shouldn’t be done. Also, an empty stomach doesn’t always mean your hungry stomach after waking up but rather it means 2 hours after the last meal you’ve had.

Consuming a few things on an empty stomach can have severe repercussions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1- Anti-inflammatories

Anti-inflammatories like crocin, paracetamol or aspirin on an empty stomach do more harm than good. They not only become less effective but also lead to serious health problems like gastric bleeding. Instead, have it with a glass of milk or if not available, lots of water with it is preferable.

2- Drinking coffee

A lot of us drink coffee right after waking up but that’s where we go wrong. Skipping breakfast even after coffee may lead to a serotonin deficiency and a gloomy mood for the rest of the day. Even decaffeinated coffee produces acid and causes health problems like heartburns or digestive tract issues. Try mixing more of cream and milk instead. The fats in milk reduce the acid content and are safer.

3- Intense workout

Myth has it that working out on an empty stomach reduces fats faster. However, science says that the body lacks the energy which it receives from food and instead of fat loss muscle loss occurs. It can be avoided by having fruit juices or milk before indulging in training. If you’re working out on an empty stomach then replace intense exercises with milder ones.

4- Eating Chewing Gums

Eating chewing gums on an empty stomach causes your stomach to think that you’re having food which leads to the secretion of acid in its lining that helps to break down food. But when there’s no food, this acid breaks down the layers of the stomach which is harmful. In fact, a chewing gum should not be chewed for more than 10 minutes. In case you can’t do without gums then you can chew those with sugar-free mint gums or extra sugar-free peppermint and spearmint gums.

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5- Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach leads to higher absorption of alcohol which results in quicker chances of easily getting drunk. While this might sound fun but the consequences can be dire. It leads to a severe headache and a nasty hangover. The rapid effect of alcohol on the body doesn’t go without negative consequences for your liver, heart, and kidneys. Instead of alcohol, get your hands on cooled carbonated drinks. Real fruit juice is an even better option.

6- Having Citrus fruits or Citrus juices

If eaten at the right time, fruits can be very healthy. However, some fruits and fruit juices like guava and orange should be avoided on an empty stomach. Citrus fruits and juices increase the acid production and are especially dangerous for those who have problems like gastritis or acidity. Moreover, too much fibre and fructose in fruits can disturb the digestive system. You can dilute the juice with water to reduce the effect. 2:1 ratio of water and juice is good if you’re prone to acidity otherwise 1:1 ratio works just as well.

7- Shopping

Absurd as it sounds but you should avoid shopping, especially grocery shopping on an empty stomach. One thinks about food when hungry and while shopping on an empty stomach, we tend to load the cart with all the unnecessary things. Try making a list beforehand to avoid such a spree. Apart from that, pay in cash. Studies show that we hesitate to spend more while paying in cash instead of the card.

8- Arguing

Never argue on an empty stomach. We find it difficult to be poised or maintain our calm when hungry. Before going into a debate or discussion drink something warm and offer to your opponent too. This will make the discussion amicable. 

9- Going to bed

Avoid going to bed on an empty stomach. Low glucose and hunger cause us to feel sleep deprived or make it hard to fall asleep. It leads to a superficial sleep and early awakening which leaves you feeling drained. It increases the hunger hormones which is why we eat more the next day. Hogging before going to bed is also a bad idea. Depend upon dairy products, they’re high in calcium and magnesium and ensure sound sleep.

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Listed below are those things which are beneficial to do on empty stomach:

Solving Problems: When hungry, we concentrate well. This is the reason solving problems become no big deal.

Making choices: Stuck deciding what to wear for prom next evening? Try deciding on an empty stomach. The decision-making process becomes much more subtle. Just don’t try it with huge matters concerning finance or relationship. 

Nowadays our lives have become so busy that the first thing we do in the morning is to skip breakfast and head on straight towards the nearest Starbucks. We don’t even spare a few minutes for a healthy drink. Ever thought of not breathing for a while just because you’re way too busy to spend time inhaling oxygen? Then why skipping breakfast? If only we knew what significance breakfast holds we’d never commit such great a sin as underestimating it.

Have you done any of these things? Do let us know in the comment section below!