Impressive quality, performance, and a slew of useful features make the Alpha a6600 a worthy new flagship device for Sony’s line of mirrorless APS-C cameras. Externally, you get audio in and out, both in the form of a convenient 3.5mm audio jack. Naturally, it’s a touchscreen, and it tilts, allowing you to angle it perpendicular to the camera’s body when you’re looking down at it, or nearly perpendicular when you’re looking upwards. If you’re looking to shoot excellent quality video in a studio, the A6600 will do nicely. A super fun, super quality camera with super battery life – but not a camera that wins our unqualified approval. One word of warning for those who want to spray and pray at, say, a wedding, is that the A6600’s irritating rolling shutter effect (discussed below in Video Quality) is equally obvious when shooting stills with the electronic shutter. If you’re a videographer, the picture is somewhat different. You can, of course, opt for various other in-camera colour treatments if you’d rather not grapple with curves and saturation sliders. A6600 has a built-in Stereo microphone and a Mono speaker. Vi har testet de beste TV-ene til gaming! It’s a fight for the ages. Extend your reach with external touch operations. Sony claims 8fps in this mode; we saw about 7.5 but we’re prepared to be magnanimous about that. Det er det også her. Sony A6600, Samyang 45mm f/1.8 FE AF | 1/80 sec hand-held w/ IBIS, f/1.8, ISO 6400. Kameraet har også en vanvittig rask autofokus med hele 425 fokuspunkter. Hold deg til temaet og vær saklig. Battery life is a key differentiator, with the Sony’s 720 shots or 150 minutes video recording comparing very well to the X-T3’s 390 frames or 45 minutes of video. Its magnesium alloy body feels resilient and chunky, and is moisture- and dust-repellent. The A6600 sits about halfway between the A9 and the A6400. Auto ISO operates within an ISO 100-6400 range and has selectable upper and lower limits. Its high-framerate option of 100fps is matched by the A6600, as is its ability to shoot log. If you have never used a Sony camera, or are coming from a point and shoot style camera, or cell phone, than this is a must watch video! For den som har råd, skal det godt gjøres å få bedre lyd fra digitalsamlingen eller strømmetjenester. It feels like a camera that will stand up to the rigours of professional, must-get-the-shot mistreatment. Nikon Z50 har innebygget søker, og er værtettet som a6600, men ikke testet når dette skrives. We review the Sony Alpha A6600 - Sony's flagship 24mp APS-C mirrorless camera. Autofocus is excellent. Det kan også ta opp 4K30p-video i 100 Mbps, med moderat beskjæring når man bytter fra 4K25p til 4K30p. The EVF is integrated, but is offset on the left-hand shoulder of the camera, making the A6600 a sort of faux rangefinder instead of a camera with the tried and true ergonomics of a DSLR. Sony A6600 shooters only have access to 4K30p or 1080p 120fps, just as in the A6300. Eller når man bruker skjermen som søker på videoopptak. Opp til 6400 ISO er ikke bildestøy noe tema, over det er det nesten ingen som ferdes. This way you can decide with confidence which camera is right for you and your needs! There are custom buttons galore, which makes setting up the A6600 easy. It’s helped along the way by the A6600’s video credentials, which mean both zebra striping for overexposure, and focus peaking are on hand to make sure your image will emerge from the camera just as you expected. Pekefunksjonen fungerer ikke sammen med skjermmenyene, og når man trykker inn funksjonsknappen (Fn) for å endre innstillinger, må man bruke knapper og innstillingshjulet bak. It’s pretty quick but there are more intuitive systems out there. Kostbart. DxOMark Sensor Scores At Camera Decision, we also look at Dxo Mark sensors when available as we think it is a good indicator of image quality. Further complicating your decision is the existence of the Fuji X-T3, which costs £1,549 with a 18-55mm lens, and matches or exceeds the Sony A6600 in plenty of places. If you’re looking to mount a handle on it and chase after mountain bikers, or shoot free-cam sequences, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, the Sony A6600 is capable of producing superb-quality images, and the inclusion of its Real-Time Tracking Autofocus for both stills and video, along with a larger battery over its predecessor, make it an appealing upgrade over the A6500. You don’t shoot on paper, though, and in use the camera is in fact a bit hit and miss. Det mangler søker og bildestabilisator, men er kompakt og leverer minst like god bildekvalitet. Du må være innlogget for å kunne kommentere. Its increased grip size and simplification have brought large improvements in handling and durability.. One of the biggest improvements on the the Sony a6600 is the expanded battery life. Skyter man en bildeserie, så må man vente flere sekunder før kameraet er klart til bruk igjen. Strøken bildekvalitet, den råeste autofokusen blant APS-C-kameraer og et solid, og værtettet kamerahus. For stills photographers, it’s a blast. Sony looks like it has mirrorless all figured out – but can it sell us on this one? Sony A6600 review: Video quality. – Last Christmas i glitrende 4K-kvalitet, Årets hederspris 2020-2021: Bang & Olufsen, Fullspekket phono-trinn for de mest kresne, Oppsiktsvekkende høyttaler fra Sonus faber, Type: 24 Mp systemkamera med APS-C bildebrikke, Høydepunkter: 5-trinns bildestabilisator, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, vippbar pekeskjerm, elektronisk/mekanisk lukker, 425 fokuspunkter, TTL blitssko, HDMI utg., mikrofon inng./hodetelefon utg. We gave it a whirl on a succession of approaching and retreating dogs and found autofocus surprisingly tenacious. Dermed er det like godt egnet for barnefamilier, som det er for sport- og dyrefotografering. 1396 Billingstad Skjermen reagerer sent og sporadisk, men det fungerer fint å bruke fingeren til å flytte fokuspunkter rundt i søkeren med. Årets kamera 2019, Fujifilm X-T30, mangler bildestabilisator, men har den mest vellykkede implementeringen av 4K-video, det er rasket i klassen og svært tilfredsstillende å bruke. Tast inn din e-post og du vil motta en link hvor du kan lage nytt passord. A6600 also a high speed mode where it captures videos at 120 fps for ultra slow motion videos. Svaret er at a6600 er best, men ikke nødvendigvis det rette kameraet for alle. Velkommen til Lyd & Bildes kommentarfelt. De kompakte JBL L82 Classic, gir så mye moro for pengene, at vi utroper dem til best i klassen. © 2020 Publish AS - Lyd & Bilde arbeider etter Vær Varsom-plakatens regler for god presseskikk. Sony has given the A6600 a rating of 800 shots per charge, which means of course that in real life you can get even better results. If you’re happy to shoot JPEGs you’ll find a generous buffer – we managed 91 frames before the camera clammed up to write files out to our SD card. De to, og spesielt 35-en, leverer gnistrende skarpe bilder fra kameraet, og er nesten uten fortegning og vignettering. Støyomfanget er strengt tatt av akademisk betydning. On paper, the A6600 is a quality option for filmmakers. ISO performance is excellent. 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