Finally, here’s two positive reviews and one negative review for Embrace Scar Therapy: My Verdict: If you have tummy tuck scars or are planning to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, the Embrace Active Scar Defense can help minimize scar formation and reduce scar appearance after your surgery. Will update you for any results 🙂, hi i am just fell off my bike and i have a huge road rash burn on my thigh. We all know the effects of skin maceration when we’ve bathed for a long time and our fingers have turned white and wrinkled. It is 2x the amount of the size you can get in a store. Especially if not raised. I’ve only been using these for a few days and. You can buy 12 sheets of ScarAway for about $40 on Amazon and cover your entire tummy tuck scar with roughly 3 silicone sheets. Hi I did have a surgery scar on my cheek bone area. “Surgeon checked me out & knew right away I wasn’t using anything for my scars. ⚓, Summary: These silicone strips are designed for mastopexy scars with a “lollipop” pattern. There are differences in the quality of silicones used in the products. 👍. So I did some research of my own and found out about these silicone strips. A large silicone bandage is also less likely to fall off or stick onto clothing since it attaches to more surface area on your skin. Mepiform is a brand of medical grade silicone sheets by Mölnlycke (based in Sweden). More in a bit. I’m not sure what to think about the silicone scar sheets by Curad. 🍭Best For: Breast Reduction ScarsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. It has healed well but my first two fingers and the half of my hand below them are pink/purple/red depending on whether my arm is hanging down, the external temperature (which affects the circulation to my hand, and my circulation is pretty poor to my hands normally anyway) and also whether I’m stressed. List of Silicone Scar Products (Sheets and Gels). I’ve been searching any tape for Sensitive skin… I’ve already tried Paper-tape, which didn’t work… Research suggests that Silon acts to hydrate scar tissue, which in turn works to soften the scar by breaking down excess collagen, reducing its development and causing it to fade away faster. I had an injection when it first appeared to help with it but nothing ever changed. Real people, real results. As soon as she and her nurse saw it, they said it was NOT dissolvable one but needed to be removed, and asked me if I wanted it to be removed… So, I said YES. That’s why it is important to reduce tension on the wound and scar tissue during the first healing phase. After wearing them for months my scars had improved a lot. 350. CLAIM: This gel contains 100 per cent silicone, a rubber-like compound ‘proven in trials to reduce redness and decrease the size of scars’, says the manufacturer. Anyone else experience this??? Check out this page for a list with silicone scar sheet brands. Hypertrophic and keloid scars are perfect candidates for silicone gel treatment and most patients with these scar … Silicone gel sheeting is the traditional scar management solution that emerged to the clinical scene over 30 years ago. “ScarAway starts by softening your scar tissue. First of all it should be mentioned that not all brands make use of the same type of silicones. Over time, with the ideal healing environment created with consistent daily use of ScarAway, your scar will begin to remodel… it will physically change… becoming flatter, smoother, and closer to the texture and color of your surrounding healthy skin. ScarAway. Scaraway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets 1.5″ x 3″ 8-Count, Mederma Acne Scar Before And After – Cystic Acne Causes, Dermaroller Acne Scars Before and After Pictures, Natural and Medical Treatment Options for White Scars, Mederma or Silicone Scar Sheets? Softening of your scar will be noticed in the first few days. stickiness). “The Embrace strip never lasted more than 3 days before beginning to lift. Today i purchased the scar away silicon sheet, im hoping that this is the answer that i’ve been waitng for. Now, I don’t want to paint all dropshippers with a broad brush, but generally speaking, there are tons of these types of brands on Amazon and some of them engage in less-than-ethical behavior when it comes to manipulating user ratings, creating fraudulent reviews, or encouraging positive reviews (such as in exchange for a free product or full refund). It works best used over a silicon gel such as ScarAway, Dermatrix, Arnica Gel or even a 100% silicon gel which is what I use. A common method to keep tension at bay is by taping the wound/scar. Silon technology, is a specially formulated silicone, that mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin. This surgical operation results in “anchor” shaped scars which these silicone strips aim to address. I happen to know a fair bit of OTC scar treatment and generally recommend ScarAway. Here are the best silicone scar sheets (and best silicone sheets for scars): Summary: ScarAway is my #1 pick for an effective and affordable solution for all types of scars. in general, he said the ideal sheet would be sticky enough to help you position it on the scar, and use a medical tape..cotton or silk, to secure further if necessary…but stickier does not equate to more effective.”. Thanks for the kind words. I am looking for something to shrink and make it less noticeable. Does it works on indented discolored scars?? I actually did one, by accident/growing impatience, when I used the strips regularly for my first surgical incision (putting in a port), and then later when I had to have the identical procedure done on my chest again (because the skin on the first incision failed to knit properly) I used the strips on both sites for a while, but stopped using the strips after the first 8 weeks. Summary: CicaTape is my #1 pick for scars that require flexibility. Scaraway is unbelievable!!! I want to know how many days I can wear a single silicone gel sheet. I have used makeup over it on my face. Ocassionaly people find that silicones don’t work for them but most of the time I hear positive stories. In this case, I find the rating distribution of Aroamas very questionable: But consider the fact that ScarAway and Mederma (two of the most popular scar products) managed to get only 50-65% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ with a much higher percentage of negative reviews (~20-30% in the 1-, 2-, or 3-star buckets) compared to Aroamas (only 6% in the same buckets): In other words, if we take the rating distribution at face value, it means Aroamas is a vastly superior product to ScarAway and Mederma with 85% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ compared to 53% and 65%, respectively. (A lack of adhesiveness is one of the common complaints about silicones for scars.) Moreover, at the current price (~$28 for 8 sheets), ScarAway is actually cheaper (~$16 for 12 sheets). To understand how ridiculous this is, I found a product with a similar star rating distribution: Duracell’s high-quality AAA batteries with 88% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. I was shocked at how large and how many Mepiform sheets were in the container. 👍. One strip should be able to completely cover a C-section scar. The International Advisory Panel on Scar Management, a group of medical professionals, recommends silicone sheets for treating raised scars (source: Dermatologic Surgery, 2014). My daughter feel on her face and has a mark still after a year it’s not a raised scar but discolored and texture changes. Finally, here’s one positive review and one negative review for Pro-Sil: My Verdict: The Pro-Sil “chapstick” is a great option for both travel and sensitive scars. You know how you wish you could to a side-by-side comparison to see if it’s the patch making a difference, rather than just your body’s own healing power? ScarAway also has dedicated strips for caesarian section scars. Workouts, even showers, I noticed how easily the silicone comes off the edges and the corners, using your thumbs to massage and stretch out the product, I’m no longer in discomfort and the scaring has improved tremendously, I took a shower and noticed the corner coming undone, we don’t know the rating for the Tummy Tuck version on its own, 9 full-length silicone strips and applicators, maybe if I alter how I’m using them and prep my skin more aggressively they’ll stay on longer, Lightened the actual scar & flattened out the incision very nicely, They just didn’t stick long and I even avoided lotion and oils during use, can already see that the scar is less puffy and it’s looking a healthier pink color, rather than dark purple, These are not the same as the ones I was getting from Walgreens, less likely to fall off or stick onto clothing. Later on when the scar was improving this part stayed thicker and more red. It bonds nicely to skin and is invisible. Best for Breast Reduction (Anchor Pattern): Epi-Derm Mastopexy Silicone Scar Sheets, 9. I suffered a second degree burn almost four weeks ago after accidentally tipping a pan of boiling water over the top of my hand. As originally it was diagnosed as Lipoma, the doctor told me that she was going to use a dissolvable stitches… but then it turned out it was Cyst, then had to use real stictches… I’ve had this scar for almost 20 years so I assumed it would take months to see any progress at all –, “I was really excited to try these as I heard that silicone sheets are best to use on scars after breast augmentation. The trademark is protected by a series of foreign and US patents. Do you. Professional Grade Silicone Scar Sheets. Only after contacting a private clinic I learned about silicone sheeting. Thanx for all the great responses in to our questions. This produced a dramatic improvement in these scars, flattening them out and reducing the redness to the point where some of them are barely noticeable now. Has anyone had similar issue? Best for Tummy Tucks: Embrace Active Scar Defense for Tummy Tuck Scars, 6. In addition, these silicone strips are comfortable to wear with ultra-thin & breathable fabric and can be gently removed without pulling or tugging on your sensitive skin. My friend had told me about this seeing I had a growth removed close to my elbow on the side of my arm and it left a good size scar. The 20g size online is a great deal. Which obviously also affects my circulation. To make the most of every silicone sheet, I recommend washing it after each use and using your thumbs to massage and stretch out the product. Scaraway DOES work! Silicone gel sheets, as the name suggests, are made of pure silicone and have a soft, rubbery texture. 👨‍⚕️. “The first one I tried lost its “stickiness” after my first shower with it. I’ve got nothing against Aroamas but I find the rating distribution very questionable and I’m almost certain there’s been some degree of rating manipulation involved here. A few years ago I ended up in the hospital with stitches in my face, neck, chest and back. Occlusion and Hydration Examined. Summary: Mepiform by Mölnlycke is a medical silicone dressing used to cover larger scars.Best For: Large Scars, including Knee Surgery, General Surgery, Major Wounds, and Car AccidentsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. After they removed the stitches, they put Steri-strips. I used ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets during and after my treatment to maintain these results and help prevent the recurrence of any hypertrophic scars or keloids. My treatment is not over yet, so I can't wait for the final results. Generally silicone sheets do not work on indented scars except for maybe the discolorization. Finally, here’s one positive review and one negative review for CicaTape: My Verdict: CicaTape is an excellent silicone tape for any scars that require more flexibility. i have to buy as many as i will think i need. She is shown before and one year after her breast augmentation with moderate plus 339cc silicone gel implants. I had a tummy tuck in March and when I saw my dermatologist this week, she was shocked by. (a report of this study (Powerpoint presentation) can be found by searching Google for the title)Scar Fx and Rejuveness both offer pre-shaped strips. If you search for “silicone sheets” on, you’ll no doubt come across this popular brand of silicone products: Aroamas. I was incredibly disappointed to find out how flimsy these are, you basically can’t wear them on any body part that’s going to get a lot of movement, mine kept balling up and getting stuck to each side or would just fall off after a few hours, such a waste. 🤗, Summary: Aroamas is a brand of Amazon-only silicone products with over 3,000+ reviews (however, I find the star rating distribution to be very questionable). Needless to say, now that I feel motivated again, I’m going straight to Amazon to buy the strips again. Here’s What Studies Say About Silicone vs Mederma, 7 Home Scar Removal Remedies – Proven Effective Remedies To Fade Your Scar, How Do Silicones for Scars Work? I thought maybe I didn’t allow it to sit dry on its own long enough, so I tried another one and allowed it to be on dry skin for about 12 hours. The uniquely blended formula gently and effectively binds and mends the skin. 3.8 out of 5 stars with 350 reviews. When I bend my head on my chest its the part just below my chin touching my chest. Before. Best for Travel Usage & Sensitive Areas: Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Treatment Stick, Up Next:The Best Scar Gels(With Before/After Pics), most affordable silicone sheets on the market, it’s been a week and there’s already a noticeable difference, I feel like they didn’t stick well enough and would get linty, Stays on through everything. Of course, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. Begin using ScarAway Silicone Scar Gel as soon as the skin is healed and there is no oozing or crusting in the area. For breast reduction or breast lifts using the Lollipop Pattern (a.k.a. Can scaraway be used on the tip of the nose after Moh’s surgery. But, as the surgeon of someone commenting on my posts said: “a proper silicone sheet should never produce a severe pulling on your scar. Good luck, I hope this helps! See the instructions on the package but often it is recommended to cut the sheets slightly larger than the actual scar area. With continuous 24 hour use (alternate between 2 strips for the day and night), this product can help minimize abnormal scar formation like hypertrophic scars & keloids and fade incision marks left behind by the C-section operation. Well, I haven’t personally used Aroamas products before, but I did notice a couple of red flags while browsing their Amazon product page and doing research on this company. The first piece I tore off seemed great, but then. The results you achieve with ScarAway are permanent.”. The company claims that use of the sheeting will “effectively shrink, flatten and fade hypertrophic (raised) and keloid scars” – whether they are newly-formed scars or old. 🤗. think i should just go for silicone sheets and cut to size. Since it’s one of the few things that actually work you might want to give it a shot. Watch Queue Queue. The main sticking point is the price (pun intended!) Now, you might be asking yourself at this point, “Is ScarAway suitable for my scar?”, As long as your scar is “closed”, meaning your skin is not severely damaged or oozing out fluids, you should be able to use ScarAway to minimize post-surgery or post-injury scar formation and help flatten existing scars. If it is too sticky, there is the potential to further damage the new skin, or even open a delicate healing area. ScarAway has the proven effective dimethicone silicones and uses Silon technology as well. Scaraway is a 100% silicone gel-based scar treatment medication with a vast background of clinical research to ensure its effectiveness in … I had permanent makeup removed from my brows. I was just considering to try 3M Medipore soft cloth tape… as I think it might be too soon to swity over to Silicon Sheet… I git very conscious about it when i was growing up, i could’nt even wear shorts or mini skirts because i was too embarassed to show it. That’s because silicone has been clinically proven to improve your scar appearance and also alleviate common symptoms like redness, itching, and discomfort. In most cases, if used daily, ScarMD ® Silicone Scar Gel will minimize the pain, itchiness and discomfort associated with your scar after a few days. Continue to use ScarAway until your scar has stopped responding for two weeks. However, for hard-to-reach areas like the scalp or ears, or for the face, use ScarAway ® Scar Diminishing Gel. But the sheets do a better job of keeping the scar covered, … Thank you. I have been using my NewGel for 3 months after my surgery and have noticed an enormous difference! ⚓Best For: Breast Reduction ScarsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. Do you think the scar sheets will help with my problem? Jennie. Speaking of which, the ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets Long is an excellent and affordable alternative to the normal version (only 1.5″ by 3.0″) for longer scars (this one is 1.5″ by 7.0″). I asked a gauze to cover it which will protect from the underwear rubbing. I can hardly see a scar now, two months later. 93 ($34.09/Ounce) ScarAway. Some might find this confusing and ask what the difference is with the old, blue package but there is no difference. If depressed and light colored it’s less likely to help. 🤔. Since it is a flat scar and these don’t help to elevate. “I really wanted to love this stuff. Reply. Overall, this product has received very positive reviews and also blends in with your skin color: My Verdict: The Epi-Derm Mastopexy Silicone Strips are a fantastic product for improving your recovery process following breast reduction or breast lift surgery using the Anchor Pattern. You don’t have to use it over another silicone gel product as it is silicone gel tape. There is one way that’s slightly complicated: go to “see all customer reviews”, “see all reviews from the United States”, then under the “Filter By” boxes, click on “All Formats”, and select “Show only reviews for ….”. This product is also used in hospitals to attach IV lines to a patient’s skin which means it needs to have very strong adhesion properties (i.e. The scar will heal itself every time it is messed with so leaving it will eventually be the best solution. It truly does work and now I am going out to buy my own box. After. This will help you make the most out of each silicone sheet (and save money in the long run!). It is called Scaraway scar repair gel. One part of the 20 cm long vertical scar on my chest was problematic from the beginning. ScarAway Scar Treatment Sheets - 8ct. ScarAway – with doctor-recommended advanced silicone technology — works on newly healed wounds and on visible older scars, including hypertrophic scars and keloids. The technical name for this is hypertrophic. Silicone gel sheeting. I had mohs surgery on my cheek and was wondering the same thing. The long ones so I could use one patch for the whole scar. If you need a silicone tape for scars, I highly recommend CicaTape by CicaSolution. Your email address will not be published. Upon asking nurses, doctors, and even a dermatologist for treatment tips I got little to no useful advice. 4 out of 5 stars with 298 reviews. I would suggest for the scar above your lip that you try ScarAway’s new self drying gel. Apart from that they are more comfortable. Watch Queue Queue I recently had a tt and have a large scar, would using the gel and strips on top increase healing time? ScarAway is a brand that combines all these traits. For a small upper lip scar I would think that to be sufficient since I have used a 10g silicone gel myself and there’s still a bit in it. The most common complaint with this product is the adhesiveness, especially around the edges where some people noticed that it stopped sticking to their skin pretty quickly. That’s because CicaTape is very adhesive and doesn’t fall off or roll up as easily as some other brands. 91. Best Scar Tape: CicaTape Silicone Tape, 4. Did you receive an answer about scar away after mohs surgery? 3.8 out of 5 stars with 91 reviews. I have both on the knees caused by warts removal when i was still a kid. He said ScarAway could help soften my scars, reduce redness, and might even prevent them from coming back (a growing problem with keloids, pardon the pun). Specially-formulated with the active ingredient Kelo-cote, Here’s a screenshot of their website: In my opinion, the main problem with most dropshipping brands is the low product quality. 😍, Summary: ScarAway has created a special silicone scar sheet for new Moms with C-section scars.Best For: C-Section Scars 👶Key Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon, For new Moms with C-section scars, ScarAway has designed a special silicone sheet just for you. Don’t forget to protect if from UV light. Treatment with ReJuveness silicone sheeting reduces discoloration. 🤗Best For: Small-to-Medium Scars, including Hypertrophic Scars, Keloids, Acne Scars, and those from Surgery, Injury, or BurnsKey Ingredients: 100% SiliconeGet It @ Amazon. In fact it’s very delicate skin almost directly on the sternal bone. My horrible results are white patchy scars resembling alot like Vitiligo any sucess or recommendation on if scar away will work or help for me or if there is a better product I should be using one that is more for my need? She brought one for me to try and the next day I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jennie. So here’s my facial hypertrophic scars in May 2015: And now, here’s my scars after many years of scar treatment, including corticosteroid injections (around 6-8 shots with 1-3 months in between), dozens of scar products including Mederma, Bio-Oil, ScarAway, NewGel+, Kelo-Cote, (you name it and I’ve tried it), plus changes to my lifestyle: As you can see, my facial hypertrophic scars (some were also keloids) have diminished significantly in the last 5 years, thanks to both corticosteroid injections and silicone scar sheets/gels. 298. I guess this combination of delicate skin and the stiff scar placed on the bone is what made it so sensitive. A large number of clinical data supports the claim that medical silicone gel is considered the first line of treatment for most scar management cases. ScarAway. Because the silicone scar sheets tend to fall off from time time one could be inclined to think that the strips can’t be sticky enough. $18.19. ScarAway Silicone Gel is formulated with a patented, self-drying and transparent silicone gel technology designed to improve the appearance of scars and prevent excessive scar formation. What I like to do is to rinse the silicone sheet after each use (wear about 12 hours and swap out) and use both thumbs to squeeze and stretch out the silicone side under the tap. You can use multiple pieces to cover up larger scars. As I noticed my stitches poking out like Porcupine and it didn’t look like it was going to dissolve, so I asked her about it. Also the location, there’s much friction with clothes, zippers from jackets, buttons, and seat belts made this hypertrophic part of my scar very annoying. I used dermatix, seems the results not good, because maybe I do stretching at the same time. Silicone Gel Silicone Strips Silicone Sheets ... Before and After Gallery Patient Testimonials "Last January, I was diagnosed with melanoma. “This was recommended by a friend and also a couple of plastic surgeon friends I had a couple biopsies for skin cancer and I’ve been wearing this for about 4 months to reduce the color of the scar. and a more budget-friendly alternative is the ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets Long (1.5″ by 7.0″). Here’s why and when I’d use Mepitac. Cica care is the best solution when it comes to raised scars. It has good reviews and is an affordable price for a generous length (1.57″ by 59.0″). After her consultation with one of Denver’s top cosmetic surgeons Dr. Nick Slenkovich, she felt comfortable with her decision to enhance her breast size with implants. Skin raise is gone. By rotating two strips, I’ve found you can wear one almost all the time (which speeds up the treatment), plus use those two strips for 2 weeks without experiencing any (lack of) stickiness issues. Make sure to choose the right size for your scar. Where the rest of the wound was already healed this part stayed an open wound for a much longer time. Using silk tape (or another type of tape ) can help. ❤️. The Scar-Away Repair Gel earned a 68 percent approval rating, primarily for its impact on acne scars. I found Mepitac Silicon Scar Tape to be the best all around, it sticks very well, can also use the same tape for up to a week and it can be cut to various sizes. With continuous 24 hour coverage, this product helps minimize scar formation and improve the appearance of scars from knee surgery, general surgery, major wounds, and car accidents. ScarAway is suitable for all types of scars, including small-to-medium scars from surgery, injury, trauma, burns, keloids, and acne. In any case you may want to use a self drying silicone gel instead of sheets since sheet will be virtually impossible to keep attached on fingers etc. Wash, let dry for a day while you use a new piece (or a previously washed and dried piece). Last but not least, the Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Treatment Stick is a travel-friendly silicone “chapstick” that you can bring on flights and trips or use on sensitive scars near your eyes and fingers. before and after silicone scar sheets. i cant decide between mederma or the sheets. With regular use, silicone sheets may help flatten and reduce the size of hypertrophic scars, relieve common symptoms like itching and redness, and prevent post-op scars from forming. It’s a brand that I’ve used many times in the past for my own scars and is one of the best silicone sheets for keloids and hypertrophic scars. I was told to wear it for 12 months, and this is definitely enough to last a year. Scaraway or Mederma: Differences & Similarities. Hello, I have a dermal scar from a piercing, it’s raised and hard. Thank you. I hadn’t thought of that when I used mine. The 20g size online is a great deal. The sheets can also be cut to size for smaller scars or worn side-by-side for larger scars.ScarAway comes in a new package (see below). It started with not healing appropriate. Anyways, I used ScarAway in between each corticosteroid injection session and for many months after my last treatment (which was two years ago). It also reduces redness, itching, and discomfort. When the surgical tape was removed, I immediately began to use these on my scars. 1. For all other scars, Scar Away or Mederma will do the trick. Lejour Augmentation Technique), you’ll want to grab a pair of these silicone strips instead. also how do the sheets work with sweat and sun? I think just by massaging and using a cheap moisturizer such as Vaseline your scar may improve too. This scar treatment works on visible older scars and newly healed wounds as well as keloids and hypertrophic scars. You could also massage it and keep it moist (i.e. I was in search of EXCELLENT silicone tape and thought this would be it based on the high number of stellar reviews.

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