To make your decision easier, we have translated the official German course description below. Video. Your Message. Explore. It stands for future-oriented skills development and practice-based, interdisciplinary teaching methods at the highest international standards at its locations in Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia), Berlin and Hamburg. About Bielefeld and Germany International profile Campus OWL New York Office Alberta OWL Cooperation Digital Mobil @ FH Bielefeld International Week 2021 Contact Academics. New type of coupled electronic-structural waves discovered in magnetite. Explore. The campus is located in Bielefeld. With the Faculties Design, Minden Campus, Engineering and Mathematics, Social Sciences, Business and Health at our three campuses in Bielefeld, Minden and Gütersloh, the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (FH Bielefeld) works closely together with the industrial and business communities and social and cultural institutes in East Westphalia. The most common fact everyone checks before getting admitted to a university is the university … It offers 37 undergraduate programs, 25 master's programs and several vocational educational programs. Established in 1971, Fachhochschule Bielefeld (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the medium city of Bielefeld (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), North Rhine-Westphalia. Jobs; Location; Explore these featured universities . Three different branches of design and arts are available to the carefully selected students: "Photography & Media", "Graphic and Communication Design" and "Fashion Design". Bielefeld is getting ready for the future – together with the University of Bielefeld and Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences this city in East Westphalia is gearing up to meet growing international demand for research, teaching and study.. Academics; Studying at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences Academic Programmes Video. Bielefeld is the parent company of FHMand thus the largest campus with currently more than 1,800 students. However, our degree programme is getting more international in the semesters to come. Your Name. Simply submit your documents as an upload. FH Bielefeld - University of Applied Sciences FH Bielefeld - Informationen zu Studium, Lehre, Forschung und Entwicklung an der Fachhochschule Bielefeld Home / Hochschule / Popularity . The BGHS supports the dialogue between art and science with art projects in cooperation with the Arts and Design Department at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. The site is located in Gundlach Carrée centrally located in Bielefeld city. Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. At the moment most coursework will be in German. The Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Bielefeld) is the second largest education institution in Bielefeld. Interaktion 1 33619 Bielefeld Tel. It divides itself into five faculties (Fachbereiche): The Faculty of Design is located in a separate building close to the Oetker Concert Hall as well as a public park called Bürger Park (park of the commons). As the inaugurator of dual-system undergraduate education, the university has 8 disciplines, 56 undergraduate and master majors. FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. Designated study centres, the university library and student work places create the right learning environment. The Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Bielefeld) is the second largest education institution in Bielefeld. Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (FH Bielefeld) is located in Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. It also runs a talent cultivation project that connects vocational training with higher education. Bielefeld was the first University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to establish mathematics as an independent degree with study focusing on engineering, economics, and computer science. Study at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, offering Bachelors and Masters Courses. Light rail can be reached in two minutes and the pedestrian area on foot in just five minutes. A compilation of information on the corona virus can be found on the pages of the International Office. It is an attractive, family-friendly place to work and study and is characterised by an open communication culture, lived interdisciplinarity, diversity and freedom for personal development. The school is rated among the top five of Germany's schools offering a focused education in photography, honoured by the state-funded "Special Research Centre on Photography & Media". It is accredited by Ministerium für Innovation, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie des Landes NRW. As a university internationally regarded for its top-level research and innovative teaching concepts, Bielefeld University makes a significant contribution to a progressive and participatory knowledge society. In the second project design students from the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld illustrate dissertation projects of doctoral researchers of the BGHS. The Latest Bing News on: Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences Research. There are accepted about 25-30 freshmen in each branch per year. Please use the following form to contact Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences with your questions. Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (FH Bielefeld) - public higher education institution in Germany. The student population at Bielefeld is around 10,000.

bielefeld university of applied sciences

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