Scotland Yard In Zirakpur Will Get Your Taste Buds SHERLOCKED!

As you see the fluorescent yellow board with ‘Scotland yard’ written on it while crossing the VIP road in Zirakpur, you will get down from your vehicle to have a look at it simply because you can not resist it.

As you go inside, you will see a huge sketch of Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson standing behind him. This sketch reminds us how they went about solving cases. This newly opened Restaurant, Bar, and Lounge is based on the theme of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s very famous book- ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Seems that the owner is a big fan of mysteries and Mr Sherlock Holmes. A closer look reveals a glass lens, a key, and research instruments to give you much more thrill. To add to your curiosity, there are titles of Sir Doyle’s books along with the release dates, which is nothing less than the Police Headquarters of 4 Whitehall Place, London with a lot more creativity. The centre table is made up of car tyres, upholstery red and green in color and it allows a seating of 100 people at a time.

I sorted out the mystery! The man behind this case is Rana Inder Pal Singh from Patiala, the owner of Scotland Yard. He told me that here I can get every kind of single Malts and called a waiter who was also dressed as intriguingly as one should be representing Scotland Yard, he enlightened me that I can get a variety of cuisines- Chinese, Continental, Tandoori and whatnot. Their speciality being sofiana paneer tikka, tilnar paneer tikka, tandoori sangam veg, simbi seekh cheese, beer butterfish, quesadillas, fish fingers, meatballs in hot garlic sauce, bhatti ka murg and tandoori prawn. For the health conscious people, they offer -murg anaari chaat, watermelon feta cheese salad, papaya salad, juices, and cocktails.

I ordered Kaaju palak di tikki and ma di kasam, I had never tasted such an exquisite combination of tastes.


So what are you waiting for? Go Solve a mystery today with complimentary malts and get SHERLOCKED! 😉

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