3 things you must do to secure your pet’s future, What You Need To Know When Adopting A Pet. This may suggest that she needs more interactive stimulation in her cage, for example maybe one of those hanging toys for hamsters where they lift it up to get the treat. I got My Syrian hamster a little more than 2 weeks ago. The more you handle your hamster in a positive way, the less likely they are to bite. I think its beacause it isnt getting attention I know im writing a lot but I see many thing wrong here (sorry bout that) Interestingly, these little guys have been domesticated fairly recently but the attraction in them is rapidly growing. That being said, I’m no expert. Nothing has changed with her surroundings etc. I am a new hampster owner. We have a female winter white. It’s probably just checking if you were food, wether you smell or don’t smell like it. But when the hamster advocate asks the age of the hamster a different picture emerges. However now she is constantly biting her cage and trying to get out. I’ve tried all sort like rubbing my hands with his used sawdust, doing it at different times of day, trying different ways to pick him up but nothings working. Not sure why?? I think when she doesn’t want to play she kicks bedding at me and then stares at me. My male hamster likes to run his paws over his mouth and then his muzzle for a few seconds. scientific reasons state that hamsters eat themselves because they have not been fed and are willing to eat anything. Hamsters of all common household species, including Syrian hamsters, have been observed as loving their sand baths. •Gray winter white But, does that mean aggression? The reason pregnant mothers and babies need more protein is that they need all the protein to grow. scientific reasons state that hamsters eat themselves because Hello, I just got a short-haired Syrian hamster yesterday. Side note, you aren’t keeping them together are you? Is this normal, I’ve never had a hamster and have only had these 5 days. I’d suggest not holding him so much(?). So why do hamsters eat their babies? That’s frustrating I can imagine. He now lets us hold him and he comes to us right away and loves his “dry tubby time” lol We have had him for almost two weeks. How do I get my Syrian hamster to call asleep? Hamsters use body language much as we do. I’m unsure how to tell if she’s happy though. Use either your finger or an perhaps old toothbrush. It’s to show dominance I have two males myself and he is grooming his belly and the one pinning him down is probably the more dominant one. Do u have any ideas why. The pet store had them using flying saucers. The golden hamster or Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) is a rodent belonging to the hamster subfamily, Cricetinae. I’ve had them for a month now and I’ve really bonded with them! She’s okay with eating food off of my hand and will sometimes step on my hand also. I know they don’t live long. But I checked on her and she’s ok and still acting normal but I’m confused why it happened what I think it was is probably when I picked her up she got scared? I know when they are biting their cage alot it’s called “Cage Rage”. They do love carrots and broccoli. Please help! There could be many reasons for this . I’ve also done lots of research as I am also a new hamster owner. He seems upset every time I try to handle him and his bitting has gone from nibbling to drawing blood. she was going somewhere I didn’t want her to go so I gently picked her up and she started trying to get out my hands and she fell. He’s s about 7 months old. I kept her in a 45 gal tank with weekly bedding changes, although recently with school restarting I am ashamed to say I have been slacking so the last one was about 10 days ago. If this is the case and the teeth are not trimmed, the hamster may progressively starve because he is unable to eat. And biting cage usually means he needs a larger cage. Strange but cute animals! My robo hamster did a razor-like squeak, what does that mean? It is most probably because he doesn’t want to be with another hamster and he did that to tell the other hamster to back off. Hamster burrows are made up of many different tunnels and rooms called chambers which they dig themselves. Her stool is normal too. My only thing is, one of them mouths my hand/fingers… theres rarely any pressure, never draws blood, but he will just touch his teeth and tongue to my hand for a moment. Why does my Syrian hamster bite my blanket? •bedding change was 10 days ago, half change Hope this stuff help! Make sure to watch body language. my 2 females have started doing this, well it’s just 1 of them if the other cones anywhere near. They need a lot of enrichment to keep them busy, try scatter feeding. It is worth remembering, a hamster is not a person and what is good for you is death for you. I gave her two sunflower seeds which she happily took from my hand but remained inside the tube. I have a winter white hamster. Hamsters do that. It’s recomended that the hamster has 24-48 hours of uninterrupted time to adjust to his/her new surroundings. Thanks!!! The bar biting may mean she need more play time outside the cage. Like people maybe she wants a new home (cage)….. I’m sure her cage is large enough and it has another floor, i think she may have been scared when she slept i the same room as me and the fan I was using fell off a table and made a lot of noise because the following night she was less friendly. I put a wheel and toys with food, water and treats. Saucers aren’t big enough for Syrians so try to get at least a 7 inch wheel and just put it in there. Hamster’s do a very good job of keeping themselves clean, ... Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Bedding (And Why It’s Normal) VIEW POST. ⁃ teeth chattering is aplenty too, but Audie only does this when he’s truly relaxed…almost mushy feeling in his body due to no tenseness in it what-so-ever. They stuff the soft tissue or paper beddings in their pouches only to bring them to their nest. [3] I have a dwarf hamster with a 5 story cage. We cannot figure out what the issue is. Hamsters use their front paws to massage food out of the pouch when they are ready to eat it. Before going into of what hamsters eat, we must consider how to feed a hamster.Take a look at these recommendations: Hamsters are omnivorous animals, so in their diet one must include, in addition to fruits and vegetables, meat. Especially when he started out so approachable. But teething is normal too. As for the wheel, if he hasn’t already started using it, then perhaps it’s just not his kind of thing? If your cage is under the BARE MINIMUM of 450 square inches, upgrade asap. Hamsters need lots more space than people think. My male Syrian uses his mouth and teeth to move my fingers when he’s done being held. Offer him his favorite treats and soon enough he will be crawling all over you! He has always been very passive and so sweet but when I put my hand in to pet him he flipped over on his back and went into fight mode. Most do but not all… Just let him decide on to use it or not. Caring for your hamster includes giving him all the toys and exercise opportunities you can. Human interaction is then the following few days where the hamster will learn your sent and your intentions. because we did not want them to mate, we separated them and put the two males in one cage the female in another one. Took me completely by surprise when my hamster did this. She has plenty of chew toys, hiding spots, clean bedding, and tons of room, (A four layer metal cage with a non grated bottom) and two different hamster wheels (a traditional one and a tilted circular one). My hamster walks a bit then lays down flat and then repeats. he’s a super loving ham. I found him tonight and put him back in the aquarium, however, his cheeks are full of food that he must have taken with him two days ago and he is taking it out in corners. Sometimes she will just lay in a random spot, eyes slightly narrowed, I don’t know what’s happening Is it bad if you hold out a treat and she kind of nibbles your finger instead? If you’ve had a particularly nice little time with them and they’ll suddenly freeze and then stare at you for say 15-20 seconds…it’s like they’re realizing “hey…this person aint so bad, what was I being so freaked out about?” I’ve noticed after these significant stare/freezes, they actually change their behavior around you, and usually in a pretty positive way. The problem with an aquarium is that you’re forced to tear open the roof of their safe haven and come at them from above. Their numbers have been declining in the wild due to a loss of habitat from agriculture and deliberate elimination by humans. Just don’t hold him. Hello! I see little patches of blood in her crate & get so worried. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. And an owner would want to avoid this happening if at all possible. I have a Syrian hamster, and they are rather small. The other doesnt do this so theres no smell of food on me… does anyone know why a hamster might mouth me? Most hamsters do not like bieng held. Do not waste your money on the enclosure attachments that this article suggested, instead look into bin cages which are fairly cheap and easy. It sounds like her rolling on her back means she is scared. I’m worried she has been licking her self raw. What does this mean? Because its not bedding and its a strange feeling for them Probably because it doent want to be played with and is being played with too much. Try upgrading her cage to a larger one. Same here. Also lots of bedding and plenty of toys (also consider a 12 inch wheel), No, it doesn’t. He’s drinking fine but doesn’t seem to be eatting much although he is fine in himself still playing and comfortable in his cage but he seems to have stopped liking me. I’d make sure to wash them before attending to the dwarf, and perhaps rubbing some of his litter on your hands before picking him/her up? Can Hamsters Eat Apples (A Helpful Guide) Hamster Food. Hamster mums will do that if she feels threatened by a predator, which will also be her owner if they touch the nest too early, and, the babies too in some cases. Hi my hamster keeps digging near the nest where she has her babies [Gave birth 4 days ago] should I be concerned? He has stopped biting his cage (he only did this twice before i started doing the tub thing) we give him his treats in the tub too. Even putting vinegar on the cage bars isn’t helping at all. Suddenly the behaviour of the older hamster has completely changed and it’s just sits at the cage and keeps biting us . Please don’t tell me both Syrians are in one cage lol. Hi I diidnt let my hamster(normal winter white) get adjusted to its new cage after getting it. It should be okay so no worries, My hamster is only using his mouth to move and it constantly lying down.what is this behaviour mean.we talked to the vet she said he’d be fine and asked if we wanted pain meds.im still unsure on what this is .please reply quickly. 1: Why do hamsters eat their babies? My hamster did that same thing when I first got him, it just means they are a little nervous with the space but its normal when you’ve only had them for a short while, its kind of the same when a hamster runs on their wheel none stop, they just need to adjust. Wheel diameter – 20 or 30 cm diameter As they do not possess any fur to protect them from cold temperatures, it might become inevitable for the parent hamsters to eat them in order to save them. Be careful, hamsters do occasionally hibernate. She is almost 2 years old. We let her run in her ball as often as possible, sometimes that’s up to 2+ hrs a day (with breaks every 20mins in her cage for water) and let her run around without the ball and play with her every night as well. On the first 2 days she was super friendly and loved being handled but now she’s getting up later, showing signs of stress or aggression and idk why. I also let her out of her enclosure into her playpen everyday. Check out hamster care on youtube, forums and Instagram to get more advice. You’ll have to notice where you touch him that he kind of likes. I also recommend giving her pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds every other day to let her get used to you. If you would like to put in a litter tray, try moving around the toys until you have space. just like they eat their food they can bite other things just as well. Some positive behaviors I notice however might conflict a little with some of what this blog piece asserts. “Audie” (male) rarely now shows any aggressive or fearful type behaviors—other than maybe a digging of his nails in my skin, a slight nip on my hand or finger when he wants back in his cage, or when he runs to the same corner of a table edge and keeps peering down…I’ve learned that this also means he wants back in his cage. Inter state form of sales tax income tax? Either way, a lot of “Syrian hamster” cages sold in pet shops are too small. That’s been my experience at least. he’s in a 40 gallon breeder, w one of those expensive silent runner wheels, a sand bath, chews, hides, etc. Will he be ok? That’s about it on the negative if you can even call it that (at least I think so). Many of these sounds are brief and unrecognizable to the human ear. And, ive had my hamster for months but he still bites me. Hamsters are omnivores and can eat a wide variety of foods including fresh fruit and vegetables. She seems to have lost alot of hair near her bottom too. That’s perfect! •water was cleaned out yesterday She is eating & drinking water. Still super aggressive. Why is his ears down? Please tell me! If you stroke it’s belly lying on its back then you shouldn’t do that because it’s a scary position for her as she is playing dead. When a hamster bites at her cage (bars) it could be a sign of boredom although by the way you have described her cage that shouldn’t happen. She runs away from me, flips onto her back and urinates on me if I pick her up.