Chaos Space Marines? Butcher Cannon + Claw may be an option to consider but you’re likely going to be better off going full shooting or melee with the Decimator. This article took me three weeks to write and ended up being more like a short novel in length, so there’s probably something I missed or didn’t get right. Chaos Space Marines can still get there when combined with Daemons, but ultimately they don’t have nearly the breadth of strategies to work with that 8th edition afforded and there isn’t as much going for them. Now that Tzeentch Winged Daemon Princes will cost you more, the vanilla codex crew are worth a bit more consideration. They’re 20pts each for a 2W, T4 3+/5++ model, have a unit-wide random attack characteristic of d3 and hit at a reasonable AP-2, but are hampered by only being D1. The upside is that this means you can get a lot more value out of fewer berserkers – a squad of five sword + axe berserkers with a lightning claw champion will put in enough work to kill most things it charges fighting twice. It also means you need a way to clear enemies off an objective and capture it that turn – and that will typically require melee units. dropped 75 points in the Imperial Armour Compendium while going up to 28 wounds.It has some nasty tricks up its sleeve, like the ability to shrug off psychic powers on a 4+ and a pair of Helcrusher claws that give it some very deadly melee options. The set comes with seven sprews included on them, ten chaos space marines, one chaos lord, and one Chaos Hellbrute. Add 1 to your Warlord’s Strength and you can re-roll damage rolls for their force weapon. Strategic Reserves may be a big part of that strategy. Warlord Trait. If you roll a 6+ to wound with a melee attack made by your warlord, the target takes 1 mortal wound in addition to any other damage. set.The set includes the following multipart plastic kits:- 1x Master of Possession (supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base)- … While the Chaos Space Marines aren’t posable, they still look fantastic and you can easily mix-and-match them among existing CSM models and you can’t really tell. He’s got the same profile as a Sorcerer, but is locked into taking a force staff and instead of knowing two powers from the Dark Hereticus Discipline, knows and can cast two powers from the. They can take special weapons, but their real value is most likely as a 15-model blob sporting chainswords. Caps out at a 3++, but stacks with other abilities to help you get there. With. Several of these also have replacement options for Daemon Princes as well, so they aren’t just for Chaos Lords. The Blood Slaughterer got an update to a newer, cheaper form in Imperial Armour Compendium and although it’s now sporting 1 less wound (with a static profile to show for it), it’s just as fast, more accurate, and nearly as deadly in melee while being 40 point cheaper. This is a great way to boost a unit’s longevity, and works on anything in your army with the keyword, making it great for making things like daemon engines and large squads of Possessed more survivable. At 160 points with most weapons, Decimators are a little cheaper than they used to be, since almost all of their weapon options are baked into the model’s base cost now. Players will need to be mindful of how they’re exposing themselves to secondary objectives when building armies. This doesn’t replace anything (it’s an add-on you pay 5 points for) and it gives the Daemon Prince a 24″ Assault 2, S4, AP-1, 2 Damage gun that’s a handy add-on to an already formidable melee profile. There was a lot of excitement around Havocs and their wonderful new models when the 2nd Codex came out for Chaos Space Marines. That’s slightly on the expensive side, but hits a price point where if you just want a random backfield unit to hold an objective you’ll often pick them for the job, as with power armour they’re moderately difficult to budge from cover. The big upside however is that these powers are not legion-locked, so a Night Lords sorcerer can cast Prescience on an Iron Warriors unit. There are several powers, relics, and Stratagems which are only available to devotees of a particular Chaos god, and some Legion traits require that your whole army be devoted to a specific god. Namely that it’s big, hard to deploy, and will sit in your deployment zone all game while the majority of your units want to be pushing toward the middle fo the table grabbing objectives. Cool against Marines but completely worthless at all other times. You roll up to 3 dice when you do this, and you can summon a unit with power level equal to or less than the result you roll. If you’re taking them, run Lasher Tendrils – they need the extra attacks. The Kytan also gets access to the Daemonforge Stratagem, and receives the same +1 Strength and re-roll charge benefits other Khorne Daemons can get from Bloodmasters. Your biggest challenge with Noise Marines will be delivering them to the middle of the table safely, which will require either transports – rhinos are good for this – or placing them into Strategic Rerserves. Use when a Heretic Astartes infantry or biker that isn’t from a Renegade Chapter shoots or fights. If you’re going this route, keep them cheap – upgrade to a Chainaxe if you want, but don’t waste points on someone who won’t really be in combat except to counter-charge. psychic power, ideally), can really give them staying power. To pick a legion, you replace your keyword with a Legion of your choice (it can’t be Death Guard or Thousand Sons, who have their own rules).