The unit culminates in a “Talk Show” designed to allow students to demonstrate all they have learned about substance use/abuse and interpersonal relationships. Main Menu. Common Core High School Lesson Plan Template - PDF. Students also explore the attributes of classes of functions including their inverses, which introduce the concept of a logarithm. Unit Description: This secondary academic music focuses on understanding how composers engage with music and music making to create a particular emotional response. Next, students will study monetary and fiscal policy decisions and how citizens may react to and/or influence those decisions. The unit will culminate with students writing a multi-genre text expressing their own perspective on an issue of inequity relevant to them..  (This unit is also effective scaffolding for the unit that follows in which students will present an argument on justice. They’re also a mapping process that enables teachers to think carefully about research-supported teacher-learner-content interactions that help kids meet standards and grow up to save the world. The unit culminates in the creation of an art show. Sample Unit Plans & Performance Assessments. See also Licensing Hours. Unit Plan Sample: Mathematics Topics Title of Unit Plan: Symmetry Grade Level: 3-5th Subject Area: Mathematics School Name: Time Frame to Complete Lessons: 2-3 days (w/art) Stage 1: Desired Results Established Goals: (Standards) CS.M.K6.GS1 Demonstrate the mental habits of precise, determined, careful, and accurate All rights reserved. Then, the Teacher may introduce supplementary texts (speeches, essays, poems, songs, artwork) that reflect the same theme/concept as the anchor text. Across the unit students will learn basic elements of loco motor skills, incorporate the concepts of space, time, and energy; experiment with floor patterns, while collaborating in small groups to create a dance that links improvised movements to a choreographic structure. Students will gain an understanding of how artists employ expressive features and characteristics of art such as composition, juxtaposition, and relationship of elements to direct the viewer and/or add emphasis to what they are communicating about identity. A lesson plan is usually prepared by the teacher who conducts a lesson for students to make sure a lesson meets its objectives and learning … Lesson plan template - Daily. Student fluency with these functions improves through multiple experiences with tables, graphs, equations and contexts. Students will have to articulate choreographic components both in observation of the masterworks and evaluation of their own work. Phone: 303-866-6600 See more ideas about Lesson plan templates, Unit plan, Lesson. Analyze works of fiction and non-fiction to uncover authentic Truth. Unit Description: This unit engages students in the process of working in three dimensions, spatial transformation, and the process of challenging the viewer’s perceptions about space and environment. Movement and Music – Build vocabulary and early literacy skills with songs and games. Sometimes school districts will provide a detailed unit plan, but other times they provide something more vague, like the title of a unit and the number of days you have to teach the content within the unit. Grade Levels. Schools are often complex structures to design. Through collaborative inquiry and sharing thoughts and opinions, students may examine diverse texts by a single author that explore “identity” in those cultures. FREE. Don’t think of units as just curriculum artifacts. The unit culminates with students participating in a wilderness experience designed and led by them cultivating individual physical, mental, and social strengths that lead to strong group dynamics. Review all materials gathered for each concept and list those you actually plan to use. … by Gini Cunningham. You might like to print off the list below and refer to it as you do your planning. Initially, Students may complete a research project so that they can practice research skills and gain a better understanding of the historical and cultural contexts that give rise to the different perspectives voiced in the anchor text. I suggest using the universal lesson plan template above. Title IX. Before you write a unit plan, start by writing clear goals for what you want your students to get from the unit. The unit begins with a look at political parties and the role that party platforms play in policy decisions. Unit Description: This unit explores beginning improvisational dance technique. Students will look at changes over the past 150 years in the United States by studying events such as women’s suffrage, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, minority rights, etc. Themed Units – Explore each thematic unit with a variety of hands-on activities. Across the unit students will experience multiple styles of dance, analyze movement concepts and gestures within cultural styles, and associate styles of dance with the historical context from which they originate. High School Unit and Lesson Plans. Unit Description: This is an introductory unit on economics. Students begin with informal explorations of rigid transformations. Students may demonstrate their understanding of how cultural and societal influences shape and define identity by writing their own narrative piece. Unit Description: In this 4 to 6 week unit, Students may explore different voices via comparing and contrasting those perspectives in supplementary texts with those expressed in an anchor text (for example, Master Harold…and the Boys by Athol Fugard). Beginning with plate tectonic theory, across the unit students will explore technological evidence/advances that have furthered knowledge of this theory, natural hazards associated with plate tectonics, and resources and landforms that result from tectonic forces. Class discussions will allow students to explore how different contexts impact our perspectives and how we write about issues or themes in the world around us. Search Library Search Library Search Library NYC's Approach NYC's Approach NYC's Approach Communities. You might like to print off the list below and refer to it as you do your planning. Unit Description: This unit exposes students to a variety of masterworks from across historic periods and disciplines. Math(Equality) Math (Solving Triangles) Language Arts (Of Mice & Men) History/Social Studies (Uncovering Truths) … Unit Plan Templates. The unit culminates with students adopting the role of members on a newspaper editorial board and critiquing the effectiveness and quality of two arguments on a topic of student choice under the broader topic of “social justice.”, Unit Description: In this 4-6 week unit, students will read an extended anchor text (e.g. Students analyze the compositional styles of modern and contemporary abstract artists; developing their own process for reconstructing the world around them as they experiment with the expressive features and characteristics of art to determine compositional design and create meaning. The unit begins with the Spanish-American War and leads students through post 9/11 America. Unit Description: Throughout this 4-6 week unit, students explore bias, both in their personal lives and within the literature they study. Free Download . Michele Luck's Social Studies . It’s challenging to be a high school teacher but you can ease your burden by a great extent with a high school plan templates.The idea here is to stay systematic and organized so that you are completely aware of your steps beforehand – like what lesson to be taught, the main points to be noted from the lesson, the duration, the summary etc.- and this is where the lesson plan would come handy. UNITS. To Kill a Mockingbird) exploring various themes:  race, gender, age, etc. The ability to analyze a text is another important aspect of this unit and will be assessed through critiques of a peer’s personal narrative. Finally, students will analyze public perceptions of war and the subsequent actions/reactions of the public. Unit Description: This unit is intended to explore artist’s use of humor to challenge and transform individual, societal, and cultural beliefs. Communities. Unit Description: This unit focuses on chemical changes. Table of Contents. The unit culminates in a performance assessment that asks students to create a community proposal based on a specific role/perspective and present to a governing body for future planning of a geologically active area. Students will use evaluative tools to identify and react to musical and expressive elements. Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice, Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and receive. Please share your thoughts regarding the instructional unit samples and advocate for other resources through this short survey. Finally, students will discover how individuals and groups have affected social change in the structures of power and authority through civic engagement. Sample Unit Plans & Performance Assessments. Once the inquiry question is established, students will work in small groups to strengthen their question, begin the research process to find evidence to support their belief, and to receive feedback throughout the writing process. As they explore these topics, they are motivated to solve exponential equations and become fluent in interpreting exponential expressions by using the properties of exponents to rewrite expressions. What is the big open question to inform … New Teacher's Companion. One thing you’ll need to do is look at the learning standards for your state, and figure out in your plan which lessons should address which standards. Class discussions and small group work will allow students opportunities to compare/contrast how authors use language to reveal perspectives, cultural background, historical context, and biases. Next, students examine domestic and foreign issues/polices, the tools used by the federal government to make those decisions, and the ways in which citizens may influence policy decisions. • Improving Student Engagement During Distance Learning PD Course Three specific themes will be studied by using an anchor text for each theme supplemented with additional literary and non-fiction texts. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specific musical skills including rhythm, key, instrumentation, and expressive elements. New Teacher's Companion. Unit Description: This unit allows students to develop an awareness of suicide prevention and become advocates for themselves and others by using effective communication skills to connect with emotions such as depression, anxiety and stress. Instructional Unit (Word or PDF)     Unit Storyboard. Students will learn the language of argument (claim, counterclaim, evidence, warrant) and strategies for analyzing and deconstructing arguments. PE Lesson Plan Template. The unit then looks at the different ways to collect data about a population. Students may demonstrate their understanding of how cultural and societal influences shape and define characters by writing a narrative piece in which they synthesize the ideas and language of the characters they have studied. 2. Geology (Rocks & Minterals) Evolution (Change Over Time) The Westward Movement . There are places to record achievement objectives on all of these plans. The summative assessment will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of a specific theme, patterns in literature, and character transformation by crafting their own personal narrative. From there, the unit then moves on to parallel state, national and global policies and programs that incentivize the development of sustainable/renewable forms of energy; looking at both the conflicts and opportunities for cooperation inherent in these efforts. The ultimate goal will be for students to have an understanding and appreciation for the benefits of lifelong physical activity. Students will have an opportunity to participate in a peer led fitness camp. The Glossary of Education Reform by Great Schools Partnership is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Unit Description: In this unit students explore the concepts of personal artworks and the relationship between tradition and artmaking. Students will be introduced to concepts of financial planning, wealth and financial management and the protection of one’s wealth and financial prosperity. However, even if you’re an experienced teacher, you may still learn a lot of new things. Chapter 7. It is designed so as to be utilized in and relevant for multiple settings (i.e., band, choir, orchestra, guitar, keyboard, technology, etc.). top education news, lesson ideas, teaching tips, and more! A lesson plan is usually prepared by the teacher who conducts a lesson for students to make sure a lesson meets its objectives and learning takes place effectively. (Unit Template) AD5: 7: PDF: DOC: Moving On…Transitioning to the High School (Unit Plan) (Unit spans multiple grades) AD5: 8: PDF: DOC: Give Yourself Some Credit (Lesson 1) AD5: 8: PDF: DOC: Options and Extras!!! Reading the plans of others gives us the opportunity to learn new ideas for great lessons. Unit Description: In this unit, students will examine the Fundamental strand of the styles, techniques and methods of various theatrical practitioners. Log In. PPTX (2.99 MB) This set includes a Daily Lesson Plan Template and a Unit Plan Template. The unit culminates in a performance assessment where students take the role of an Environmental Consultant asked to make a recommendation on land-use practices to a group of public stakeholders. As the students learn about geometric sequences, they continually compare them to arithmetic sequences, building to linear and exponential functions. keep that in mind, and you’ll do fine! Social/Emotional Development | Academic Development | Career Development | K-5 | 6-8 | 9-12 9th Grade. Students will study how the beliefs about the rights of people have changed over time (1400’s – present) and how economic, political, geographic factors/policies, and religious beliefs had an impact on the infringement on human rights. 6,253 Followers. This unit will culminate in a student-driven multi-genre project that demonstrates the students’ understanding of how perspective is informed by individual biases and historical/cultural contexts and how authors make choices in order to voice their perspectives/achieve a purpose in accordance with their audiences. The transformation work of this unit leads students to develop formal proofs about congruency, parallel lines, triangle relationships, and parallelograms. Gather ideas for student projects, demonstrations, problem-solving activities, and other hands-on learning activities. Detailed Secondary Unit Lesson Plan Template. Unit Description: In this unit, students will develop the Fundamental strand through designing a storyboard for a film. During this 3-4 week unit, students will identify positive support systems, both in their lives and their community, as well as analyze the risks and consequences of substance abuse. The emphasis of this unit is on analyzing and describing music, focusing on the elements of music (rhythm, pitch, beat, tempo, dynamics, form). Standards and Unit Objectives A. Cognitive Standard Standard 2 - Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities. Unit Description: This unit focuses on energy resources and energy production at state, national, and global levels and considers the policies and implications of both non-renewable and sustainable forms of energy. Unit Description: This 4-6 week unit focuses on how cultural experiences, societal influences, and adversity impact individuals in those cultures. Unit Description: This unit is designed for those students who did not participate in (performance) music programs during middle school. Teachers may use formal and academic argument texts as well as speeches, advertisements, propaganda, visuals, etc. Unit Description: In this unit, students will develop the Fundamental strand through creating a critical response to a film. The learning experiences include a series of formative assessments which asks students to make connections within and between texts. Beginning with the foundation of energy conservation, students explain and calculate how various types of energy (kinetic, potential, mechanical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, electrical, and radiant, etc.) of Education I have found unit plans to be incredibly effective in maximizing my planning and scaffolding the learning for my students. Skip to Main Content. Unit Description: This unit looks at substance abuse through the lenses of healthy goal setting, self-management, and positive decision making; behaviors that impact relationships throughout a person’s life. BRAVE ; Dial-A-Teacher; Health and Cancer Helpline; LearnUFT; Legal Services Plan; Member Assistance Program; PROSE; Peer Intervention Program; Positive Learning Collaborative; Retiree Social Services; Student Debt Relief … Finally, students investigate simulation the use of simulations to test the validity of statistical conclusions and hypotheses. No thanks, I don't need to stay current on what works in education! Technology Integrated Unit Plan Word Format Free Download. Unit Description: In this unit students will investigate the process of selection, preparation and performing music of various cultures and genres and how it influences our personal musical growth. Unit Description: Definitions of national unity based on romantic ideals of justice for all are often tested by populations who question the existence and breadth of civil liberties. The emphasis of this unit is on analyzing and describing music, focusing on the elements of music (rhythm, pitch, beat, tempo, dynamics, form). Unit Description: In this unit, students will develop the Fundamental strand of the Theatre History overview. are used in real life scenarios. (Unit Plan) (Unit spans multiple grades) PS1: 9: … Lesson Plans and Unit Plans: The Basis for Instruction. Unit Description: This 4-6 week unit will focus on having students develop an academic problem-solution research essay using MLA style. Unit Description: The focus of this unit is to develop skills towards improving personal wellness while emphasizing goal setting, fitness components, the FITT principle, responsibility and integrity. Format. 201 East Colfax Ave. The resolution of this unit plan template is very high that allows a user to get very good quality of printouts. Mon - Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. UNIT PLAN TEMPLATE. The learning experiences build to a performance assessment that asks students to take a position on a particular energy source in Colorado and to present that position/perspective to a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing; making a compelling case for the development of and investment in this resource. Copyright © 1999-2020 Colorado Department of Education. A unit consists of many lessons and takes a longer time period. The unit culminates in a final performance in which students apply their exploratory learning into a composition of their creating. 1. September 1, 2016 Previous Next. Each of these units represents the work of a team of Colorado educators to translate one curriculum overview sample into a full instructional unit with learning experiences, teacher and student resources, assessment ideas, and differentiation options. Students will learn to execute excerpts from two chosen works with technical proficiency, and create original work incorporating components from the two masterworks. Instructional Unit (Word or PDF) | Unit Storyboard. What are the enduring understandings? Unit Description: This unit investigates transformations, congruence, and proof. BACKWARD DESIGN/DOWNWARD DESIGN CROSS-CURRICULAR PLANNING MODEL . Break Down the Standards. CONTENT DESCRIPTORS . In fact, teaching principles don’t change when students get older. Students then use precise mathematical definitions of rotations, translations and reflections to determine if each of these rigid transformations is a function. North Tonawanda High School; North Tonawanda Middle School; North Tonawanda Intermediate School; Drake Elementary School; Ohio Elementary School; Spruce Elementary School; Sign In. The unit will culminate in a duet scene performance in which students apply the acting technique to a self-selected scene. Unit Description: The focus of this unit is on the creation of wealth and future prosperity. This unit culminates with students designing expert individualized fitness plan with the goal of analyzing their physical wellness at various phases of their life. The student will be able to recognize the cues needed to … Across the unit’s duration, students will consider several different cultures and the music associated with that culture. Unit Planning Templates. Through real-world and personal financial literacy examples, these concepts are explored at the student level to increase relevancy and application. Whether you’re planning to make a unit plan template for high school or for any level, these techniques and tips will surely guide you. Apr 28, 2019 - Explore Jennifer Harper's board "Unit Plan & Lesson Plan Templates", followed by 561 people on Pinterest. Select the lessons you want to utilize pertaining to your Unit. Instructional Unit (Word or PDF) | Unit Storyboard. The unit has students actually making music as quickly as possible and exploring the possibilities of sounds that can be created  and techniques that can be applied/utilized with a particular instrument (within the-teacher set- limits of the instrument) . Students can complete the performance in order to take a hands-on approach to this process, or take a more theoretical approach without performance. The Fundamental strand focuses on the students’ exploring personal emotional connections to a filmed screenplay. Students will explore common time through the rhythm tree, focusing on duration/ratio between note values. The unit culminates in a performance assessment that asks students to investigate a reaction between zinc metal and HCl in order to identify the useful product, state the reaction type, and determine how much zinc would be required to make enough of this product. Disclaimer. Course Lesson Plan Template. Then students examine the differences in the growth rates of linear, exponential, and polynomial functions leading to a formal proof of how linear functions grow by constant differences and exponential functions grow by common factors. Big Idea for This Unit: What is important for learners to know? In High School lessons plans tend to be more advanced. Lesson & Unit Plan Templates for Middle or High School. Adapted from work by Wiggins and McTighe's Understanding by Design. Students then look at ways globalization impacts the distribution, access to and availability of resources. These techniques will prove to be extremely helpful for you, especially if you’re a new teacher. • S&S Worldwide Classroom Supplies! Throughout the unit students will collect fitness data, develop personal goals, identify barriers to those goals and utilize safety procedures that will enhance their lifelong health and wellness. Find below a selection of High School Lesson Templates for use in your K-12 classroom. Unit Description: In this unit, students will focus on how arrangements enhance the structural foundation of music. The culminating project will be an essay and oral presentation asking students to connect past literature and literary movements to modern texts. Include indicators of skill in your High School lesson plans. The final assessment will culminate with an oral presentation by small student groups sharing which symbols were utilized to document and record movement from the repertory excerpt. to present an analysis of the impacts of the eradication of a top level consumer. Register . A decent lesson plan is a plan that proposes the methodology a teacher should take to show understudies a specific subject while being adaptable enough to enable them to choose for … Sketch out your unit plan by listing concepts, objectives, and expected student outcomes. Students will reflect upon a variety of influences in their lives, their community, and in larger society, as well as consider the interactions of these influences. It is a set of daily activities, study program, the core of contents, objective, teacher’s evaluation, and other things related to the topic. Follow. The kindergarten students are mostly under age 6, so the unit plan will be different from the older class. The unit will culminate in the creation of a financial plan to work towards becoming a millionaire by investing $150,000. During this 1-2 week unit, students will integrate prior knowledge of these emotions in order to recognize when distress may potentially become a warning sign for suicide. I have found unit plans to be incredibly effective in maximizing my planning and scaffolding the learning for my students. They’re also a mapping process that enables teachers to think carefully about research-supported teacher-learner-content interactions that help kids meet standards and grow up … Financial information on schools and districts throughout Colorado. A common core unit plan template must have a sound body and well-organized content. The unit culminates in a performance assessment that asks students to identify and graph (motion) four skateboard stunts, including at least one law of motion with each stunt, and using all three laws within the four stunts.