The Taichung Metro consists of one line,  G  Green line, with 18 stations. [1],, Lists of buildings and structures in Taiwan, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Taiwan Railways have a station name identical to THSR in a. Taiwan Railways have a station name identical to THSR but in different places: This page was last edited on 2 March 2020, at 01:21. There are in total 117 stations in total on these lines. ... Taiwan High Speed Rail. Static steam train and carriage on West side of Taipei Main Station. Get the best value Taiwan train tickets by purchasing a 5 Day Joint Train Pass. Stop at all stations. The Taiwan High Speed Rail currently operates 12 stations in western Taiwan: The Kaohsiung Rapid Transit System consists of three lines:  R  Red line,  O  Orange line, and  C  Circular light rail. The other option is to go to any 7-Eleven in Taiwan and operate a … These are northbound trains, and are accessible from Taipei Main Station, Songshan Station, and Nangang Station. THSR aka Taiwan High Speed Rail (高铁) Currently four lines are in operation: Main line (Alishan line), Chushan line, Shenmu line, and Zhaoping line. 1xx and it costs 90 minutes. It is also the Bring your passport with you. / 23.9929; 121.6011. TRA online booking Train schedule inquiry Ticket information. / 23.9929; 121.6011. Slowest train, but some much slower than others. Overview. One is to present the booking code and the passport you booked the ticket with to ticket counter at any train stations in Taiwan. 2019/12/10 15:49 All lines operational. … Taiwan High Speed Rail adopts Japanese technologies. Taiwan’s trains from the TRA (Taiwan Railway Administration) are safe, clean and always on time. The station was a single-story wooden structure with Japanese style with slant roof and rain-shield walls. The railway opened for service on 5 January 2007, with trains running at a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), currently running from Nangang to Zuoying in as little as 1 hour and 45 minutes, reaching almost 90% of Taiwan's population. Departure station. Details. The busiest line is on the west side of the island. See below Taiwan High Speed Rail section for their relations in detail. It consists of the following lines. Concession tickets such as senior or child fares are only available to residents of Taiwan that can provide a Taiwanese ID card (身份證) or ARC for verification. The law of Taiwan also requires all notifications in public transportation systems including station names shall be made in Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, and Hakka. There are three rapid transit systems in Taiwan: The Alishan Forest Railway is currently administered by Forestry Bureau as a heritage railway for tourists in Alishan National Scenic Area. May be interesting for train buffs and a … It is the terminal station … 4xx), while in Taipei & Banciao station , you can choose Train No. Taroko Express is the same price as Tze-Chiang. It stops at the following stations: Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Jiayi, Tainan, as … Another option, which I highly recommend, is to get a Taiwan Rail Pass. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to … Taoyuan Metro consists of one line, A Taoyuan Airport MRT, with 21 stations. Other romanization systems also exists in some cases for private property or traditional place names. You'll get 5 days of unlimited travel on Taiwan Rail services with 2 days designated for Taiwan High Speed Rail travel. Click on any stations (the circles) to see station vicinity maps. Each train ride can cost between NT$20 to NT$30 for about 4-5 stops, which is about ~S$0.90-S$1.50. Exceptions exist in Kaohsiung Rapid Transit, which uses Tongyong Pinyin in general. Most lines operate between 6:00am and midnight. ZhongShan MRT Station Taipei Contemporary Art Museum SPOT Taipei Film House. Here is a list of some of the most “important” MRT stations in Taipei. Thus, Taipei Main Station plays not only the role of a major transportation hub in northern Taiwan, but is also the railway station with the highest traffic volume in Taiwan. Cheapest. Be sure to arrive early for your scheduled train, as the layout of some stations is a bit awkward and the lack of clear signage sometimes makes it difficult to find the proper track. Can see inside engine room, but cannot access engine or carriage. Flinders Street Railway Station - the Busiest Train Station in Australia. The Taipei Metro System consists of five lines: Wenhu line, Tamsui–Xinyi line, Zhonghe–Xinlu line, Songshan–Xindian line, Bannan line. After several relocations and reconstructions, the current station body was opened on September 2, 1989. For fast trains, especially on weekends or holidays, it is advisable to buy your tickets well in advance. Taipei Station was set up on July 5, 1891. Altogether it has 12 stations on the route, including Nangang and Taipei Stations in Taipei; Banqiao Station in New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan Stations, and Zuoying Station in Kaohsiung. The New Taipei Metro consists of one line, Danhai light rail, with 14 stations. Price. Speed Fastest transport in Taiwan. The following is a list of railway stations (also known as railroad stations in the United States), which is indexed by country. Tainan station was designed by Fei & Cheng Associates and constructed primarily by Shimizu Corporation.The total floor area is 28,708 m 2 (309,010 sq ft) and is constructed from steel and reinforced concrete. One such stop … Taipei Main Station 228 Peace Park National Taiwan Museum. Passengers without a ticket must pay a fee equaling the maximum fare of the line to exit the station. There are in total 52 stations in total on the three lines. Hualien ( Chinese: 花蓮; pinyin: Huālián; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hoa-lian) is a railway station in Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan served by Taiwan Railways Administration. Overview. The EasyCard can also be used for: Maokong Gondola, Taipei public buses, Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR), and taxis. Expensive. Nerve centre of Taiwan The Taipei Main Train Station can take you almost everywhere in Northern Taiwan..Taipei is the economic, governmental and commercial capital of Taiwan. ¯ç®¡ç†å±€), commonly posted on signage as simply TRA is the main railway service in Taiwan, and provides convenient access to a large majority of locations all over Taiwan. High speed train is fast to reach Taichung There is connecting MRT near the high speed train. Travel information. TEL:886-2-2381-5226; Customer Service : 0800-765-888 ; Local service line:886-2-21910096 ; Address : No.3, Beiping W. It's really a big contrast between the old main station and the new building. It starts in north of Taipei and ends in Kaohsiung. Enjoy convenient and fast travels between Taipei and 11 cities in Taiwan via the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) for 3 whole days. HSR which stops at Taoyuan takes more time (Train No. Taipei Metro Hours and Schedules. No permission needed. Train station Go to any train station and book your ticket directly. Today, Taiwan’s train bentos have become more than just a quick meal — at some stations, the boxes have become the attraction. It's a modern building made of glass and concrete but it has also an open character. It is not only Taiwan's primary transportation hub, but also the railway station with the largest building scale and traffic volume in Taiwan. These are northbound trains, and are accessible from Taipei Main Station, Songshan Station, and Nangang Station. Alternatively, you can also buy tickets for HSR and Intercity trains on spot at the station. There are currently six operating railway systems in Taiwan: The two Inter-city rail systems, Taiwan Railways and Taiwan High Speed Rail, have several overlaps in station names. The station is an elevated structure with two side platforms.. Customer Service : 0800-765-888 Local service line: +886-2-21910096. Stops at most common stations. The Taiwan Railways is operated by the governmental official Taiwan Railways Administration. Upon exiting the station, passengers are required to present their ticket. Passengers visiting Keelung should board Keelung-bound trains, and visitors to any other location should board any train except Keelung-bound trains. List of railway and metro stations in Taiwan Taiwan Railways. Most expensive tickets after HSR. The first Pingtung Station building, built in 1913. World > Asia > > Taiwan > Rail Map Mobile Zoom maps - Rail Maps of Taiwan, metro maps of Taipei and Kaohsiung Embed the most updated version of this map on your site. Online Individual Booking Details. The Taipei Main Station connects to the MRT Blue and Red lines, and the Taoyuan International Airport Line. taiwan train station list,大家都在找解答。Train operation. Please remember that the train system (along with the High Speed Rail) operates similar to the Japanese/British/Singaporean/etc. method of driving on the left side of the tracks.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'guidetotaipei_com-box-4','ezslot_4',109,'0','0'])); For specific ticket information, please visit the Taiwan Railways website or, more simply, just use Google Maps directions function and choose public transit. Taiwan Railways have a station name identical to THSR in a union station or in nearby places:... New Taipei Metro… In between Tze-Chiang and Local. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station Booking. But if you mean "Taipei airport" inside Taipei city, you need to take bus or taxi to the Taipei main station. Hualien railway station. Be aware that reserved seating is not available when using the Easycard. They are within walking distance of the most popular attractions in the capital. When you reach Taichung High Speed Rail station, you can store luggage or take the connecting bus to nantou, sun moon lake at basement. You can find the detailed Taipei MRT map here. Th e line is used by commuter services that stop at every station and run all the way to Huanbei Station at the far end of the line, and an express service that runs between Taipei Station … The station was rebuilt on elevated tracks on 23 August 2015. They also have station names in English everywhere, so it’s very easy to navigate and won’t cause much stress. Currently planned to open in late 2018. The station has two island platform. The good thing is that also sell rail passes that include both trains operated by the Taiwan Railways and the Taiwan High Speed Rail. Currently planned to open in late 2018 or early 2019. The large majority of visitors to Taipei will be using the train to visit destinations such as Keelung, Ruifang, Fulong, and Jiufen. The Alishan Forest Railway is owned and operated by Forestry Bureau. There are two options you can get your tickets when you arrive Taiwan. The second Pingtung Station building, built in 1962. Pingtung (Chinese: 屏東; pinyin: Píngdōng) is a railway station in Pingtung County, Taiwan served by Taiwan Railways. The former Taichung station is a beautiful piece of Japanese-era architecture. Most visitors wishing to travel south along the west coast prefer to use the High Speed Rail (台灣高鐵). Station names in Taiwan are in Wade–Giles for major stations and in Hanyu Pinyin for other minor stations. Map including Chiayi railway station (labeled as 'Station') (1950s) The station was firstly constructed in 1896 and opened on 20 April 1902 with service on the West Coast line . From Hsinchu to Ruifang, the Easycard can be used on all train classes, and is far more convenient than purchasing tickets. Taiwan Rail Passes. Other station lists for the area (whose limits are a matter of debate, see this article's Talk) are: Closed railway stations in London, The Taiwan Railways is operated by the governmental official Taiwan Railways Administration. This list, by their present names, of heavy rail passenger stations in the Greater London region excludes stations served only by the London Underground, Tramlink and Docklands Light Railway systems. China has had a substantial railway network for many years, but it is only with the development of high speed rail in the last decade that their massive stadium-sized train stations have emerged.To complement the astonishing 22,000km of high speed rail lines built, vast numbers of purpose built train stations have been constructed. All around Taiwan. It is not only one of the busiest stations in Taiwan, It is also the largest transportation hub in the Greater Taipei area, with more than 400,000 people entering and leaving every day. Spacious enough for you to store your luggage at luggage area. It is the railway station of the Taiwan Railway Administration's Longitudinal Line, Taiwan High Speed Railway, Taipei MRT Blue Line and Red Line. Right beside it you find the new, elevated train station. Taipei Station and Zuoying Station are not far from city centers and connected with local … Taipei Station 2. All around Taiwan. The large majority of visitors to Taipei will be using the train to visit destinations such as Keelung, Ruifang, Fulong, and Jiufen. Change the width and height (in pixels) of the html code below to fit your layout. All classes of Tze-chiang train are priced the same for the same journey even though, for example, the Puyuma is … Th e station also has a customs counter for passengers taking advantage of the Taiwan Tax Refund option. Travel information. To find the most updated Taipei Metro timetables, visit Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation’s official website. Flinders Street station is the … Find out more information about improvements which we’re making to stations across the South Western Railway network here . 客服電話(一般服務諮詢及旅客申訴):0800-765-888(限市話)02-2191-0096(市話、手機) 24小時緊急通報電話:0800-800-333(僅限發現軌道、平交道、橋樑及隧道等有障礙物之通報專用) Do not lose your ticket! The tickets is also cheep. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'guidetotaipei_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',108,'0','0']));Standard train service is generally referred to simply as "train", or 火車 huǒchē, while the High Speed Rail is referred to as 高鐵 gāotié. If you are confused by the train classes, boarding the Local Train (區間車 QÅ«jiānchē) is most convenient as it stops at every station along the line. The seat was comfortable & very clean. South Western Railway manage nearly 200 stations – just select one from the search box to find out what facilities are available at the station and onward travel information. Stations with special and first classes are shown in bold.