Hanging objects over a stud is probably best, but not always an option. Otherwise, you might suddenly punch through the surround and puncture pipes. toggle bolts, you can mount most light-duty hardware (like the adjustable shower head bar shown here). Our toggle bolts are sold in bulk making them the perfect solution for electrical contractors looking to install ceiling fans or other dynamic objects. ... Insert the toggle bolts through the hanging locations on the fixture and loosely thread the toggle nuts back onto the ends of the bolts. Zinc-Plated Steel Toggle Bolt with Mushroom-Head Screw (2-Pieces) These toggle bolts are anchors for use in These toggle bolts are anchors for use in hollow walls and hollow masonry applications. Dottie's light-to medium-duty toggle bolts are for use in hollow walls. When you’re drilling through the side of the surround where the shower valve is mounted, apply only light pressure as you drill. For example, use a 3/8″ drill bit to create the hole for a 1/8″ toggle and a 1 1/4″ bit for a 1/2” toggle. The drill bit must have a size slightly larger than the butterfly wings when closed on the toggle bolt. • 3/8” It holds more than old fashioned spring toggle bolts of comparable ... 100% How-To Tutorials. This toggle does not function correctly. To install a toggle bolt, an individual should begin by drilling a pilot hole in the wall large enough for the bolt to fit through. The mounting system shown here isn’t strong enough to support the full weight of a person, so we don’t recommend it for installing safety grab bars. Hold the mounting bracket away from the wall as you turn the screws; otherwise the toggle will simply spin inside the wall. Zinc-Plated Phillips Flat-Head Drywall Anchors (50-Pack) #8 L Self-Drilling E-Z Metal Zinc Wall Anchors (50-Box) Price $ 1/8 in. The real difficulty is that the toggle bolts have to be preset in the cabinet before installation. or more between the surround and the wall studs behind it. How to Install Toggle Drywall Anchors : Drywall Help - YouTube When you buy toggle bolts ($2 per pair), also buy brass machine screws ($1) to replace the steel screws that come with the tog. Before we get started, though, there are a few tools you’ll need, most of which you … You can get more information on the Toggler at www.toggler.com. Dimensions and Specifications for Toggle Bolts. Here are some pointers: Mark the hole positions and drill 3/8 in. But with 1/8-in. 4. Squeeze the butterfly and pass it through the hole until it opens. A slender heavy-duty toggle bolt can hold 30 pounds easily on 1/2″ drywall. This increases the weight the bolt can secure, compared to a regular bolt. I do this to make sure there is no stud because if there is you do not need a toggle bolt. • 1/8” After you mark the hole locations (Photo 1), drill 3/16-in. From inside the cabinet, transfer the hole positions to the cardboard. Do not waste your money and time. How to Increase Storage Space In Your Bathroom, Expert Tips for an Easy Faucet Installation, Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bathroom With These Affordable Fixtures, 12 Best Cleaning Products for the Bathroom, How To Unclog a Toilet With a Drain Snake. Please tell us about the issue. Keep in mind that this leaves big holes (3/8 in.) Drill size 3/8 in. Then take the 1/8″ drill bit and drill a hole onto that marked spot. TOGGLER plastic toggle anchors provide vibration-proof anchoring of light to medium loads in hollow walls & ceilings but also hold securely when they encounter an unexpected solid, such as a wooden stud, or when performing as wedge anchors in materials with thicknesses above their normal wall grip range. Next, push the bolt through the item you’re fastening to the wall. Start by drilling a hole for the bolt. Push the toggles through the pre-drilled holes until you hear or feel the toggles open. x 2 in. If needed, tap the head of the bolt with a hammer to make the toggle go through the cabinet and the drywall. Thread the toggle bolt far enough that it extends through the body of the toggle enough to prevent the toggle from turning sideways. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Fastener Mart www.FastenerMart.com: Toggle Bolt Dimensions & Hole Size; Nom. In this method you would drill a hole all the way through your ceiling joist and push your toggle bolts through the joist. Then with the 9/16″ drill bit, drill a bigger hole onto the same marked spot. If you strike plywood behind the fiberglass, you can drive in stainless steel screws instead of using toggle bolts. Then, carefully withdraw the drill bit straight out of the hole and remove the tape. Some anchors are designed to screw directly into drywall, and these are easier to install … ighten the toggle bolts. At All Points Fasteners, we sell toggle bolts for industrial applications. A toggle bolt, also called a molly, basically consists of a bolt with a blade at the end that when tightened to the wall it acts as an anchor. We do not sell individual toggle bolts and do not have information on installing toggle bolts for at-home applications like TV mounting. Breaking Down the Bidet: What Is It and How Much Does It Cost? Use a screwdriver to tighten the bolt so that the washer and the head of the bolt are secured inside the cabinet. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), remodel your outdated bathroom in one weekend, Why You Should Always Trim Candle Wicks Before Lighting, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Take the screw and insert it into the Molly bolt. • 3/16” Screw the bolt in place using a screwdriver. Phillips/slotted toggle bolts with mushroom head and spring wings. Package of 50. When access to through bolting is impossible, grab a stainless steel toggler to finish the job with confidence the fasteners will hold. Sometimes referred to as “butterfly anchors,” the term “toggle bolts” describes fasteners used for hanging objects on hollow wall systems, like plaster and drywall. Fastening towel bars, shelves or hooks to a fiberglass or plastic shower surround can be tricky. Drill through the tape and the wall. Allows through bolt installation when access to backside is not possible The diameter of the hole you need is determined by the diameter of the anchor sleeve; measure it with a ruler when the wings are folded as closely to the sleeve as possible and use a bit with that diameter. Drill through the tape and the wall. Zinc plated steel 1/8 x 3 in. Securely hang heavy objects or wall decor, such as mirrors or paintings, on plaster walls by using toggle bolts. The fastener’s wings, which are much larger than the actual bolt, spread the weight of the (fastened) item over a larger area. Hold the mounting bracket away from the wall as you turn the screws; otherwise the toggle will simply spin inside the wall. The Fliptoggle® requires a 1/2" hole regardless of its diameter, and can be used with any bolt length. Push it into the space you created. Key Features. holes. What You Need. Wall anchors, like molly bolts and toggle bolts, can make hanging objects easier. If you don’t hit plywood, drill 3/8-in. Toggle Bolts Round Head Spring Wing (50-Pack) Stud Solver #7 x 1-1/4 in. Step 2 - Placing the Screw First, separate the toggle and screw, and then attach the screw to whatever it is you want to hang on the wall. TITAN 50-Pack 3-in L x 3/16-in dia Toggle Bolt Drywall Anchor (Screws Included) Item #1211052. To find a machine screw with sufficient length, consider the depth of embedment of the shield, the thickness of the material being fastened and the space required for any washers. The toggle bolt's wing spreads the force over a larger load bearing surface and comes attached to a machine screw. For a clean, chip-free hole, use a brad point bit. Purchase metal mollies instead that have teeth in the product. First you will want to mark where you want the item you are attaching to the wall. This type of fastener is commonly used to hang items from ceilings, such as plants and mobiles. 1/8" drill bit. After drilling the hole and pushing the toggle through the 1/8" thin wall and then screwing the wood support into the toggle, it would spin BEHIND the thin wood and wouldn't tighten. The flange ends on the toggle nuts should collapse toward the heads of the bolts. Hanging a picture might seem like an easy task. • 1/4″ x 4 in. Make fastening towel bars, shelves and shower heads easier with toggle bolts. Fastening towel bars, shelves or hooks to a. toggle bolts, you can mount most light-duty hardware (like the adjustable shower head bar shown here). Tighten the toggle bolts. Don’t tighten it too much. Keep in mind that this leaves big holes (3/8 in.) Install your Bolt in the Joist. Model #625161. You can even use a manual screwdriver to do this. Its simple and effective tilting mechanism ensures a trouble-free installation every time, and is twice as strong as the regular toggle bolt of the same bolt diameter. INSTALLING TOGGLE BOLTS. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Once again you will drill a hole and install the toggle bolt as in the first method. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on industrial uses for toggle bolts. Finally, pull back on the object or the bolt and keeping doing so as you tighten the bolt in place. The wings of the toggle should spring open inside the drywall. Phillips head drill bit. How to Use Molly and Toggle Bolts. 1/4 in. ... To install a … By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our. Fold the wings of a traditional toggle bolt together and measure the distance between their outside edges with an accurate ruler. Package contains 16 pcs. Insert the bracket in the bolt and thread the toggle onto its end. A 3/8″ toggle can safely manage a weight of over 50 lbs. Diameters for toggle bolts include: Drill holes for the toggles. For example, use a 3/8″ drill bit to create the hole for a 1/8″ toggle and a 1 1/4″ bit for a 1/2” toggle. in the surround that can’t be patched later, so anything you mount will have to stay there permanently. Pull the bolt back until the wings catch the wall. for pricing and availability. Check out how to remodel your outdated bathroom in one weekend! They can also be used by general contractors to install gutters or blinds. Step 5 - Hang the Object Thus, a common 3/16-inch toggle bolt should be just fine for many household jobs such as plant hangers. Zinc-Plated Steel Mushroom-Head Toggle Bolt Anchors: 1/8 in. Use a screwdriver or your fingers to secure the wings (behind the drywall) against the back of the wall while tightening the bolt with another screwdriver. • 5/16” Holds up to 60-lbs in 1-1/4-in drywall and concrete block. A 1/2-inch diameter toggle bolt can support 340 pounds in 3/8-inch drywall and up to 600 pounds in 3/4-inch drywall. Available in diameters of 1/4" and 3/16". Step 4 - Install the Bolt . While this method would give you the most support, it is the hardest to get right. Tighten the bolts by hand and finish tightening with a screwdriver. How to install on drywall, hollow block, or steel studs using the SNAPTOGGLE Toggle Bolt. This means that, unlike a standard hinged toggle that drops into the wall when you remove the bolt, the Toggler's bolt can be unscrewed and rescrewed numerous times. Put the fastener onto the toggle bolt, then thread the butterfly wings onto the bolt. Compare; Find My Store. A drywall toggle anchor can be very strong. A traditional toggle bolt with a 1/8-inch-diameter screw will support approximately 50 pounds in 1/2-inch drywall, and cost about $8 for 50 screws and toggles. When installing a toggle bolt, to keep the plaster from cracking, use two pieces of painter’s tape to mark the spot where you intend to drill. holes through the fiberglass. spring toggle bolt and 16 pcs truss-head slotted/Phillips machine screws Are you wondering how much weight can a wall anchor hold? This allows it to open properly in the wall. Run a light bead of silicone caulk around the holes and insert the toggle bolts. Model #625150. Do not over-tighten the bolt or you will risk damaging the plaster or drywall. The smallest toggle bolt with a 1/8-inch diameter can support 180 pounds of force in 3/8-inch drywall and 310 pounds in 3/4-inch drywall. In most cases, the wallboard will fail before the toggle bolt anchor does. Round Head Machine Screw Toggle Bolt Round Head Machine Screw Toggle Bolt. The large stainless steel toggle is held in place until it can be properly secured with a bolt or machine screw. Bathroom Breakdown: Understanding Bidet Showers and Hoses, How a Portable Bidet Can Transform Your Travel, 11 Things You Shouldn’t Store in Your Bathroom, 11 Organizers for Under the Bathroom or Kitchen Sink, How to Clean Grout With Household Cleaning Products. If he or she does not have a drill, a nail can be used to start the hole, and a thin tool, such as a screwdriver or knife, can be used to … Put the fastener onto the toggle bolt, then thread the butterfly wings onto the bolt. Toggle bolts. Everything you need is available at home centers and hardware stores. Home House & Components Rooms Bathroom, By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine. However, for an effective result, you need to get the right size screw to go with the right size blade depending on what you are going to hang on it. We recommend our users to update the browser. TITAN 50-Pack 2-in L x 1/8-in dia Toggle Bolt Drywall Anchor (Screws Included) Item #1211048. Toggle Wings Toggle Wings. Second, the toggle bar stays in place when installed. Place the bolt into the shank after you first insert it through the item you are handling. The length of the lag screw is critical for ensuring that the shield can expand properly. They should not be twirling while you are fixing the bolt. Now, you can raise the object into position. holes. Tell us if something is incorrect. The key to using toggle bolts is to ensure that the wallboard is strong enough to handle the weight. The Molly bolt will flare into place at the back of the wall creating an anchor. x 2 in. Then accurately position the cardboard template on the wall and transfer the hole positions to the wall. Insert them into the pre-drilled holes in the cabinet. Make sure it is large enough to allow the toggle to go through. Fiberglass or plastic shower surrounds can be tricky to install stuff on, but this project will help. Fold the toggle back, and insert it through the wall hole until you feel the wings have opened on the other side of the wall. Should You Switch to a Fabric Shower Liner? • 1/2″. But with 1/8-in. Mushroom head provides a large bearing surface. Wing-Style Toggle Bolts Fold the wings together, push the shank through the hole, including the wings. 2” exterior-grade screws. in the surround that can’t be patched later, so anything you mount will have to stay there permanently. Then, carefully withdraw the drill bit straight out of the hole and remove the tape. Some areas of a fiberglass surround may be reinforced with plywood. A toggle bolt drywall anchor has spring-loaded wings that open inside the hollow wall, which enables it to brace against the wall and hold the fastener securely in place. Use 3/8-in drill bits to do pre-drilling, then easily install the toggle bots with a #2 Phillips screw driver or screw gun. Compare; But sometimes it takes more than a hammer and a nail. The surround is simply too thin to hold screws and there’s often a gap of 1 in.