Moldy fruits and veggies can cause digestive issues and other fatal illnesses in chickens. 1. Some owners feed marigold flowers to the birds to reduce the release of bilirubin. I've also used cucumbers for a cucumber mask....very refreshing. Furthermore, it keeps the bird hydrated throughout the day. ... which apparantly tastes like cucumber and can be added to salad so they should be OK if a little squitty if they have too much . ... Can chickens eat raspberry leaves and earwigs ? In the real sense, there is no valid reason why you shouldn’t give your birds cucumbers. share. Besides the ability to normalize body temperatures in summer, this treat can prevent the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. I heard my rabbits can eat cucumber leaves, and I want to save vegetable money lol. You are not sure where to get started with this newfound way of feeding your chickens. More area is essential to a happy and healthy flock. so you can pin it to your Chicken Board!! There is no imminent danger from consuming cucumbers to the chickens, as we can infer from the data gathered, and anyhow, the benefits overrule the disadvantages if there are any. In most cases, these treats should take up to 10 percent of the chicken feed to avoid future complications. The wild cucumber is an annual plant; that is, it grows from seed each spring and dies in the fall. The damage they do to the sunflowers looks pretty similar to the damage done to my cucumbers. This leads to the question of what health benefits cucumbers have for your birds. Let’s take a look at all the possible advantages of cucumber treats. I have been fascinated by our natural world and am here to share that wonder with you. You can also give them scraps of cabbage, broccoli, and carrots. When it comes to vitamin A, the situation is somehow different. A month-long consumption of this treat shows a tremendous improvement in antioxidant activities. What Eats the Leaves of a Cucumber?. At the same time, it certifies that no leftovers go to waste. Cucumbers are an excellent choice for feeding your chicken. April 3, 2013 at 7:59 am. We wouldn’t make the cucumber a staple part of your chicken’s diet. It is not always about making them happy or satisfied. Since chickens can take water as much as twice their feed, greens with high water content are very good, especially during heat stress. Poultry nutritionists take their time to monitor the composition of ingredients in commercial, Habitual production of multiple-yolked eggs, However, you will require enough space to set up your cucumber tetherball. With this information at the back of your mind, it is time to find out if your chickens can eat cucumbers. Poultry nutritionists take their time to monitor the composition of ingredients in commercial chicken feed. Regardless whether these are fresh or dried, the leaves of borage can be harvested any time. Furthermore, cucumber seeds are rich in amino acid cucurbitine. This enzyme is useful in removing the worms from the body. Therefore, chickens can eat cucumber leaves, but only in moderation. 4 comments. It is because cucumbers contain a lot of water, which cools off their bodies when they consume it. Buy freshly milled organic chicken feed shipped direct from the fields of the midwest. So, instead of throwing them away, I can happily feed my chickens. Although cucumbers may upset the stomach of your chickens, they are not inherently dangerous or toxic at all. Keep in mind that every time you see your chickens eating treats, they are not consuming their staple feed. Mashing the flesh along with the seeds and placing them in a bowl, keeps the chicken satisfied throughout the whole day. Excessive treats, regardless of whether they are healthy or not, can contribute to serious health problems. We know by now that these birds are fussless eaters, but as their owner, our job is to make sure that the right dosage of nutrients reaches them through the food. Mine LOVE cucumbers! This will enable a more natural intake of the foods, and the flock will readily eat them. Free Range Chickens are more prone to graze all the bad stuff over the confined ones. Peeling the cucumber a little bit enables your chickens to access the fleshy part. One of them is the concern about the pesticides farmers use to control pesticides. Today some raspberry leaves fell in their play area but I'm not sure how much got eaten or by … This type of treatment helps them hydrate when it is hot. More often than not, chickens can be fed anything. ... Chickens can eat both beetroot and beetroot leaves. Furthermore, cucumber seeds are rich in amino acid cucurbitine. Since they are low in acidity, cucumbers are the best choice of food that your chickens can tolerate. But according to some poultry farmers, this plant is best consumed when fresh because of its scent that is similar to that of a cucumber. Can chickens eat cucumber seeds? Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts . They also contain antioxidant properties and are a full of water so great for keep your flock hydrated! Spring is the time to plant vegetable gardens, and once the danger of frost passes, it is safe to plant plants and/or seeds in the vegetable garden. When we first got chickens, I was told that they would be thrilled to eat our table scraps. Chickens in these situations (e.g. Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes? Thanks! These are readily available in the market. 2. This is to help you remember that you should check how much daily feed your chickens are eating compared to treats. Carrots are one of the chicken’s most favorite treats you can think of. However our chickens can be depended upon to eat pretty much everything–especially veggie trimmings ... melons, cucumbers, and pumpkins.. I’ll have so much biomass the chicken coop, aka compost pile, will be overflowing. The owner of this website,, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking Review to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, This occurs at no extra cost to you, and we appreciate your support. Maybe you are one of them. As you may guess, their daily feed is their ultimate source of nutrition. I can't find any info on finches eating cucumber leaves, has anyone heard of such a thing? Chickens enjoy milk in any form available. Although cucumbers vines and leaves contain cucurbitin, the amount a chicken could eat is not fataly poisonous so it wouldn't do them any harm if they did. The soft flesh of the cucumber fastens the process of digestion, and the enzymes also aid in breaking down other food particles. This refers to hanging several cucumbers on sturdy strings to help them peck at this treat whenever they feel hungry. if you wish to add shrimp or potato it … It is healthy and also cost-effective, plus it reduces waste. Can chickens eat cherries? Chickens are known to eat even the skins of the green vegetable with ease. Various methods and processes must be followed before feeding your chickens cucumbers. It is a perfect blend of water and fiber. Cucumber scraps like peels and pith can be fed to chickens. As we know, cucumbers are resplendent with water content and help in regulating body temperature. The entertainment part comes in where your chickens spend most of their time jumping to reach their treat. Place the pitcher in the refrigerator to get it real cold. A Controversial Food . Feeding chickens treats such as cucumbers can be fun and a better way of supplementing their diet. Cucumbers have significant benefits that mostly revolve around your bird’s overall health. This is a significant point to note because too many treats can harm your birds. The plants like it warm and humid and thrive in most zones throughout the country. Add these leaves to your vegetable dish for flavor or garnish, as well as the health benefits you will get from eating them. save hide report. Cucumbers are a favorite treat of chickens, and every part of the cucumber is edible to the chicken.