Here’s What You Can Do When You’re Bored

what you can do when you are bored

At times, life seems so boring and jejune that not even your mobile will satisfy your need to do something. We can go hours on end chatting away with our friends or poking social media. But, one fine second, we will surely arrive at a point when we say “Man, I’m bored!” We thought of bringing you some productive things to do when bored.

 things to do when bored

Your mind feels heavy and your heart feels drowsy. It’s like you haven’t got a soul in your body anymore. It is that kind of ‘bored’ where even existence becomes a burden. There are many creative things to do to feel alive again.

Get on the floor – Don’t be bored

Go take a walk or walk your dog, exercise – do sit ups, push ups, lift dumbbells, do craft-works – these are so very old and clichéd advice. When I’m bored, that means, I don’t want to do boring works! Though crafts and gym might be fun for some, I believe ‘challenge’ is the only right word that can lift your bums from your seats.

  • Use a Pedometer app

We’ve advanced into a world of technology, so, use it! Install a Pedometer app that counts your steps. Beat your high score of the previous day. You always try to cross your best score in games, don’t you? Why? Because it’s fun! Pick up your smart-phone and play the “Pedometer” game, people!

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Want to make it interesting? Then go and count the number of steps to your terrace using one of the apps listed in the link – Click here!

  • Stalk a stranger

I’m not talking about ‘bad’ stalking, though the word itself implies negativity. Do it for fun and make sure you know your limits.

  1. Go out
  2. Pick a person, preferably a pedestrian
  3. Walk stealthily and find in you – your novel criminal skills (haha)
  4. Observe them. Know their personality traits.
  5. Give adjectives to their personality, the way they talk, the way they walk, their encounters with fellow people and so on.

 things to do when bored

This will allow you an exercise of both brain and body. It’ll help you analyse how strangers work around you and how you flutter in their lives.

To make it interesting, ask your friend to stalk another stranger and you report your exchanges!

  • Re-live your childhood

Most of us, at this age of adulthood, prefer shuttle to swings. We feel uncomfortable to sit on a swing and swing like we used to do when we were children. What harm does it bring you if someone, moreover, an unknown person, says something about your carefree attitude? Find your lost self. Take time to occasionally get on a Slide and slide down its plane. Play with small children in a park and you know what? You won’t be bored; you’d be like a dog with two tails.

 things to do when bored

If you want to have loads of fun, play “Run and Catch”, “Lock and Key”, which is also known as “Land and Water”, “Which color do you want?”, “Seven Stones” or “Dodge Ball” with your group of friends. Go get some bruises, fellas!

  • Get “Dirty” – I mean it

Hey! Don’t let your minds wander elsewhere when you come across ‘dirty’. Almost everyone has a bike or a car in their homes. Even a bicycle would do! Wash them. Take out your old shorts and a shirt. Shoot that water at your vehicle. Get someone to click your pictures while you wash so that you can tell everyone in your friend circle about the amazing job you’ve accomplished. ‘Coz we are social media freaks, aren’t we?

 things to do when bored

To do this task, do not be alone because you’ll certainly be bored. Get your siblings or cousins or even your mother! Mothers can be pretty lively, you know? Their hidden child comes out at times like these. All of you can play “Water and soap Holi” while washing your car!

  • Bathe your furry teddies, girls!

I strongly believe this will only apply to women and not men. So, sorry guys! Girls, don’t let your teddies roll about in dust forever. Give them a clean bath. This helps you in moving your bored body and you WILL because your ‘teddy’ is your best mate. You’d do anything for them, wouldn’t you? Besides, if you won’t clean him/her, you’d be inhaling all its grime when you hug it and sleep.

P.S. – Boys, you can wash your sister’s dolls, if you have one. This will help you in learning domestic works, which is a must, irrespective of gender.

Methods to wash a teddy bear – Click the link for procedure.

  • Learn a Dance from YouTube

Choreographing a dance for no one would be a bit boring. Select a song, preferably, your favorite one. Search for a choreography of your selected song on YouTube. Many people – many channels and wonderful steps! Challenge yourself to finish one dance. My personal favorite channel in YouTube is “One Million Dance Studio“. And, the guys and girls are so damn dexterous. They choreograph almost all songs.

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  • Do hair styling

Girls with long hair can play with their hair. Braid them and invent your own styles. Initially, start by copying styles from the internet. Your hands might throb because you’ve to hold them up for so long! Keep trying till you find a hairstyle that’ll make your face look equally beautiful and sexy. And, those with short hair – just find your friend and trouble her with your ridiculous hair styling!

  • Create a crossword or Sudoku puzzle

You’ve read it absolutely right! There are tricks to solve a crossword or a Sudoku puzzle, just like there is one for a Rubix cube. If you know those, it won’t be fun anymore. You’ll be bored to flip the page and solve another puzzle which will hardly take 2 minutes! So, create one.

 “Creation is as much an art as deduction”

Your brain will work more while creating, as compared to solving. You’ll face failure and that’s where you challenge yourself. That’s when you awaken your bored life.

  • Language conversion of songs

This one is literally so funny that you will not be tired of it. It’ll be fun if there are a group of people in person. Well, if there aren’t, then you always have “Groups in WhatsApp”. Go on and select a song that you often sing – be it, English, Hindi or any other. If you select a song in your native language, convert the lines to English – literally.

The funniest part is when you sing those converted lines. That’s downright hilarious! Spread those voice notes, if you are daring enough. Play a war with your friends and choose a winner!

Still Thinking What Are The Things To Do When Bored?

These are some things  to do when you’re really bored. Let us know what you do in your bore-zone in the comments below.

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