Meaning: Used to make a point that even an old person may not have all the wisdom. – Turkish Proverbs, Every one knows best where the shoe pinches him. Literal translation: The brave is known by his fame. – Turkish Proverbs, Fear him who fears not God. – Turkish Proverbs, Better a dinner of herbs with love than a stalled ox where hate is. – Turkish Proverbs, Save a stranger from the sea, and he’ll turn your enemy. (What is this diet, what is this pickled cabbage?) They could accomplish such a high stage of knowledge and thought because of their utmost determination and optimistic attitude. ], An empty sack will not stand up. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, Better a lean jade than an empty halter. – Turkish Proverbs, A good maxim is never out of season. * Minareyi çalan kılıfını hazırlar. – Turkish Proverbs, Words are but wind, but seeing’s believing. – Turkish Proverbs, The face of an official is cold. Meaning: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. – Turkish Proverbs, They call you “generous” and make you lose your property, they call you “brave” and make you lose your life. ], They put the nightingale in a golden cage, it still craved for its country. – Turkish Proverbs, A village that you can see in a distance do not require a guide. – Turkish Proverbs, Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them. – Turkish Proverbs, He who has had his mouth burnt is prudent on another occasion. (It takes two hands to make a sound.) ], A remedy without pain is not to be hoped for. – Turkish Proverbs, When the cat is away, the mice will play. ], When a man grows angry, his reason rides out. * İşleyen demir pas tutmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms. ), Meaning: Expresses the view that a young girl (or a bride) will eventually look and behave like her mother, Literal translation: (Many will point to the right way after the wheel is broken.). Literal translation: (It is more difficult than teaching a camel to jump (than to reason with fool).) Meaning: To pretend to help but not do anything. – Turkish Proverbs, Either drive this camel to pasture or leave the country. [travels quickly, – has wings. – Russian Proverb. Having two ears and one tongue, we should listen twice as much as we speak. * Harman yel ile, düğün el ile olur. Used to make a point when someone goes after something just because it is free or very cheap even though they would not normally even want it. – Turkish Proverbs, An intelligent foe is better than a silly friend. – Turkish Proverbs, Take the currycomb and go into the stable, the one with the saddle gall will flinch. – Turkish Proverbs, The first step is the hardest. -. – Turkish Proverbs, You never know till you have tried. – Turkish Proverbs ], Say nothing but think the more. – Turkish Proverbs, Never hit a man when he’s down. Literal translation: A son will learn from his father to make a living, a daughter will learn from her mother to cut clothes. – Turkish Proverbs, One calamity is better than a thousand counsels. Freedom is better than gold. Literal translation: (The tree bearing fruit, gets stoned.). – Turkish Proverbs, A good companion shortens the longest road. * Vakit nakittir. – Turkish Proverbs, A good example is better than precept. ], Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. . [Sound moderation (sound measure) in many things helps. Meaning: One will not appreciate something, if they haven’t ever been in need of it. – Turkish Proverbs, Let the cobbler [shoemaker] stick to his last. – Turkish Proverbs, Not everything that shines is gold. * Acıkan doymam (sanır), susayan kanmam sanır. – Turkish Proverbs, The horse ambles according to his master. of Turkish proverbs. Meaning: To caution people to moderate their actions. – Turkish Proverbs, By renown and estimation the son of the noble is noble. – Turkish Proverbs, Goodness is better than skin deep beauty. – Turkish Proverbs, At length the fox is brought to the furrier. If a person seems oldish in his childhood, he may become childish in his old as if to make up for it. * Baş başa vermeyince taş yerinden kalkmaz. (Liar's candle will last till evening.) – Turkish Proverbs Literal translation: (A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship.) – Turkish Proverbs, I have rather an ass that carries me than a horse that throws me. – Turkish Proverbs, A hungry hen sees herself in a wheat silo. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t throw a lasso at stars in the sky. [One often does well to spend within one’s means. – Turkish Proverbs, Better wit than wealth. – Turkish Proverbs, The early bird gets the worm. – Turkish Proverbs, To do good to an ungrateful man is to throw rosewater in the sea. Literal translation: (Every man has his own style of eating yogurt.) * Papaz her gün pilav yemez. – Turkish Proverbs, A poor man has no friend. [Many good things must end at some time.] ], Fair words butter no parsnips. A friend is known on black (i. e bad days). * Misafir umduğunu yemez, bulduğunu yer. Meaning: You need to be ready to sacrifice smaller things to reach your bigger goals. – Turkish Proverbs, Let bygones be bygones. Happiness you pay for is to be found everywhere. Literal translation: (It is not disgraceful to ask, it is disgraceful no to know.). Used to express the feeling that the benefits over weigh the risks. – Turkish Proverbs, Season resembles not season. – Turkish Proverbs, The thief is sorry he is to be hanged, but not that he is a thief. * Davulun sesi uzaktan hoş gelir. Literal translation: Winnowing is with the wind, wedding is with the people. – Turkish Proverbs, High places have their precipices. * Zorla güzellik olmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, He that falls by himself never cries. – Turkish Proverbs, A wingless bird cannot fly. – Turkish Proverbs, It is the squalling child that gets the milk. * Altın kılıç her kapıyı açar. – Turkish Proverbs, A friend is easier lost than found. ], Many will show you the way once your cart has overturned. – Turkish Proverbs, No matter how much snow falls, it won’t remain there all the way till summer. Meaning: One is trying to calm an angry person. English equivalent: A friend in need is a friend indeed. – Turkish Proverbs, One armpit cannot hold two watermelons. – Turkish Proverbs, Good deeds remain, all things else perish. – Turkish Proverbs, Every misfortune is a counsel. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, One bad person harms seven districts. – Turkish Proverbs, Between two stools you fall to the ground. * Tatlı dil yılanı deliğinden çıkarır ], They put up minds for sale on the market, everyone liked his own mind. – Turkish Proverbs, Today’s fowl is better than tomorrow’s goose. ], The best remedy against an ill man is much ground between. ], Don’t halloo till you are out of the wood. – Turkish Proverbs, One arrow does not bring down two birds. ], Plant good seed, and don’t suffer from hunger. Turkish Proverbs to Use in Everyday Life While a few are confined to the history books, many are still used today, and they represent common-sense and practical advice to any situation. * Güneşte yanmayan gölgenin kıymetini bilmez. The country’s official language is Turkish, a Turkic language spoken natively by approximately 85 percent of the population. Recharge yourself with motivational listening, wisdom, silver sayings, and satisfy your hunger for a better life. Lies will work only for a limited time. * Mart kapıdan baktırır, kazma kürek yaktırır. A “bad” may have a “worse”. – Turkish Proverbs, Let another’s shipwreck be your seamark. – Where there is smoke, there is fire. – Asian Proverb – Turkish Proverbs, Flattery sits in the parlour when plain dealing is kicked out of doors. * Kel başa şimşir tarak – Turkish Proverbs, Never catch at a falling knife or a falling friend. – Turkish Proverbs, Today’s egg is better than tomorrow’s hen. When fortune knocks, open the door (German, Italian). – Turkish Proverbs, The greatest step is that out of doors. * Yalancının evi yanmış, kimse inanmamış. – Turkish Proverbs * Zenginin horozu bile yumurtlar. * Deveye sormuşlar neden boynun eğri. Meaning: To encourage people to be inquisitive. Meaning: People take courage from being in familiar surroundings. – Turkish Proverbs * Acele işe şeytan karışır. Literal translation: Sun cannot be daubed using wet clay. A merchants happiness hangs upon chance, winds, and waves. – Turkish Proverbs, Shallow streams make the most din. – Turkish Proverbs, Good bait catches fine fish. – Turkish Proverbs, Better be half hanged than ill wed. – Turkish Proverbs, Better born lucky than wise. ], If skill could be gained by watching, every dog would become a butcher. – Turkish Proverbs, Good actions are rarely all lost. (He who starts up in anger, sits down with a loss.) Literal translation: Even the rooster of a rich man lays eggs. – Turkish Proverbs, Better a calf of ones own than a jointly owned cow. – Turkish Proverbs, Love is an empire-it admires no partnership. Used to make a point that even an old person may not have all the wisdom. Meaning: Used to make a point when a person indulges beyond his financial means. Meaning: A job can’t be done with inadequate means. – Turkish Proverbs, One must ask the delight of opium from one that smokes it. – Turkish Proverbs, A heart in love with beauty never grows old. Meaning: Used to make the point that life’s bad experiences teach people to be cautious. I’ll start with a Turkish Proverb: ... ne kahvehane, Gönül sohbet ister, kahve bahane" Drinking Turkish coffee is a thing of pure pleasure. English equivalent: Money opens all doors except those to heaven. – Turkish Proverbs, One guest loves not another guest; the master of the house dislikes both. ], A bachelor’s life is a lot of foolishness. Meaning: Tell what are you really are going to tell me, rather than prolonging the conversation. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, The wolf changes his skin, but not his nature. – Turkish Proverbs, A calf of little worth is better than an ox in which you have only a share. Literal translation: The beaten wrestler is never satisfied with wrestling Meaning: If you are in need, anything seems useful. ], Measure twice, cut but once. Literal translation: It is better to walk around a bush than fight with a dog. (The tree branch should be bent when it is young.) – Turkish Proverbs, Beauty and folly are often companions. – Turkish Proverbs – Turkish Proverbs, If a dog’s prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky. Literal translation: Divorcing a wife is easy for a single guy. People become bad through bad company. Literal translation: A fish only comes to its senses after it is caught in the net. (Drop by drop, it will make a pond.) – Turkish Proverbs, Unless the oven is hot, bread will not bake. (Clothes do not make the man.) ], Bad news is soon heard. More than 10 Quotes from Turkish Proverb to share on social media and with friends. ], The master’s eye makes the cow fat. – Turkish Proverbs, If the partridge had the woodcock’s thing, it would be the best bird that ever fly. – Turkish Proverbs, He who plants a walnut-tree may not eat of its fruit. (Burning a bedcover for a louse.) – Turkish Proverbs, The wolf catches the sheep that separates from the flock. – Turkish Proverbs, What one thousand scholars may not know, one wise man may know. – Turkish Proverbs, Habit is worse than rabies. Literal translation: You can tell a lion from where he dwells. – Turkish Proverbs, Silence comes from admission. – Turkish Proverbs, The nightingale was put in a golden cage, but it cried for its home. – Turkish Proverbs, One can not carry two watermelons under one armpit – Turkish Proverbs, One can rarely be too careful. Meaning: Don’t throw away even an insignifican’t thing, there might be a time, when it will be needed. – Turkish Proverbs, A dog knows his master. This thesis aims to discover whether the same or different facial sensory organs are used in Judeo-Spanish and Turkish proverbs and idioms in order to express a certain emotion from a cognitive pragmatic perspective. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. * Babası oğluna bir bağ bağışlamış, oğul babaya bir salkım üzüm vermemiş. Turkish people or the Turks (Türkler), also known as Anatolian Turks (Anadolu Türkleri), are a Turkic ethnic group and nation living mainly in Turkey and speaking Turkish, the most widely spoken Turkic language.They are the largest ethnic group in Turkey, as well as by far the largest ethnic group among the speakers of Turkic languages. – Turkish Proverbs, The son of a wolf will be a wolf, even if he grows up with man. Literal translation: (Stretch your feet according to your blanket.). – Turkish Proverbs, “We always advance,” says the tortoise. ], Don’t take a heavy burden, otherwise you may hurt your back. – Turkish Proverbs, For the birds that cannot soar, God has provided low branches. – Turkish Proverbs, Fetters of gold are still fetters. – Turkish Proverbs, Beware of a silent man and still water. ), Meaning: Used to point out that sometimes a message is intended for someone other than the actual recipient, Literal translation: (One who does not slap his children, will slap his knees.). – Turkish Proverbs, There will be a day when laughter comes to mourners. – Turkish Proverbs, Suit your comb to your beard, and search and find the one you will be happy with throughout your life. * Sabır acıdır, meyvesi tatlıdır. Meaning: Either way, the situation is bad. – Turkish Proverbs, Drawn wells are seldom dry. – Turkish Proverbs, Every door may be shut, but death’s door. – Turkish Proverbs, Never cross a bridge till you come to it. * Hatasiz Kul Olmaz. – Turkish Proverbs, A doubtful bargain spoils the stomach. Meaning: Good will be envied. – Turkish Proverbs, By the side of the dry the green [or wet] also burns. English equivalent: Well begun, is half done. Literal translation: He who hiccups of him who beats the pestle. – Turkish Proverbs, A quilt is not burnt to get rid of fleas. Happiness is the key to success. [Don’t rely so much on others. – Turkish Proverbs, Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.
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