It wasn’t just Seattle, but properties in cities all across the Washington real estate market were appreciating at fast rates. Houses in the 750k-1mil price range are selling 67% of the time in the first 30 days. We are still hungry for inventory in Seattle. While Seattle did make it back in the top ten in the Urban Land Institute and the PwC: Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 report, the Seattle housing market isn’t looking too strong on the growth prospect as home construction is down. The average sale price for Seattle homes is $865,411. Seattle Housing Market Predictions for 2020. With the interest rates at the Absurd rate of 3.0% a .04% decrease from last month (source: Mortgage News Daily). There are plenty of buyers that are in the Seattle housing market. SEATTLE — Home sales in the United States dropped considerably during the second half of March as the coronavirus pandemic hit hard, but according to a new Zillow Real Estate Market … If you are buying the interest rates have never been lower! Before coronavirus hit, the market was really in good shape. The $500,000 to $1 million price range, which is the core market in Seattle, is nearly at frenzy-level sales activity intensity. 1,259 homes were sold in Seattle last month. The jury is still out on the job market and population growth. Market Stats, Neighborhoods, Video, Parks, Schools, Homes For Sale and more. How to Find Investment Properties for Sale Near Me, Urban Land Institute and the PwC: Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 report, Airbnb Data Analysis Is the Key to a Profitable Short Term Rental, 2 Real Estate Resources You Need to Start Using Now, Las Vegas Real Estate Market 2018 – Overview and Forecast, 5 Major Trends of the US Real Estate Market in Q3 2018, 7 San Diego Housing Market Trends for 2020, US Housing Market Predictions: What’s to Come in 2020. Currently, it’s a little bit over $700,000. “After another year of employment stability, Washington economists predict more of the same in 2020.”, “Over the past year, Washington’s ranking in economic growth and competitiveness rose from fifth highest to fourth highest in the nation, according to a September study prepared by the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council. Will the housing market crash in 2020? 1.6 months of inventory available in Seattle, 21 was the average days on market for a home to sell in Seattle, 101.1% was the average listing price vs. sales price percentage, $488 was the average price per square foot in Seattle, 56.5% of homes sold in the first 30 days in Seattle. In comparison 5 years ago the average sales price was $596,570. Because we started the season a few months late, perhaps it will run a few months late. With double-digit increases in home values over recent years, a lot of people were left wondering when will the Seattle housing market slow down. We should continue to see a surging to frenzy market for the foreseeable future. It’s been said, there is an opportunity in every crisis. New listings decreased again in November. The majority of national economists have suggested that it will be the real estate market that pulls up the economy, and so far it is playing out. But according to Zillow, the market should warm up into 2020. The basic premise of the regulations set on Airbnb Seattle is that property owners now face limits on how many units they can rent out and they are required to get an extra license to operate their real estate business. It’s true, even in the Seattle market where current median prices are upwards of $650,000 … Want to start your search now? A buyer’s market gives you better chances of finding Seattle investment properties for sale. The average home is selling in just 20 days. Some will have good cash on cash return, others will have high Airbnb occupancy rate, some might have both or neither. ” Diane Davis_Litsey. The median home value has gone down 3.9 percent over the last 12 months. Are Corporate Rentals a Good Real Estate Investment Strategy? Seattle Now: Millennials heat up Seattle housing market Oct 01, 2020 at 5:04 am By. Use this tool to get an instant estimation of the value of your home. We will discuss the 3 major factors in determining the strength of the market. You won’t be able to answer that question unless you look at the return on investment (ROI) of rental property investments in the Seattle housing market 2020. According to both Zillow and John L Scott’s massive data set we should be showing real signs of slowing down by now. SEATTLE, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Low rates of household formation since the Great Recession have caused 5.7 million "missing" households, a new Zillow® analysis finds. The average Seattle house price was $747K last month, up 6.9% since last year. Seattle Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics. New Orleans: The area experienced a relatively dramatic rise--and subsequent fall--in coronavirus cases, surpassing 2,000 daily new cases on April 2 and then quickly falling to below 500 about a week later. But according to the latest housing market statistics, it seems the time for a cooldown has come. The Seattle, WA housing market is very competitive, scoring 89 out of 100. The average days on market remained at 21 days, the percentage of sale price to listing price decreased slightly to 101.1%, and the average sales price decreased. Because there are less homes for sale and there are still many buyers trying to buy… the homes that do list are usually selling very fast. Seattle Real Estate News October 2020: September home sales up while supply remains low. The Seattle housing market has got over 100 constituent neighborhoods. The percentage of homes that sold in the first 30 days is 57%. With property prices leveling off, the housing market in Seattle is projected to hold up quite well. As you can see in the Seattle housing market homes in the 350-1 million price range are the most commonly listed and sold. Find a Profitable Airbnb Investment Property, Related: Airbnb Data Analysis Is the Key to a Profitable Short Term Rental. Use analytics to find lucrative traditional or Airbnb properties in a matter of minutes. What’s the Best Airbnb Analytics Platform for 2019? Along with following all state mandated safety guidelines and taking extra precautions we are focusing on delivering Virtual Real Estate Services. After about a year and a half of cooling off, low inventory is heating the Seattle housing market back up. There is a severe shortage of unsold inventory in this range, which comprises 60 percent of sales activity locally. By January 2020, the Seattle housing market had posted the highest growth in the entire region. With still amazingly low interest rates, and a low level inventory the last couple of years the Seattle real estate market should remain in the surge to frenzy status for the foreseeable future. As of now, the housing market remains a hot seller's real estate market, with annual price growth reaching record highs and inventory continuing to fall. Need more information, curious what your home would sell for, or need help finding your next home. In Seattle’s luxury market, there was a significant increase in luxury homes in the $1 to 2 million range that went under contract in Oct. 2020, compared to Oct. 2019. However, homes in the 500k-1m price range sold the fastest. Arizona Housing Market Predictions for 2020, 3 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Trends to Expect in 2020. Showing that despite the crisis, with interest rates low, buyers are out there. study prepared by the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council. Both of the these factors have driven people to the more affordable and more space that is available in Snohomish and Pierce County. Low inventory means higher demand. Current short-term rental operators in Seattle have until Dec 15, 2019 to obtain their short-term rental operator’s license. However, instead of worsening Zillow predicts an improvement in 2020, with only another 2% drop. Seattle real estate investors should have some more space for negotiation with soft housing market trends on the horizon and lower investment property mortgage rates. Seattle’s real estate market continues to hold strong, even as temperatures fall. 2. The index then compares the current status “to the last week of January 2020 market trend, as a baseline for pre-COVID market growth. With prices dropping at a stable rate, there should be no worry of a Seattle housing market bubble. A Seattle property investment in the right part of the market, however, will prove to be quite profitable in 2020. Redfin reports that the average selling price of Seattle houses for sale is $675,000; meaning Seattle house prices are down 0.44 percent from last year. Buyer activity is selective for homes priced above $2 million. Monday NW Seattle Real Estate Market Update June 15th, 2020 June 15, 2020. Will the 2021 US Housing Market Be a Buyer’s Market or a Seller’s Market? We have seen the market go to a Surge status over the last few months and the inventory to a shortage. In the outlook for house building, it scored 31 out of the 80 real estate markets studied in the report. October 2020 Monthly Housing Market Trends Report: Homes Sell Even Faster While Buyers Pay Summer Prices November 5, 2020 National inventory declined by 38.3% over last year. MISSOULA, Mont. Small depreciation isn’t anything to be worried about. Separate ESD data reported that Washington added 52,500 jobs between October 2018 and October 2019, with 41,600 of those jobs in the Seattle metro area.”(Seattle Times). to find lucrative investment properties that match your criteria in a matter of minutes! The market has been cool for a while in Seattle, and continues to be as of January 2020. Will a second lockdown cool off the red-hot Seattle housing market? Below you'll find statistics for the Seattle real estate market which are updated every day from the NWMLS. Check out this guide: How to Find Investment Properties for Sale Near Me. If not writing, Heba is exploring and learning. We put this list together every month. Homes are selling at a rapid pace, the Interest Rates are still at below average lows. Our Seattle real estate market analysis reveals that the Airbnb occupancy rate dropped by 20.4 percentage points between March 2019 and March 2020. Use one of our 3 Mortgage Calculator tools to figure out how much home you can buy. If you are looking for homes from 350-500k you are seeing a little more inventory with 2.6 months of inventory. Which US Cities Are Heading for a Housing Bubble? Mashvisor’s investment property calculator analyzed rental property performance across the Seattle housing market– here is the key data: Based on these figures alone, you might not think the Seattle housing market forecast is too positive. We are still seeing spring like sales activity deep into winter. According to a January forecast on the company’s website: “Seattle home values have declined -3.9% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 0.5% within the next year.” Real Estate Seattle is among hottest U.S. housing markets — and prices are rising fast on the cheapest homes Sep. 29, 2020 at 7:36 am Updated Oct. 1, 2020 at 2:28 pm People have had plenty of time to think about what they want their home to be and have decided they need to make adjustments. 2,413 homes were for sale during the month. From February to the market's May … Higher demand drives the price up. What Are the Expected Residential Real Estate Trends in the US Housing Market for 2018? The Generation No One Is Talking About and Its Effect on Real Estate. We have seen a high number of listings hit the market the last couple months. The Seattle Housing Market saw 1,6532 new listings, 2,413 homes were for sale, while 1,259 homes sold in November in Seattle. Most of all, she enjoys writing about the constantly changing markets in the US real estate industry. While Seattle did make it back in the top ten in the Urban Land Institute and the PwC: Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 report, the Seattle housing market isn’t looking too strong on the growth prospect as home construction is down. As you can see from the table above anything below 5 months is considered low. In addition the average home is selling for 1.1% higher than it is listed as. SEATTLE HOME PRICE FORECAST SUGGESTS MODEST DECLINE THROUGH 2020 A recent forecast for Seattle home prices suggests that house-value decreases could be in the low single digit range. This is true, especially in the real estate market. Of course, different parts of the market will project a different rate of return for rental property investments. If you’re a buyer you will want to position yourself to create a buyer advantage when competing with other buyers and walk in confidence when making an offer. Do Buyers Rule the West Palm Beach Real Estate Market Today? If you are selling the average sales price is at all time highs, and 65% of homes are selling in the first 30 days. What Kind of Airbnb Occupancy Rate Can You Expect? Let’s get into it. We can consult with you to be up-to-date with current market intensity and pricing, get pre-approved or fully underwritten through a lender, and receive email/text notification of newly listed properties. The surveyed experts expect average U.S. home values to grow by 2.8 percent in 2020. While there are Airbnb laws in the Seattle housing market, they aren’t as restrictive as other markets (like Las Vegas Airbnb laws where non-owner occupied rentals are banned). “I feel pretty lucky for sure. Still, the average house value in Seattle is $714,800. The $500,000 to $1 million price range, which is the core market in Seattle, is nearly at frenzy-level sales activity intensity. You won’t know unless you conduct a real estate market analysis. According to Zillow, it’s going to be more affordable to invest in Seattle real estate next year than it’s been in years. The stay at home order continues to affect our industry in many ways, but it does not seem to be having a lasting impact on the Seattle housing market and residential real estate sales. The overall index is set to 100 in this baseline period. In today’s instant-response market, it’s key to ensure you’re ready to act when the timing is right and make sure you are Buyer Ready Day One. Jul 7, 2020, 1:32pm PDT Compared to a year ago, the Puget Sound region's single-family housing market is in the dumps, but compared to … To help you out, using our investment property calculator again, we’ve pulled some data on the neighborhoods expected to perform best in the Seattle housing market 2020. These stats cover the greater Seattle metro, but individual cities and neighborhoods may be significantly different. Existing Home Sales Up 21% in June Amid... No US Housing Bubble Crash in Sight, Expert... How to Calculate the Rate of Return on a Rental Property. Now seems to be an amazing time to sell your home as we are still seeing historically low inventory and high prices. COVID-19: What does it mean for the 2020 Seattle housing market? Percentage of Homes That Go Pending In First 30 Days. 57% of homes are selling in less than 30 days in Seattle. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updated information about the Snohomish County. Every month we gather all the facts, data and statistics about the Seattle Housing Market and share them with you. SEATTLE — The next time you drive through town, don’t be surprised if you still see homes up for sale. If you like our infographic or know someone that may like it please don’t hesitate to share it on your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. While these regulations were passed in 2017, they weren’t implemented until 2019. The Seattle real estate market is expected to continue this cooldown trend by dropping another 2.9 percent in value in the coming 12 month period. And although there have been some reports warning of a housing market crash… The major indicators are still above average for Seattle but much cooler than their neighboring counties to the north and south. ... She has 25-plus years of real estate … The higher a market’s index value, the higher its recovery and vice versa”, according to But other real estate prospects, like the expansion in office space (8.8 million square feet already under construction) keep the general state of the Seattle real estate market strong. This decline from a really high level of 74.4% compared to the rest of major cities in the US housing market to 54.0% year-on-year marks a decrease of 27%. Seattle’s Multifamily Market is Outperforming Other CRE Asset Classes ... 2020, have climbed a nominal 0.3% to $2.32 per square foot. Strong real estate investor demand and lower property prices are in the 2020 Seattle housing market forecast. 2 thoughts on “ 2019-2020 Seattle Housing Market: The Outlook is Sunny! The Seattle housing market forecast 2020 includes the same Airbnb regulations which took effect this year. Properties have been going pending faster, agents have seen more bidding wars, and new listings are lower compared to the same time last year. Planning on purchasing an Airbnb investment property? By Steve and Sandra. More specifically, the real estate research firm predicts prices in Seattle will increase 4.2% over the … Rental Registration Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) registration is also required for all rental properties that are not the primary residence. One source predicts a decline of around 3.8% between now and May 2020. J Lennox Scott. As I have been reporting for the last 7 months that buyer indicators have never really declined, and we are continuing to see the seller indicators hit all time highs. Related: 2 Real Estate Resources You Need to Start Using Now. In order for it to be a sellers market there must be buyers. According to the Seattle Housing Market Recovery Index the US market is sitting at a 109.4 of 100, while the Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma market is sitting at 126.1 of 100. Use our NWMLS powered home search tool to receive the newest listings. As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic ripple through every sector of the economy, a new market prediction from the Seattle-based Zillow Group is giving insight into how home sales … The economic research team at Zillow expects to see a small, and possibly negligible, rise in home prices for the Seattle housing market in 2020. Jay Inslee's stay-home order is disrupting all walks of life and business, even having an impact on Seattle's real estate market. Here are the updated housing market trends & predictions for 2020 & 2021. Of the four metros in our analysis, it is experiencing the weakest housing market rebound, despite having flattened the curve. Stay up to date with the latest tips for Traditional & Airbnb Investments. 1,653 new listings went on the market this month. If you are interested in seeing past months you can access the archive below: Are you currently working with one of these agents? The data tells a story about the current state of our local residential real estate market. Download The Seattle Housing Market Report Infographic For November. The Seattle real estate market forecast includes construction- just not for residential housing. Use our complete list of NWMLS search tools to find your Snohomish County Dream Home. How We Are Navigating Business During The Crisis. The Seattle home price was up by 6% in February 2020, from a year ago. There are a lot of positive factors forecasting a strong Seattle real estate market in 2020, such as: There are some positive prospects, but is it a good time to buy a house in Seattle for investment? In the case Seattle home values continue to flatline, local market growth would underperform comparatively. ... Sophie Reid; Seattle-area house prices are the fastest rising of any city in the country, after Phoenix. KIRKLAND, Washington (October 7, 2020) – Northwest Multiple Listing Service brokers completed 10,175 sales transactions during September – the highest monthly volume since June 2018 when MLS members reported 10,072 closed sales. Multiple offers and tens of thousands over asking price are still the norm, agents say November 24, 2020… Heba is Content Writer at Mashvisor with a BA in Business Administration. That is down 31 from the previous month, up 314 from last year, and up 255 from 5 years ago. The market was underperforming to start with in February, with a VODI of 55, down from 125 in March 2019. It’s important to cover the legal aspect of rental property in the Seattle housing market forecast as Airbnb laws can really restrict the ease of operation, the level of rental income generated, or your Airbnb occupancy rate, ultimately affecting overall rental property profitability. Here’s more on that and a couple of other predictions in our Seattle housing market forecast. Use our Property Finder to find lucrative investment properties that match your criteria in a matter of minutes! Expect lower prices when buying an investment property in Seattle. We will discuss the 3 major factors in determining the strength of the market. 2 things; 1. The Seattle Real Estate Market Analysis For November 2020 Every month we gather all the facts, data and statistics about the Seattle Housing Market and share them with you. Clearly, the latest Seattle housing market trends show signs of a healthy correction. Includes information on listings in the Seattle WA area as a whole as well as within individual neighborhoods and subdivisions in Seattle. (AP) — Professionals working in Montana's real estate market say sales of high-end properties have experienced growth in 2020 far beyond their expectations. SEATTLE -- The coronavirus pandemic and Gov. May 30, 2018 at 2:32 am We have already seen where a low inventory should drive up prices. According to the US Census Bureau Seattle the fastest growing city of the decade in the country. For more information about the Snohomish County Communities including; Homes For Sale, Detailed School Information, Detailed Park Information, Livability Reports, Maps, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Government Offices, Churches, and Things To Do. Airbnb Occupancy Rate Up 13% as Market Recovers. And as the market heated up in early 2020, Seattle-area prices rose faster than anywhere else in the nation, save Phoenix, putting prices well over 2019’s when the pandemic hit. At the start of 2020, experts are seeing high demand for homes and low inventory, making it a more competitive market. The housing market in the Seattle area is starting off the year with record-low inventories, rising prices and signs pointing to a "piping-hot market. Seattle Housing Update - Resale Only. Key Market Indicators – October Recap 2020. In addition, many people have converted to working from home and no longer need to be commuting distance from Seattle or Bellevue. As it remains one of the strongest markets in the nation, it makes sense for investors to be wondering about housing market projections for Seattle real estate. This week we discuss how, despite the current times, Seattle is continuing to be a hot Seller’s Market! Here are the best neighborhoods for Airbnb vs long-term rental performance: Do you want to start searching for Seattle investment property for a 2020 investment? Seattle’s real estate market continues to hold strong, even as temperatures fall. According to Zillow, Seattle home prices fell 3.5% in the 12 months through September 2019. So is Seattle a good place to invest in real estate? Seattle Real Estate Market Weekly Update - June 17, 2020 Here is our quick weekly update for the Seattle real estate market. Feb 21, 2020 0 comments. In the outlook for house building, it scored 31 out of the 80 real estate markets studied in the report. Development and redevelopment opportunities, Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $2,337, Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $2,795, Monthly Traditional Rental Income: $1,843. With only 1.6 months of supply if no other homes were listed in the next 45 days we would run out of houses to buy. The majority of experts don’t think so. That number is usually closer to 30%. Due to limited inventory, competition among buyers remains high. According to the above-mentioned report, Seattle real estate remains in expansionary mode, following a national trend of the longest economic expansion in US history. If you are considering a move up, a move down, or just want to sell your home… Months of inventory is still at well below average. Read About How We Are Navigating Business During The Crisis. Seattle's housing market was hotter than almost anywhere else in the country. Is Airbnb a good investment in Seattle despite these restrictions? Copyright ©2020 John L. 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