I must say, it was definitely worth the wait! This week’s guest needs no introduction, so we gave him five. Plus we hear about birthdays, hanging out with James Franco and delivering a few home truths. Suruthi & Hannah tell us what happens when you do just that. It all kicks off when we have TOWIE superstar James Argent on the show. What to Watch Latest Trailers IMDb TV IMDb Originals IMDb Picks IMDb Podcasts. Presenter, Journalist, Author, Charitable Human and friend of the podcast VICK HOPE joins us on zoom! Mixed Martial arts champion James Wilks joins Jamie and Francis in the ring, we mean studio for a chat about fighting, plant based diet and Jamie gets mugged. Tall presenter Rick Edwards joins the lads to talk naked Jamie, meeting a Bond villain and Katie Price’s very thick skin. PLUS, Jamie’s diary tells us about an appearance on a classic TV show. 187: Made In Coventry | Joe Sutherlan – Part 1. She tells us about her party trick, (see instagram) and we chat Hoff….David, Wim and Hayley. Plus Francis tells us about his time behind the wheel, Jamie shares an embarrassing moment from Strictly rehearsals and we look at the second lockdown in the UK. Happy Friday. Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth are BACK! Private Parts Unknown (the podcast formerly known as Reality Bytes) is a comedy-travel podcast uncovering stories of love and sexuality around the world. We are such big fans. Happy Friday, enjoy! Jamie learns about KD Lang, Francis shares his top travel tips, and Jamie reveals where you can get the best chicken in London. They’re totally not linked. James shares his secrets to staying motivated, and made us laugh till our sides hurt. Plus Jamie reads the comments in the Daily Mail… absolutely brutal! What is Francis most concerned about in the leadup to his next Jiu Jitsu competition? We are joined by Author of “The Anxious Man” Josh Roberts for a chat about mental health. Jamie Laing is joined by the super inspirational SAS WHO DARES WINS presenter, author, Special Forces Instructor, Speaker and all around lovely guy Billy Billingham. Available from Acast, Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms every Friday. Francis Boulle gives Jamie Laing some tips for Strictly Come Dancing, Jamie washes himself in something he shouldn’t and we hear about “Anton Dec”… what? Can you imagine if you pissed off a murderer?!? Go see him and check out his new book (we KNOW Jamie is a fan!). It’s free to launch a private podcast for up to 100 listeners. Listen and find out. The boys from Made in Chelsea storm the comedy world with their hit UK tour, Private Parts Live. Mental Health is so important. He calls those he loves for a chat. An in-depth, weekly look at a classic album. Grace Grundy takes Jamie Laing down a peg or two. Happy Friday Team. RAYE! Which show is harder and which show is more dangerous?! 153: “I’ll Give It Two Months Before He Cheats On You” | Miles Nazaire. Woods & Ben Podcast: Private Parts Movie Review 00:37:10 Is cello music cool? Who is the better singer? Plus an intimate heartfelt chat about the passing of Alex’s mum. 103: What’s your porn name? View top podcasts & charts from Chartable, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and more. 146: Putting Penelope Cruz in a Headlock | Billy Billingham. It's hilarious, it's chaotic, it's Private Parts. Then, Boulle realises – maybe his name isn’t Rob, but he is a ‘criminal mastermind training to steal on command’. Jamie and Francis read out your letters, give advice and discuss Brokeback Mountain and celebrity encounters. His deadpan facial expression and monotone voice prepared us for this Pilkington-esque, depressing but painfully funny performance. Check out Abisha’s latests single SCORPIO here http://abishamusic.com, BONUS| Francis’ Guide To The Coronavirus, Jamie and Francis bring you this little bonus. ⚡BIG NEWS ⚡ Jamie Laing tells us all about Strictly Come Dancing! WISHING JAMIE A SPEEDY RECOVERY, 128: I Think You Secretly Hate Me | NinaNesbitt & Alex Mytton.
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