It’s whole nutrition fuels the entire ocean and it can fuel your dog with: Essential fatty acids Trace minerals Chlorophyll Antioxidants The high bioavailable oil and nutrients in phytoplankton make it a superb addition to any dietary regime for your dog, and we’re confident you’ll notice a real shine to their coats soon after doing this. Phytoplankton are tiny, microscopic plants that are the base of the food chain in the ocean. But I was wondering! Special attention is paid to the treatment and prevention of diseases of Pets. Phytoplankton are tiny, microscopic plants that are the base of the food chain in the ocean. This means your dog can absorb this nutrition without having to digest it first. This actually increases inflammation in your dog. Marine Phytoplankton offers certain distinct benefits to other health supplements for dogs, principally its. And, it is easily added to your daily routine. Watch Video on Phyto Synergy Product From Adored Beast Founder HereMarine Phytoplankton Foundational Nutrition / Super-Antioxidant. They also encourage that before you give any supplement to your pet, you first consult dog’s vet to make sure the contents will not trigger any unfavorable reactions with any food or medicines your dog may be currently taking. Scientists found that the longest-lived animals, like sea turtles, contain big quantities of SOD. Marine phytoplankton. #1 Helps Dogs With Digestive Issues. Can Dogs Benefit from Marine Phytoplankton . There are a lot of advantages of marine phytoplankton that are well worth bearing in mind: Marine phytoplankton is conveniently offered in a powder or supplement form. This suggests your dog can absorb this nutrition without having to digest it first. While phytoplankton is the richest plant source of Omega 3 oil, the comparisons to fish oil are not necessarily appropriate. Marine Phytoplankton Omega 3 Vegetarian Powder for Dogs & Cats for Healthy Skin & Overall Health. It delivers a highly concentrated source of balanced nutrition. National Cancer Institute tests and research studies show phytoplankton has cancer-killing potential. It would be impractical to ingest enough phytoplankton to match a spoonful of pure fish oil’s quantity of EPA, so if you’re giving your dog fish oil for joint health or some other highly specific reason we don’t suggest changing it. SOD is said to be 3,500 times more potent than vitamin C. Phytoplankton is considered the best bioavailable source of SOD, making it an effective anti-oxidant and detoxification agent … particularly compared with other antioxidant sources like berries and vegetables that must be absorbed before the body can use them. What would be the recommended amount for dogs? In fact this is one of the fastest growing areas of the business, since this is a notoriously difficult condition to treat without pharmaceuticals. I know you also sell some for dogs and I will be ordering some of it soon. PUBLISHED STUDIES- have shown omega 3-rich marine phytoplankton powder to have an almost miraculous range of benefits for dogs and cats. Let the dog rejoice! Before taking the Phytoplankton powder daily, I suffered extreme pain from compressed fractures in my lower back and … Is it open or closed cell? It’s vital for the absorption of nutrients. These toxic substances all get passed to your dog and exceed any benefits from the omega-3 fats. Phytoplankton are tiny, microscopic plants that are the base of the food chain in the ocean. Boost your health incrementally with the best marine phytoplankton superfood supplement in the market. Watch Video on Phyto Synergy Product From Adored Beast Founder Here Marine Phytoplankton Foundational Nutrition / Super-Antioxidant. Your dog can also take advantage of the myriad of nutrients in Marine Phytoplankton. One important reason for this deficiency is the widely used pesticide glyphosate (Roundup), which chelates (binds to) trace minerals such as copper, iron, cobalt and manganese. Made of microscopic “nanoparticles” that are easily absorbed directly by the body’s thin mucous membranes, phytoplankton bypasses your dog’s digestive system. 100% NO-RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 1 talking about this. Liquid nutritional supplements balance health. The first major benefit is that this supplement is incredibly high in Omega-3 fatty acids. We have combined our Marine Phytoplankton ‘SUPERfood’ with one of the world’s richest sources of Seaweed that offers micronutrients, ... For larger dogs and animals over 30 kg, including – pigs, sheep, goats, horses etc 1 bottle will still last approx 6 weeks when given as directed. One of the most common reasons we’re contacted about canine uses regards cancer. Visit our Shop Online here . Being low on the food chain, Marine Phytoplankton is also free of the toxicity that accompanies larger life forms and nutrient sources such as fish or even meat based dietary components. Rest assured, this is produced in a closed loop bioreactor in 100% ecologically sustainable conditions. Marine Phytoplankton supplies your body with essential nutrients that lead to increased physical and emotional well-being. Found out the best way way to deliver the Omega-3’s is via phytoplankton as long as it’s organically grown with no fillers. *Note: Always stay within feeding guidelines for all types of omega 3 supplements. Vets alert versus anyone relying solely upon supplements to acquire vitamins and mineral alone, and not giving a well balanced diet to dogs. Phytoplankton is one of the most valuable sources of nutrition in the world. We sell the world's finest high EPA phytoplankton. The one-cell organism of marine phytoplankton is directly absorbed into cells, delivering an abundance of essential properties. Phytoplankton for Dogs | Dog’s Protein Super Food (Added Ingredient for Homeopathic Product Selection) Marine Phytoplankton is a “super food” because of its nutrient density. If you order the Mr. Ros Marine Phytoplankton for Dogs and Cats, you may be surprised by the size of the bag that arrives. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In case this article didn’t make that clear already, you can certainly feed any plankton supplement you might be taking for your own health journey to your canine. And Pacific fish are struggling with the effects of radiation. Build a strong immune system to protect … Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world with high levels of Chlorophyll (type A), Antioxidants, Beta Carotene, and Zeaxanthin. Phytoplankton provides fish with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA . A good quality phytoplankton source must be: Due to its high bioavailability, you’ll just need a small amount: about 1/16 teaspoon a day for any sized dog (unless the phytoplankton contains fillers). Marine Phytoplankton is considered one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world with high levels of Chlorophyll (type A), antioxidants, Beta carotene and zeaxanthin, is a complete Vegan Protein and is the best vegan plant source of Omega 3 fatty acid EPA in the World. Phytoplankton is an entire food that delivers a highly focused source of well balanced nutrition. In some cases, an animals with an overburdened immune system may feel a bit under the weather for a few days as the body is suddenly flooded with nutrition and a healing reaction occurs. $33.59 $ 33. It genuinely is the king of anti-oxidants and rather potentially the “king of all supplements.”. Similar to your dog, they need to get omega-3 in their diet. Transform your dog or cat into a strong pet with a healthy skin, eyes, brain, and heart. Marine Phytoplankton Omega 3 EPA Non Fish Oil Vegetarian Superfood Powder for Dogs & Cats for Healthy Skin & Overall Health. Order Mr. Ros Marine Phytoplankton for Dogs and Cats on; Dangers of Phytoplankton Supplements. It is the foundation of life in the ocean and has been called the most nutritionally dense food on the planet. Our four-legged friends can also receive many benefits from nutrients within marine phytoplankton powder. It can even be added to your canine’s food. I love my dog and will buy phytoplankton. Much more concentrated and higher quality than the liquid. Here are, How to Choose Right Phytoplankton for Your Dog, Possible Side Effects of Marine Phytoplankton for Your Pet, Best Dog Food: What Is Good and What Is Bad for Your Pet. This is because unlike people, dogs can’t convert plant based sources of omega 3 (such as flax) and therefore need the DHA and EPA in pure form. Giving your dog and cat even the small amounts of phytoplankton regularly can boost his eyes, skin, brain, heart. Darlene Pelletier and Gizmo. Clinical trials do not support any alleged benefits of phytoplankton supplements. Some people have expressed concerns that this phytoplankton might in some way, be detracting from wild phytoplankton stocks and impacting other organisms. One crucial reason for this deficiency is the commonly used pesticide glyphosate (Roundup). Boost their immune system and avoid illness with our sustainably grown phytoplankton incredibly high in nutrition and vegetarian omega-3 EFAs for dogs and cats! Here are just some of the reasons you should add phytoplankton to your dog’s diet. They’re also good for heart, skin and joint health. It's small! We also don't show you Personalized Ads. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. The digestive system must first break down the dog’s food for it to be processed and converted into energy. What’s most noteable about the way it seems to affect animals is that it somehow delivers it’s nutrients where others fail. How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a Puppy, Selenium has actually been revealed to prevent cancer growths, Magnesium supports heart, joint and neurological health, Without radiation, heavy metals or other toxic substances, Non-genetically modified (GMO), vegan and without fillers, Improve cellular function … resulting in healthier organs (like the liver and thyroid), minimized inflammation, enhanced digestion, increased energy and endurance, minimized hyperactivity and anxiety. MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+ is a nutrition frenzy – Plankton for Pets containing Australian Marine Phytoplankton is our oceans very own ‘SUPERfood!’ Embracing nutrition as Mother Nature intended. Lonjevitee Phytoplankton for Cats and Dogs 'Gold Grade' 30g freeze dried loose powder with added fish oil packed in a stand up pouch. Thank you Karen Marine Phytoplankton from the bottom of my heart! Phytoplankton, known as microalgae, is similar to seaweed, only it's microscopic. And they get it from phytoplankton. We’ve heard promising reports, too, from people whose dogs are battling some tricky healthy conditions, so we’re entirely confident that this is something which is highly beneficial to pets. We believe this simple marine organism is the healthiest broad spectrum green supplement for any pet, and we have seen it working on profound levels with our own animals. Phyto Synergy 100% pure marine phytoplankton … Activation Products Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton - Pure Phytoplankton Supplement Boosts Mi… Dogs tend to be deficient in many trace minerals. It is highly absorbable in a way which crosses the blood brain barrier. Marine Toxicity: Be sure you know the source of your supplement, since marine toxicity is a real threat to phytoplankton, and can result in severe side effects if consumed. However fish oils oxidize when exposed to oxygen. Packed with superoxide dismutase, minerals, vitamins, carotenoids and EFA’s, this green powder offers phenomenal broad spectrum immune system benefits. With its abundance of completely pure, long chain EPA fatty acids, we are confident that marine phytoplankton represents the purest, most powerful source of EFA’s for dogs. Just have to say what a WONDERFUL company Karen Marine Phytoplankton is!!! Marine Phytoplankton Powder 80 x 500mg Capsules – Marine Omega 3 Supplement – Pure Microalgae Phytoplankton Supplement – Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians 4.6 out of 5 stars 5 £16.90 £ 16 . Atticus Employee of the month, every month. We truly believe that our natural products are outstanding and can promote good health for both people and the environment. Trace element can avoid and reverse severe disease: The body naturally produces complimentary radicals through metabolism. Marine phytoplankton is also tiny—five times smaller than a red blood vessel. Marine Phytoplankton for psoriasis and eczema? Taking Karen Phytoplankton has saved me from extreme pain and fatigue. Similar to the effect in humans, omega-3 and omega-6 influence several bodily processes of dogs. Is Marine Phytoplankton the Same as Spirulina.
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