The health benefits of thyme essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antispasmodic, antirheumatic, antiseptic, bactericidal, bechic, cardiac, carminative, cicatrizant, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, hypertensive, insecticide, stimulant, tonic, and a vermifuge substance.. Thyme is a common herb and is generally used as a condiment or spice. Prevents and Heals Food Poisoning. Recent studies confirm that thyme does have the ability to support skin health. Here's what you should know about using honey and cinnamon for acne. The numbers in brackets correspond with the list of references at the end of the article. 1 tablespoon of thyme leaves (10 g) A cup of water; 1 tablespoon of honey (30 ml) 1/2 lemon; Preparation. Then, when the water starts to boil, add the thyme … 6. In the one study done on thyme tincture, the findings were impressive. Many studies have validated this use, showing thyme's ability to help your body get over an occasional cough and sore throat. Thymus linearis Benth. Specifically, the herb is high in manganese and potassium, two minerals that can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. These benefits are the result of thyme's rich antioxidant content. This versatile herb blends well with a myriad of flavors and is packed full of health-promoting compounds, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. The essential oil also offers anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that boost the immune system. It increases omega-3 fatty acids in the brain that help maintains healthy cells which result in slowing down the aging process. The medicinal value of this aromatic herb renders it beneficial for your health in many ways. The herb thyme is a common spice in the Mediterranean diet. Thyme contains many active principles that known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties. Thyme is also a popular ingredient in natural deodorants and is often included in potpourri. Noté /5. Thyme is a perennial shrub with the color of the flowers ranging from light purple to pink. Carvacrol can increase both serotonin and dopamine levels in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of the brain. Thyme essential oil is often used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes because of its active substance carvacrol. Thymol has been found scientifically to have antiseptic, and anti-fungal characteristics. Thyme is packed with an antihypertensive property helping to decrease blood pressure. Once you identify it, take the necessary steps to get rid of it once and for all. Other benefits includes improving digestion, supporting weight loss, maintaining blood pressure, and supporting heart health. Top 10 Health Benefits Of Thyme Oil, Leaves, And Tea You Should Not Skip! While this herb will liven up your cooking, thyme may also help expel harmful organisms from your body and support your mental and physical health. The most common thyme tea benefits include treating indigestion, relieving menstrual cramps, improving cognitive strength, aiding sleep, and boosting immunity. Let check out the best health benefits of Thyme. Thyme is also an excellent ingredient to use with fish, like in this heart-healthy white fish recipe. Then, when the water starts to boil, add the thyme and cook for 15 minutes. The interesting health benefits of thyme include its ability to relieve stress, reduce respiratory issues, improve heart health, boost the strength of the immune system, protect against chronic diseases, stimulate blood flow, and prevent fungal infections. Thyme is yet another of God’s plants that can be used as food and medicine. So when you eat these plants you … Thyme contains a variety of important bioflavonoids and volatile oils, including thymol. Getting all the vitamins your body needs every day can be challenging. Among the top health benefits of thyme is stronger immunity. It converts the food you eat into energy and may help with various health…. Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels This protects the gut and respiratory system against potential infections. This herb has been known to be effective in treating numerous problems related to the respiratory tract, particularly bronchitis and tonsillitis. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 6. For hundreds of years, people have used it for its interesting benefits for human health. Thyme is packed with an antihypertensive property helping to decrease blood pressure. 13. Can You Use Aloe Vera Juice to Treat Acid Reflux? Thyme is an excellent source of Vitamin K and a great source of iron, calcium and manganese. Helps in Lowering the Blood Pressure. While thyme is great on its own, its nutritional profile and unique properties make it a worthwhile addition to some supplement formulas. In order to get the best pest fighting results, rub thyme leaves between your hands to release the essential oil. [1], People’s love and admiration for thyme is nothing new. Take our Quiz and we’ll help you get started! The flowers, leaves, and oil of thyme have been used to treat a range of symptoms and complaints. Throughout history, thyme was used to prevent poisoning by putting it in baths to stop the effects of poison. Native to the Southern Mediterranean regions, this perennial herb is now grown around the world for its culinary and therapeutic uses. The primary concern with using fresh thyme or thyme essential oils is the possibility of having an allergic reaction. Its range of use is impressive, and it has over 400 subspecies. Next time you’re faced with a cough or sore throat, try drinking some thyme tea. Beyond any known allergies, thyme is considered safe and gentle to eat or apply topically. 15 Health Benefits Of Thyme Essential Oil. Just its scent can help to stimulate your salivary glands helping the digestive process which starts in the mouth. Product reviews are within range of typicality. Thyme contains carvacrol that has mood-boosting effects. These minerals play an important role in bone health, promoting proper bone growth and development, and reducing the risk of bone disorders. In fact, it really can help to prevent and treat some diseases.Also, because of its flavor, it’s great in Mediterranean food. Thyme belongs to the genus Thymus which is part of the mint family and closely related to oregano — another powerful herb. Health benefits of thyme herb. It can alleviate infections such as bronchitis, cough, laryngitis, tonsillitis, and whooping. You can also use this recipe to gargle with to treat chronic gum problems or sore throats. The flowers, leaves, and oil of thyme have been used to treat a range of symptoms and complaints. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Your skin can also benefit from using thyme essential oil … Other health benefits of thyme tea … Not only is it convenient for cooking, but it may help keep your home bug free. Thyme is rich in vitamin A, one nutrient particularly beneficial for vision health. Thyme also can provide other health benefits like: Potential Pain-relieving Properties. Thyme offers amazing health benefits that can give the workers a sudden burst of energy that helps them get through the rest of their day without tiredness. Each variety has unique flavors and applications for cooking, oils, medicines, or decoration. … If you want to enjoy the benefits of thyme tea if you have a cough or a cold, you can add a few more ingredients: 1 tbsp. The oil obtained by the steam distillation method from the flowers of thyme is known for its hair and skin health benefits. Health Benefits of Thyme. The oil and water of this plant are just as healing as the flowers and leaves. Retrouvez Health Benefits of Thyme For Cooking and Health et des millions de livres en stock sur Many delicious ingredients are also exceptionally healthy. Success! The oil and water of this plant are just as healing as the flowers and leaves. Studies show that thyme might have properties to improve your vision (16). There are few things a sprig of thyme won’t make immensely better. Thyme contains potent chemical compounds like thymol and carvacrol which are resistant to harmful organisms. Thyme is a common herb and is generally used as a condiment or spice. But thyme is also fast gaining a reputation for its medicinal qualities, such as its ability to help treat acne and high blood pressure. Thyme acts as a natural repellent for mosquitoes and other pests. These recipes will hit the spot. 5 Health Benefits Of Thyme. Thyme is a plant from the family of Lamiaceae, sometimes pinkish-red and sometimes pinkish-white flowers and has dark green, stateless or short stem leaves.. Oregano has many health benefits, such as preventing cancer, reducing the amount of sugar in the blood, and removing urine. Reduce Blood Pressure. Health Benefits of Thyme. © Copyright 1998 - 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Mold is a common yet potentially dangerous air pollutant that can lurk in your home. There are more than 400 varieties of thyme, which makes it a very successful and versatile herb. Thyme tea can help to lower blood pressure, clear up respiratory infections, soothe a hacky cough, and lower anxiety. Thanks to its antiseptic and antifungal properties, it is a common ingredient in mouthwash. So if you use thyme or thyme oil regularly, it might have a positive effect on your feelings and mood. Is known to have diuretic nature. The extract derived from thyme is known to significantly reduce the heart rate and hence can be utilised to bring the levels of blood pressure under control. Many people reach for aloe vera to treat a burn or scrape, but are there other benefits? The first of top 10 effective benefits of thyme for the health is the ability to reduce blood pressure. of thyme leaves (10 g) a cup of water; 1 tbsp. Case in point, thyme. Bone broth boasts many benefits for gut healing, joint repairing, sleep, and more. This herb is known to have diuretic effect and hence is known to stimulate urination. Here are 10 of the world's healthiest herbs and spices, supported by science. What Are the Health Benefits of Passion Flower? We pride ourselves on being your source for the best, scientifically-accurate advice for healthy living. Due to its antioxidant properties, drinking a cup of thyme tea regularly can be extremely beneficial for your health. Many use thyme tea when confronted with these conditions. Noncomedogenic is a term used to describe certain beauty products that are said to not clog pores. of honey (30 ml) ½ lemon; Preparation: First, heat the water. Marshmallow root is touted as an herbal remedy for many digestive, respiratory, and skin conditions — but does it work? So, add thyme to your daily diet and you’ll get a good supply of health boosting antioxidants. Its many health benefits make this herb a great ingredient in modern cooking and antibacterial products. 1 tablespoon dried thyme leaves alone meet 54% of vitamin K in one day, 2% of vitamin C, 2% of vitamin A, 17% of iron, 5% of calcium and 10% of manganese. Supports Respiratory Health. The oil and water of this plant is as healing as flowers and leaves.. Thyme has remained influential over the years in part because of its health benefits, all of which are owed to its diverse profile of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutritional compounds. It is very aromatic and has a pleasant yet pungent flavor. That’s because this herb packs plenty of vitamin C, one of the most popular immunity boosters. The deficiency of vitamin A can lead to night blindness. 9 Amazing Health Benefits of Thyme 1. 10 Health Benefits of Thyme 1. Last on the benefits of thyme list is better digestion – something that is of utmost importance in Ayurveda. Thyme is a Mediterranean herb with dietary, medicinal, and ornamental uses. [19, 20], While thyme is a well-liked addition to many dishes, it can be used for more than taste. Thyme is a main ingredient in this cleansing take on pesto sauce, which you can use as a condiment or add to pasta or rice. Besides that, thyme is also used in herbal and domestic medicines. Thyme also works as an antispasmodic and helps relieve intestinal cramps. There are a number of varieties of thyme. From time immemorial, thyme has been considered a herb with magical, almost divine power. [21, 22]. Conrad F and Kemmerich B. In a 2013 study, carvacrol was shown to affect neuron activity in ways that boosted the subjects’ feelings of well-being. Get helpful articles, health tips, & natural health remedies straight to your inbox. Time will tell if this remedy is an effective acne treatment. Lets take a detailed look at some of the health benefits of this shrub. It increases the levels of white blood cells that fight off diseases. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. What Are The Benefits Of Thyme Tea? by Dr. Keith Nemec. In one study, a combination of thyme and ivy leaves helped to alleviate coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis. Thyme, botanically known as Thymus vulgaris, is a perennial garden herb that has been employed since ancient times for medicinal and culinary uses. Cures Respiratory Issues – If you are suffering from a cold, a sore throat, congestion, a stuffy nose, or painful sinuses, you can chew on the leaves of broad leaf thyme or brew a tea from the leaves. Home; News. Researchers in the U.K. have tested the effects of thyme tinctures on acne. Rosemary vs Thyme – Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts, Side Effects May 9, 2020 November 22, 2017 by Your Health Remedy's Staff Rosemary (scientific name – Rosmarinus officinalis) is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean and along with many other herbs, like – basil, oregano, and lavender, it is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae. Health Benefits of Lemon Thyme. Research suggests that it can be used as a disinfectant in dwellings where there is a low concentration of mold. Additionally, the Reviewed and Approved seal signifies that our scientific board of experts has double-checked this article for accuracy. Dried thyme is also found in any spice aisle and is an excellent way to keep the herb in your home at all times. The oil obtained by the steam distillation method from the flowers of thyme is known for its hair and skin health benefits. Drinking thyme tea can be one way to enjoy the health benefits of thyme. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Organic and natural skin care products can now be found at most retailers, and many contain thyme. Regular and moderate consumption of thyme is very beneficial for... (2) Provides Numerous Antioxidantal benefits. If you feel a cold coming on, thyme can help get you back in good health. If that's true for you, you'll want to try these next-level packets that'll make being healthy fun…. Thyme treats digestive issues like bloating, flatulence, and overgrowth of bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Thyme protects your eyes and promotes healthy vision, it improves the health of your eyes and prevents eye problems because it has a very rich content of vitamin A. … [11] One study even noted thyme might contribute to reducing the appearance of wrinkles. You can feel confident in knowing that the information within this article is sound. A study found that an extract was able to significantly reduce heart rate in rats with high blood pressure, and it was also able to lower their cholesterol. Boosts Immune System. It has been a part of traditional medicine as it contains a very powerful antioxidant called thymol. Thyme is a delicate and aromatic herb that has been used for centuries, not only as a spice, but for medicinal purposes as well. Here are 8 health benefits of thyme: Antioxidant Protection Thyme contains several flavonoids with antioxidant capacity. Lets just say that this is one powerful little herb! Anti Fungi. Besides these, headache, bronchitis, indigestion, gas, stomach and rheumatism pain is good, women’s menstrual cycle regulates, cholesterol reduces, strengthens the immune system. Helps in curing respiratory issues.
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