You might say that this shrubby sage is mixed-up, but its confused coloring makes it highly desirable. It's larger in all ways that the species, with inflorescence up to 2 feet long. Height: 60" tall. Continue to 9 of 10 below. (Frieda Dixon Pineapple Sage) Most varieties of Salvia elegans have bright red flowers. $13.85 $ 13. Grow It With: Lantana and annual salvia paired together make for a heat- and drought-resistant, knock-your-socks-off combo. Hummingbird Summer Sweet Clethra alnifolia 'Hummingbird' A beautiful, versatile, compact shrub, with three-season interest. Its bright green leaves have a licorice-like fragrance. Desi Arnaz Bush Mint. So glad I bought from FBTS! It is native to northern Baja California and the coastal mountains of San Diego. I immediately planted two of my three plants in pots and am looking forward to watching them grow and bloom. We are frequently asked what plants attract hummingbirds so if you'd like a list of the top plants to attract hummingbirds to your garden, we hope the list below will prove useful. (Sao Borja Scarlet Sage) Three-inch-long, smokey purple blossoms that bloom from spring to fall are a major clue that this heat-tolerant perennial is not your grandmother's Scarlet Sage. (Fuzzy Bolivian Sage) Large, bright and fuzzy, the cherry-licorice red flowers of this sage top what at first glance appears to be smooth, glassy green foliage. The following plants are some of the best natives for attracting and feeding hummingbirds. This combination is sure to create an environment that hummingbirds will enjoy! 49. (Purple Majesty Sage) This exceedingly long blooming herbaceous perennial is a cross between Salvia guaranitica spp (Anise-Scented Sage) and Salvia gesneriiflora (Mexican Scarlet Sage). It's foliage smells sweet with a hint of licorice. (David Verity Cigar Plant) Cuphea flowers are hummingbird magnets, especially the orange-red blooms of the David Verity hybrid. (Phyllis' Fancy Sage) The parentage of this lavender-flowered hybrid sage is unknown. (Rosie Posie Anise Hyssop) Agastache aren’t known for tidy appearance. (Orange Texas Firecracker) Hummingbirds and butterflies will thank you with frequent visits if you add this long-blooming plant to your wildlife garden. $15.00 $ 15. Although this clone of. (Ocampo Mexican Sage) Growing from 7 to 10 feet tall each year, this is the largest of our Mexican Sages. Growing up to 5 feet tall, this sage offers an unforgettable display when in bloom. (Fancy Dancer Sage) Sages can be such tough plants withstanding heat and drought. Get the best deals on hummingbird plants when you shop the largest online selection at How to make a nectar: 4 cups water – 1 cup white sugar Boil until dissolved. New Listing 3 Live Starter Plants Red Trumpet Vine Hummingbird Perennial Bare Root. (Sierra Madre Cardinal Flower) Butterflies and hummingbirds love the long, scarlet and orange trumpet blossoms of this Lobelia native to the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico. When Redditor Octopus Prime posted this photo of an unusual looking plant, the internet caught fire. (Scarlet O'Hara Hardy Gloxinia) This plant's  long, tubular, deep pink flowers dangle from apple green, leaf-like calyxes. This compact, aromatic shrub has distinctive silver-grey foliage. The blossoms have been likened to cigars due to their tubular shape and hot coloring that ends with a slightly flared and fringed yellow opening instead of petals. The flowers are such a dark purple that they almost look black. Lobelias are well known for attracting pollinators. Loved by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. (Violet Calyx Sage) Here's another abundantly blooming sage from the cloud forest slopes of Chiapas, Mexico. ex Murray, which is often called Texas Sage. Catching sight of a hummingbird fluttering at a nectar feeder is breathtaking! (Shelby Hardy Gloxinia) Shelby's long, tubular, creamy pink flowers dangle from apple green, leaf-like calyxes. (Red Birds in a Tree) Flocks of cardinal red blossoms shaped like tiny birds inhabit the tall flower spikes of Scrophularia macrantha, which is best known as Red Birds in a Tree and is well loved for its ability to attract hummingbirds. Glowing magenta flowers lure the eye as well as hummingbirds to this heat-tolerant sage. Read more about our mission or our privacy policy. (Elk Grape Ape Jame Sage) Bountiful flowers that are larger than normal for Jame Sage cover Salvia x ‘Elk Grape Ape’ in a cloud of purple that is sort of amethyst to pinot gris in color. I wish I had a work force of hummingbirds to work in the nursery. They hang upside down in clusters of 12 or more from mid-green foliage. (The pictures are exciting.) Use it singly as a dramatic garden accent or container plant; mass it for a stunning effect. It's a magnet for hummingbirds. Kudos Coral is a compact, clumping, semi-dwarf variety. Hummingbirds love its 5-inch-long, crimson flowers, which are the longest grown by any Salvia and flower from late summer through autumn. Salvia brandegeei x munzii 'Pacific Blue', Salvia cuatrecasana x guaranitica 'Elk Magenta', Salvia dichlamys x microphylla 'Elk Red-Violet', Salvia mexicana x hispanica 'Byron Flint', Salvia splendens van houttei 'Faye Chapel', Salvia x guaranitica 'Jean's Purple Passion', Everything Salvias articles for Hummingbird Plants, Sage Words about Wildlife: 4 Seasons of Hummingbird Salvias, A Community of Anise Scented Sages We Adore, Ten Favorite Flowers for Butterflies and Hummingbirds, 6 Indispensable Hummingbird Flowers for Long, Easy Bloom, Sage Experts: Nancy Newfield's Hummingbird Journey, Portraits in Gardening: Michael and Kathi Rock's Hummingbird Journey, Book Review: Nature-Friendly Garden by Marlene A. Condon, Upcoming at FBTS: Hummingbirds Love Cute Cupheas, Sage Words About Wildlife: Climate Change Alters Hummingbird Migration, Sage Experts: Nancy Newfield, Hummingbird Gardener, Part II, Big Orange Bedding Plant Beauties for Hummingbirds, Ask Mr. Sage: What Hummingbird and Butterfly Salvias Tolerate Lots of Moisture, Hummingbirds in the Garden: Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden, Salvia Small Talk: Texas Hummingbird Roundup, Salvia Small Talk: Backyard Wildlife Habitat, Sage Experts: Nancy Newfield, Hummingbird Gardener, Part III, New at FBTS: Hummingbirds Thrive on Margie Griffith Sage, Sage Words About Wildlife: Birdbath and Hummingbird Feeder Care, How David Verity Cuphea Became a Famous Hummingbird Flower. Native plants also attract the numerous small insects that hummingbirds need, as an essential source of protein to fuel their flight and feed their young. The lush, mid-green foliage has distinctive ribbing and is stiffly upright; it makes a strong statement when grouped with soft, rounded Salvias. This particular cultivar has deeper blue flowers with a purple overlay as well as deep purple calyxes. Because of it's spread it is not suitable for small areas, but will delight gardeners and hummingbirds alike when given room to grow. They could haul pots, collect seeds, take cuttings, weed, answer the phone, deliver plants, protect the place from deer, chipmunks, and squirrels, all at the same time. (Hot Lips Sage) What a winner for fascinating flowers! I’m so pleased to have found you! (Kristen's Delightful Cigar Plant) Hummingbirds and butterflies love Cupheas. BUY TICKETS NOW. Discovered in 2005 at a plant show in Argentina, this truly unique hybrid sage has generated a great deal of excitement in the Salvia world. (Elk White Scarlet Sage) The first tall white Salvia splendens variety, this new introduction from Flowers by the Sea is vigorous and free flowering all season long. Pineapple sage is one of several plants in the Salvia family that attract hummingbirds. Similar to Salvia guaranitica 'Blue Ensign', this is a somewhat taller variety of the water-loving species. Get a garden with hummingbirds flitting from plant to plant all season long! My \"Summer Jewell Red\" and \"David Verity\" Salvia arrived on time nice and moist (from CA to GA) and were in the containers on my deck within an hour. (Margie Griffith Sage) Salvia x 'Margie Griffith' is a big, purple-flowered beauty with glossy green, ribbed foliage. In the hottest months, hang in a shaded spot. Item #: 4317. This Unusual Plant Grows Hummingbird-Shaped Flowers And It's Beautiful. Too early to speak of flowers as too early for blooms. It’s vivid, floriferous, and a hummingbird favorite. And Hummingbird plants provide the little birds with a culinary assortment of bugs to eat. A FBTS introduction. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it’s here on AliExpress. It's lush with bright green leaves that are large, pebbly and hairy on the underside. Also known as Fuschia Sage, it has long, pendulous, magenta flowers that are fuzzy and framed by purplish, glossy leaves. (Morello Anise Hyssop) Pollinators love Agastache ‘Morello’ for its dense spikes of deep burgundy rose flowers filled with rich nectar.
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