This type of Ventilation setup is incorporated once the width of the tank exceeds Thirty-six inches (36”). Emitted from a variety of sources, including: boilers, catalytic oxidizers for halogenated solvents, storage tank vents, and various chemical processes. They not only range in any size to meet ventilation systems needs but can also be constructed out of several types of plastic or metal. The use of Ozone can reduce the consumption of chemicals used during the wet scrubber phase. As the gas passes through the water mist, acids are absorbed, allowing clean air to rise. 4 shows a special design that was developed to remove H 2 S from a sour-water stripper overhead stream that also contains Treated gas Spent caustic (NaSH) Exchanger Inlet sour gas Makeup caustic Weak caustic feed Strong caustic feed Makeup water Fig. Mech-Chem is capable of reviewing a facilities Ventilation System and recommending the appropriate changes required to deal with any desired modifications. Ethylene Oxide and Propylene Oxide can be reacted in a wet scrubber to form ethylene and propylene glycol. ​Mech-Chem has the ability to design, purchase and install a Back-Up Generator or interface with an existing unit. This diversity of expertise allows Mech-Chem’s staff to deal with any needs our customer may require. Mech-Chem has a highly skilled staff of Engineers educated in all fields of Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Chemical, Etc.). For wet scrubbers used to control acid gas emissions, monitoring scrubber liquid pH is an adequate surrogate for scrubber liquid outlet concentration. Ammonia Scrubber System -back view . 136 Industry Drive Mech-Chem designs builds and installs Scrubbers to handle all types of chemical fumes. ​These Control Panels can come fully equipped with instrumentation to monitor all aspects of the operation of the Scrubber: Mech-Chem’s Preventative Maintenance services include: Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. is a full service engineering and design firm that specializes in the manufacturing and construction of chemical operations facilities, acid recovery systems, and fume scrubbing systems.. pH Controller – Capable of adding Acid or Caustic depending on the Scrubbers treatment requirements, ORP Controller – Capable of adding and monitoring any Oxidizers added to the Scrubber, Flow Meters – Monitors circulation rate of pumps, Level Control – Monitors and activates the automatic fill in the reservoir level drops, Blow Down – Allows the Scrubber to purge concentrated solution in the reservoir to make room for water addition, Pressure Differential Meter – Monitors pressure drop between sections of the Scrubber so the operator is aware if the unit is operating properly, Circulating Pump(s) – To pump the solution in the reservoir up and through the spray nozzles, Fan / Blower – To draw the air from the process tanks through the hoods and Scrubber and discharge it to atmosphere. A common wet scrubber design consists of a large tank into which toxic gases are fed. Their familiarity with Industrial Production techniques as well as all types of Chemical Processes allow them to come up a design to fit your needs. ​Mech-Chem offers engineering, design, fabrication, and installation services for all air quality handling equipment & systems. In time the rinse water will become saturated and must be replaced. Although scrubbers are a low maintenance item, this services is also highly recommended to schedule in order to prevent any unscheduled down time and loss of production. Mech-Chem has designed and installed many wet scrubbers for customers in a variety of industries. Mech-Chem offers a wide range of materials and custom fabrication options for all types of Ventilation needs, including: ​Automatic Chemical Feed is another feature of every Mech-Chem Scrubber. Caustic, along with a strong reducing agent, is sprayed into the NOx fume stream. Designed for Muriatic / Hydrochloric Acid Tanks, Eliminates fume attack on electrical components, Reagent turns from white to pink to indicate replacement, Suction lance with 1/4” connection for tubing. Mech-Chem is capable of producing Equipment Layouts, Process Flow Diagrams, Process and Instrumentation Drawings, Electrical Control Panel Schematics, Control Panel Door and Back Panel Layouts, Fabrication Drawings for shop assembly along with Equipment Specifications, Equipment Operator and Maintenance Manuals (O&M’s) and Operational Instructions as to the Operation of the Ventilation System. This type of wet scrubber, or NOx scrubber, uses a single reservoir with a packed bed. Drizgas Tech offers a cost-effective acid fume scrubber system and we are the one of the leading manufacturer of Acid fume scrubber in India. Our field technicians are certified to provide full rigging services to ensure all scrubber parts and components are handled properly. We offer complete packages, including instrumentation and controls, skid-mounting of equipment, caustic storage tank and metering pump, and installation. ​UL representatives perform site inspections of the Shop as well as the Panels to verify that all UL standards and requirements are met. Elimination of odors and chemical fumes protect the surrounding area, keeping parts and materials free of chemical residue that may effect the finish product. The panels can also come with Human Machine Interface (HMI) Touch Screen Panels which give the operator access to all instrumentation set points as well as displays all the functions of the Scrubber. The ammonia reacts with the sulfuric acid to form ammonium sulfate, a soluble, non-volatile salt, which is removed from the scrubber effluent through the overflow. Mist eliminators Mist elimination is a critical part of wet scrubber design. Our knowledge of processes, emission rates of chemical baths and efficiencies of scrubbers allows us to help facilities layout the best location and required design for their air emissions Stack. Panels can be built either using relay logic or PLC Controlled. Automated Back Draft Dampeners can also be installed to prevent air from the outside atmosphere to be drawn back through the ventilation system. 2020 ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc. All rights reserved. Reagent Chemistry Drum or Tote Containment, Level Control Monitoring of Reagent Chemistry Drums, Monitoring of any leaks or liquid build up in containments, Chemically treating the Scrubber to dissolve Solids or eliminate Bacterial build up in the packing, Velocity Measurements, Static Pressure and Smoke Capture testing, Calibration of all instrumentation (pH, ORP, Level, Flow, etc. Horizontal packed bed scrubbers are often utilized when clients have a limitation on headroom or a low-profile design is needed. The proprietary reagent will change from white to pink when Mech-Chem accomplishes this method of Emergency Operation in several ways depending on the style of Panel controlling the Scrubber (Relay Logic or PLC). Pittsburgh, PA 15275, ph: 412-787-2484 A scrubber is used to "scrub" exhaust streams of unwanted solids, liquids, or gas particles before they are released into the atmosphere. the component in the liquid and lowering of the absorption gradient. Scrubbers help to control all forms of vapor/gaseous air pollution emissions which are hazardous to the environment. Bulk Tank Vent Scrubbers – Designed to minimise environmental nuisance from the static storage and handling of fuming and odorous chemicals. Want to keep your Scrubber working efficiently? Increasing the static pressure in the Scrubber, or raising the flow rate of the Scrubber in a process area that has a lack of proper make-up air, will not rectify the situation and in fact will only increase the problem. A Chrome Scrubber is also fabricated so each of the three mesh pad stages drains into its own reservoir. Airborne dust and particulates are very important to maintain in a working facility. These power controls are for proper operation of: Mech-Chem is very versatile when it comes to programming PLC’s. copyright Challenge. ​Mech-Chem is capable of dealing with all of your Ammonia Scrubber needs. A fume scrubber of scrubber tank is a chemically corrosion resistant, pollution control instrument engineered to mitigate chemical gases, particulates, odors, acid / alkaline fumes, or toxic vapors by passing them through a medium designed to react with, adsorb to, or dissolve the undesired vapors. Additionally, when mixed with air at certain concentrations, Ammonia will become explosive. Vertical Scrubbers tend to have a higher effeciency rating than those of horizontal scrubbers while taking up a smaller footprint. NOx is a class of pollutants that is a binary compound of nitrogen and oxygen often generated from non combustion processes like metal refining, pickling or plating baths, and nitric acid operation processes. Degassing Towers – Removal of the acid forming carbon dioxide from water. This fume scrubber was constructed of Hastelloy C-276 with all explosion proof instrumentation and controls. The flexibility of gas treatment procedures in these machines is provided by the possibility of loading reagents with desired chemical properties into the atomizing section. We review the Velocity and Static Pressure of the Ventilation System in order to evaluate if it is currently running properly and what changes, in Duct and Fittings or possibly Blower modifications, may be required to meet the new demands on the system. If the room has an inadequate amount of Make-Up Air a slight vacuum will be created in the area. Base on the type of process, how the part is carried in and out of the tank and tank size Mech-Chem designs Fume Capture Hoods, Push Pull Hoods and even Pull- Pull Hoods. A wet scrubber is just one example of the many types of air pollution control technologies available. The most common type of scrubber is a wet scrubber. When Push Air is used in this fashion it is referred to as a Push / Pull System. The concentration of acidic gases is directly related to the vapor pressure of the acid in aqueous solution. Mech-Chem not only engineers within these standards but also deals with local Fire Marshals and Building Inspectors, as well as the facilities Insurance Company, to implement the required Smoke and Fire Ratings. Mech-Chem has on staff Chemical Engineers who perform calculations based on the amount of chemistry that will be drawn into the Ventilation System. ​Mech-Chem deals with chemical handling in a unique way. Scrubbers are designed to be complete ready for installation during delivery. A Fume-Free Workplace. Mech-Chem engineers, designs and manufactures high quality Ammonia Scrubbers that operate at or above the required removal efficiency. discussion will revolve around the practical design of a phos­ phoric acid production facility wet scrubber. Acid processing industries often generate fumes that need to be neutralized and reduced to a harmless vapor before discharge to the atmosphere. This packed bed chamber is wetted with a chemical reagent (or water) via spray nozzles inside the tower. ​Venturi scrubbers are capable of handling airborne particulates in exhaust streams with high efficiency. RP1 insures molecular contact between the gas or fume being scrubbed and the ionized salts in a way that insures reliable, low limit performance. The chemical vapors are drawn into the bottom of the tower and pass up through a packed bed chamber. Our range of services are designed to minimize a variety of airborne pollutants and regulated emissions such as acid gases, fumes, corrosive or hazardous streams, air particulates and other organic odors. Wet Scrubbers – Removal of contaminants and particulates from a gas stream by passing the stream through a packed bed or venturi scrubber. Our personnel carry all the required certifications in order to work on, in or around any equipment. Our Fume Scrubbers are available in horizontal (crossflow) or vertical (countercurrent) configurations, depending on your facility’s layout and space limitations. These scrubbers can be Vertical or Horizontal in orientation all depending on the facility’s needs and location of the unit. Why are chemical scrubbers needed? Mech-Chem also installs the Blower, Piping System and Push Air Header in order to deliver a fully functional system designed to maximize the capture of exhaust fumes and have a clean and safe work environment. Acid Fume extraction system Designed for Zero Discharge and Clean Air Emission Acid fume capture and abatement is a significant aspect in every hot dip galvanizing plant. Our Field Personnel are also trained to work in any chemical environment and carry products to deal with chemical burns, even burns caused by Hydrofluoric Acid. We take the time to review all aspects of the system so Management, Supervisors, Operators and Maintenance Personnel all have a strong understanding of how to operate, troubleshoot and maintain all aspects of the System. Calculating this overall flow starts with the Hoods. A leading semiconductor supplier needed to reduce acid emissions generated by their chip cleaning and manufacturing operations. Polypropylene and PVC Inline® Fume Scubbers TFI/Inline Design VS Series Fume Scrubbers in Polypropylene or PVC are designed for laboratories and any point of use application that requires removal of acid vapors from exhausted air. This paper discusses hydrochloric acid fume scrubbing, with particular reference to the impact of new regulations on the type and design of equipment required. Ammonia is an irritant to eyes, nose and throat and even poisonous at higher levels. Preventative maintenance programs help keep your equipment running at optimal performance while also extend the life of your operation. Some of these Radioactive Scrubber Systems are in use for manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Equipment, Government Installations and Laboratories just to name a few. Benefits. Some buildings are designed to carry the weight of the Blower and Stack needed for the Ventilation System while other facilities cannot bear the extra load and need to mount the Stack at ground level. Ozone can help maintain a clean and efficient wet scrubber by ensuring there is oxygen in the waste water stream of the scrubber. Gas flow rate. In some applications the Push-Air System can be set at multiple levels. Push Air Systems are designed to direct fumes and vapor towards the ventilation Hoods in order to maximize the capture of these gases. The chemical vapors then travel up through a mist eliminator to remove additional particulates and water droplets. These scrubbers are designed to handle small micron to submicron sized particulates and capable of capturing high temperature moisture while simultaneously removing the coarse or fine solid materials & pollutants from exhaust streams. We design all the electrical equipment and wiring to be intrinsically safe. fax: 412-787-0704 Acid processing industries often generate fumes that need to be neutralized and reduced to a harmless vapor before discharge to the atmosphere. Mech-Chem offers duct work and fittings manufactured from several different types of material all capable of meeting and being field labeled as FM Approved. Carbon adsorption relies on adhesion of pollutant gas molecules to porous solid surfaces that the contaminated air stream passes through. ​​In today’s Chemical Rooms a Generator is commonly used to keep the environment inside of the Facility safe for operators and personnel until the Line Power to the Plant is restored. Ammonia (NH3) is a colorless gas with a pungent odor at concentrations above 50 ppm. All scrubbers can be designed vertically or horizontally to accommodate facility floor space or height requirements. ​​Mech-Chem also has on staff Chemical Engineers which perform calculations based on the amount of chemistry that will be drawn into the Ventilation System. By using these mesh pads in a multi staged set-up, within a Horizontal Scrubber, Chrome scrubbing efficiency greater than ​99% can be achieved. Design for h 2S removal with other contaminants. Fig. Chemical Scrubbers. These calculation and knowledge of the fumes being emitted by the process allows Mech-Chem to assist in the permitting of the air discharge. Fume Capture & Exhaust Systems. Each Vanaire Fume Scrubber is designed and manufactured according to your facility’s specific conditions and desired efficiency. The Scrubber with its four cleaning steps provides maximum safety. Mech-Chem offers a large variety of Hoods Duct and Fittings. Mech-Chem offers preventive maintenance programs for all types of fume scrubbers. Let Pollution Systems design a Wet Ammonia Scrubber customized to match your precise application and process. We make sure the circulation pumps, instrumentation, access doors and other critical equipment or controls are laid out for easy access and maintenance. KCH designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of corrosion resistant scrubber systems for many applications requiring control of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) or control of noxious odors. Chromic Acid Fume Scrubber — Multiple Stage Design Emissions from chrome plating and chromic acid anodizing operations produce hexavalent chrome mist that cannot be effectively removed in a conventional packed tower scrubber. Metering Pumps (Chemical Addition) – This is setup using the input from the pH and ORP controllers. ​​A high efficiency wet scrubber is required to prepare NOx fumes for emission to the atmosphere. In every application, AAT, Inc. considers all factors in selecting the optimum design for your hydrochloric acid scrubber. The standard FHS series unit is capable of removing up to 99% of acidic contaminants up to 500 PPM. Cross Flow Scrubber with Fan and Common Base. The Panels also have all the needed power requirements and controls such as fuses, motor starters, overloads, step down (480V to 120V) transformers, 24 Volt DC Power Supply and more. Mech-Chem's fume scrubbers are designed to provide very efficient removal of acid, chemical, solvent and NO2 fumes, mists, vapors, entrained liquids, particulates, and noxious corrosive gases from the exhaust air stream. We design boxes or splash shields to set the chemical feed pumps in or behind to protect the operator from any splashing or chemical spray should the equipment fail. In Modutek’s fume scrubber design, the fumes pass over a wet packed bed. The Screens will also display any alarms that occur. ​If your insurance company is Factory Mutual (FM), or requires you to follow Factory Mutual Standards, Mech-Chem is capable of designing and installing Air Pollution Control Systems capable of meeting the regulations set up by FM. To properly scrub Chrome, mesh pads are used to create separation of the Chrome laden vapor from the air stream on contact. Fume Scrubbers . Refillable media turns from white to pink when it's time to be replaced. Gas flow rate. The fume scrubber handles solvent fumes containing HF, HCl, and HNO3 acids. We specify materials of construction, design parameters (such as explosion proof), as well as equipment size for the entire chemical process. The acid in the air dissolves in the solution and is neutralized. A simple Exhaust Blower (Fan) may be adequate in order to draw the fumes generated into the Ventilation System and discharge them to atmosphere. NOx scrubbers systems are designed to scrub any NOx fumes, colorless & colorized (brown/orange) plumb, and eliminate any Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) odors. We provide all the electrical specifications the Scrubber will require to keep critical equipment operational during a Power Outage. ​Mech-Chem has designed, built and installed scrubbers to handle fumes and particulates that are generated from radioactive processes. Hood designs are customized to meet the size and process performed in the tank. Each concept design is carefully made to meet the specified space & safety requirements. These calculations and the air disbursement requirements laid out by the Permit will help dictate the height of the stack. The majority of scrubbers function using adsorption, which involves the contact of a gas stream with an aqueous solution, due to the fact that the Chrome exists in the mist droplets, and not as a gas, the adsorption method is not effective. The third stage only requires irrigation on an as need basis, usually every few weeks or based on its build up or back pressure as indicated by the pressure differential. Mech-Chem has a UL Certified Panel Fabrication Shop. Custom fume hoods & manifold systems are designed to extract hazardous airflow fumes away from the working area, providing a safe & healthy environment. Mech-Chem will also layout and develop any documentation, from calculations to efficiency rates, needed to assist in the Permitting procedure. Customized to your specific need Eliminate odors, acids, chemicals and NOx fumes with waste fume vent scrubbers from the corrosives specialists at Hazarsolve. Make-Up air systems need to be designed to meet the customer’s needs, requirements of the Ventilation System and outdoor climate conditions. The AFS eliminates the need for costly venting to outside areas or secondary water tanks. The Door and Back Panel Layout, as well as the Wiring Schematics, are designed to meet the requirements of the Facility. ​Mech-Chem designs builds and installs Scrubbers to handle all types of chemical fumes. Chemical scrubbers can remove up to 99.5% of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, even at high concentrations. One of the most efficient, economical and low maintenance ways to scrub acid fumes is with a Wet “Packed Bed” Scrubber. RP1, developed by Tri-Mer for use in the staged interface design. This reagent is used to neutralize any hazardous fumes or any unwanted particles from the chemical vapor stream. Exhaust gas flow rate affects the L/G ratio, which is a key design parameter for wet scrubbers. by . These scrubbers can be custom designed to meet your facilities specific needs and are designed for long operating life, energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. ​All of our scrubber & ventilation air handling systems can be custom designed to fully integrate into your current facility and operating needs. ​DESIGN | ENGINEERING | FABRICATION | INSTALLATION. The fumes percolate up and through the scrubbing solution, then vent out of the top of the scrubber system. The scrubber will be connected to the vent of a 10000 liter HCl storage tank and is meant to operate during unloading of HCl from tanker to the storage. Hcl Fume Scrubber Design - posted in Industrial Professionals: Hi, I am currently designing a wet scrubber to remove acid fumes. These scrubbers are economical, reliable, and require very little maintenance. ), Removal and Replacement of Strainers, Spray Nozzles, Packing, Mist Eliminator, Blower Belts, and any other wear items. Scrubbers can be designed in many different sizes, styles, and materials of construction based on your facility's chemical emissions. Fume Scrubbers Controls—Operator Interface Exposing the acid fumes to as large a surface area of neutralizing solution as possible is the key to an efficient operation. The result is a fume-free workplace with added protection of metal and electrical components. Fume hoods are designed with chemical resistant material and can be shaped to any size to fit any new or existing tank. The Acid Fume Separator (AFS) is a proprietary device that allows for direct venting of an acid tank located inside a mechanical room. ​Mech-Chem designs, fabricates and installs Chrome Scrubbers for all types of Chrome applications including Anodizing Chrome, Chrome Etching, Chrome Manufacturing, Chrome Plating, Chrome Stripping, Decorative Chrome Plating and Hard Chrome Plating. Dust collectors are featured with removal filter bag cartridges allowing for continuous operation without the need of operation shutdown. ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc. Additionally, we offer complete installations, start up and training at your facility. Mech-Chem is very well versed in the design and manufacturing of Explosion Proof (XP) systems. ​If requested Mech-Chem can and will install dampeners on the hoods allowing the facility to reduce the flow to a particular process tank. TFI Inline Design manufactures all-plastic laboratory equipment including casework, fume scrubbers, fans, fume hoods and neutralization systems that provide improved laboratory performance, aesthetics and longevity while ensuring a safe environment for lab staff and customers. Mech-Chem also verifies that all equipment meets the explosion proof requirements established for the area. The AFS eliminates the need for costly venting to outside areas or secondary water tanks. Mech-Chem maintains this level of protection throughout field installation in hazardous atmospheres by using Zener Barriers, Grounding and Potting (explosion proof sealers / Chico conduit sealer). Quality-built, Rugged Design for the Galvanizing Environment Corrosion Resistant Materials and Construction Utilizes Wetted, Packed-bed Technology Removes Water Soluble Contaminants, Soluble Gas, and Particulate Matter Contaminants are removed by Impingement and Gas Absorption *Impingement: Particulate matter is forced through a wetted packed bed, then through a chevron blade … perform under the most demanding corrosive environmental conditions. Tri-Mer’s minimum design requirement is 95% on 10 General overview of the entire system to identify any areas that may need to be repaired or replaced. If the storage tank is filled using a mechanical pump, then the design capacity of the treatment equipment (scrubber) is simply equivalent to the volume of the displaced gas as the tank is being filled. Mech-Chem designs and lays out the entire system in order to deliver the correct volume of Push Air to the process tank. The first stage is typically designed to be flushed, with fresh water, every hour. Stripping Towers – Packed bed tower aeration offers an effective and economical approach to reducing VOC contamination in liquids. The Push Air manifold is typically mounted on the front of the tank just a few inches above the surface of the tank. These vessels (Drums or Totes), as well as contaminants, can be monitored with level controls setup to detect and alarm if a vessel is empty or a containment is starting to fill with liquid.
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