Nutella- Famous or Just Slightly Overrated?

Nutella- Famous or just slightly overrated?

It’s a fact that a jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds throughout the world. Even in India, undoubtedly, Nutella is a huge success. It is vastly popular among all age groups and a jar is found in almost every household. Not to mention, it is everywhere. Each eating outlet has one hit item and that has Nutella in it. Nutella milkshakes, waffles, ice-cream this hazelnut spread has sneaked in everything and what’s more, no one seems to complain.

Nutella is a favourite among everyone but at times, as a foodie and aspiring food blogger, I can’t help thinking of just how overrated it is. After consuming this chocolaty item on rotis, breads and just everywhere else, I now find the taste too sweet, too ubiquitous and just ‘too much’ for my taste buds. To the point that I cringe whenever I see stacks of Nutella jars at dessert eateries. Sure, it is tasty and very convenient, but have you tried Dark Belgian chocolate spread or something different?

Of course, I’ve got into arguments with a lot of people who’ve given me weird looks that go like, “How can you not like Nutella?”
Well, I did, until the love just blew out of proportion. Until it just poured in from everywhere. Social media, too, had a lot to do with this Nutella fever. Teens, when they love something, become obsessed with it. And soon, the caption ‘You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not a Nutella jar’ became popular.

And surprise, Nutella isn’t even chocolate. It is just full of hazelnuts and the taste can be really overwhelming. One expects it to be chocolaty because that is what the world loves but it is just a very nutty flavour. Not even the creator’s fault, the picture on the jar clearly shows that it is a hazelnut spread. The internet has overhyped it to the point that one expects a full, drowning in chocolate blast in the mouth. But nothing like that. And because it’s the norm that Nutella is the best, all of us go along with it despite not really knowing the flavour.

Well, I guess Nutella did succeed in becoming everyone’s favourite and although, I don’t see the fad going anywhere soon, I really hope that a new product comes up either complementing it or competing with it. Now that would be interesting. And a boon for us foodies out there.