Jeep Off-Roading Buying Guide – 4 Accessories You Must Have

Jeep Off-Roading Buying Guide
Jeep Off-Roading Buying Guide

Taking on a difficult trail, sand dune or rocky road can be a thrilling experience. However, it can also be dangerous without the right off-road gear. Check out the best Jeep Wrangler soft top replacement options, heavy-duty winches and other must-have accessories to keep all four wheels moving forward.

1. Heavy-Duty Winch

A winch is an essential piece of off-road safety gear. When things take a turn for the worst, you can’t exactly call a tow truck in the middle of a sand dune or muddy trail. Use a winch to connect to a firm tree, boulder or fellow off-road Jeep. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to carefully power up your winch and pull your Jeep back onto smooth terrain.

Winches have a maximum recommended weight rating, which can vary considerably. A full-size truck takes far more pulling power than a compact off-road ride, so be sure you know the rating of your winch before you try to pull yourself or another driver out of a difficult situation.

Jeep off roading guide

2. Hi-Lift Jack

Another key piece of off-road safety is a hi-light jack. These professional jacks use a steel bar, lever and bracket to lift your Jeep. Not only does it make it easy to replace a tire, it’s also helpful for lifting up a tire to get your vehicle out of a tough situation. Lift up a stuck wheel and pile in some sand, gravel or tree branches for the traction support you need.

Most jacks are between 36 and 48 inches tall. A Jeep with an extreme lift should opt for a 48-inch jack, while a more traditional lift package will probably be fine with a 36-inch option. If you’re stuck and don’t have a winch, you can also use a series of tow straps and a hi-lift jack to pull your Jeep out of a bind.

Jeep off roading guide

3. Replacement Tires

No set of tires is designed for every off-road situation. Snowy trails, sharp rocks, and shifting sand dunes all require unique traction features. General off-roaders can get by with a set of quality all-terrain tires, but specialized Jeep rims and tires help you overcome serious obstacles.

Jeep off roading guide

4. Stylish Soft Top

There’s nothing quite like conquering a hill with your Jeep top down. Blaze your own trails and feel the wind, sun and perfect weather with a stylish soft top. As an added bonus, a soft top increases your visibility as you navigate demanding trails.

A Jeep bikini top is an affordable option, but consider a roll-up top to stay safe in any weather. A rainstorm when you’re miles from home doesn’t have to soak you and the interior of your Jeep. A roll-up cover keeps you flexible wherever you drive.

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Prepare for the Unmarked Trail Today

Don’t stop when the road does. Navigate dirt trails, bouldering routes and other off-road favorites with these four must-have accessories. Upgrade your kit with a  winch for Jeep rides through the most adventurous terrain. These accessories are great for off-roading or for more pavement-bound adventures, so you can fall in love with your Jeep and travel however you wish.