As a durable countertop option, White Macaubas quartzite can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and bars. Price: Level 3. type: Quartzite You must be logged in before you can vote. Italy has the best reputation for finishing White Macaubas quartzite and is many times a destination for finishes as they are more thorough and meticulous in the process compared to other countries where finishes may take place, such as China. Many homeowners choose quartzite because of the combination of beauty and durability. White Macaubas Quartzite Countertop. I have it in my kitchen, and the "wow factor" is very high. Exquisite and sophisticated, this quartzite makes any environment unique. White Macaubas is a classy and stunning quartzite which colors range between white and random greyish veining. Available Sizes: 2cm Thick Polished Slabs . White Macaubas quartzite is a pristine grey and white natural stone that will enhance any home remodeling project. ENQUIRE. The cool, creamy coloring is popular for kitchens and offers the strength of granite. Moh’s scale measures all-natural minerals with granite rated 6 and diamond 10, making it the third-strongest stone on the planet. Cuarcita Blanca . Copyright © 1996 - 2020™. IN STOCK 300 x 188 x 3 cm Polished No. White Macaubas is quarried in Northern Brazil across Espirito Santo in Minas Gerais, with the latest machinery that allows for rock extraction with minimal environmental impact. The simple white and subtle accents of gray make White Macaubus a versatile material that matches well with any aesthetic and creates a weightless and light atmosphere. finish: POLISHED. Considering that adding it to your space will increase visual appeal and functionality, this natural stone is a fantastic choice for any home. The quartzites are metamorphic rocks, same as marble. Quartzite is harder and denser than granite. Macaubus White is quarried from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. Everest Quartzite . Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. Taj Mahal Quartzite . Through a process of high heating and pressurization sandstone is transformed into Quartzite, an extremely strong and durable natural stone. Super White Quartzite . Calacatta Macaubas. Close up images best represent colour. White Macaubas (2) White Pearl Quartzite (1) Filter. Submit. “She was very attracted to Carrara marble, but wanted better durability. White Macaubas is made out of natural quartz which originally comes from sand that has changed over time becoming a rock. White Macaubas Quartzite is a Brazilian granite of whites with deep random charcoal veins. Or you can also click here to request a free sample! Type: Quartzite. Increasingly popular material due to a mix of sophisticated looks with an element of crystalline minerals. Thanks to its darker vertical veining, White Macubus Quartzite brings a neutral but sophisticated overall palette to modern living spaces. Because of this, it’s important to visit one of our locations Offizielle Handelsbezeichnung: White Macaubas Gesteinsart: Granit - Quarzit Farbe: weiß Herkunft: Brasilien Technische Werte ( Angaben ca. When heated, individual quartz pieces recrystallize giving it a beautiful and decorative sparkling pattern. This off-white stone features long, straight veins of various shades of grey. White Macaubas Quartzite; Primary Color(s) White Cream: Other Industry Names: White Macauba Quartzite: Country: Brazil: Stone Type: Quartzite: Available Finishes: Polished, Honed, Brushed: Available Slabs in: New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT) Thickness: 1.25″ / 3/4 Per Page: Page 1 of 1 . The lack of calcium in Macaubas White granite ensures the stone does not etch like marble when exposed to acid present in lemons, oranges, etc. See more ideas about macaubas, white macaubas quartzite, kitchen inspirations. By installing White Macaubas Quartzite countertops, these homeowner's were able to obtain the look of marble without its porous qualities and maintenance. Slab images show the unique veins, shapes and flow of … Beschreibung. White Macaubas Quartzite Countertop; Order a Sample See All Samples. Available in earthy colours and stunning appearance, Highly suitable for contemporary interiors, Honed finished available, providing vintage and old-fashioned looks, Naturally strong: third strongest mineral on earth, Water absorption by atmospheric pressure (%): 0.13, High resistance to heat and cold temperature, Each slab is unique both in terms of shade and pattern, Beautiful aesthetics and endless array of colours and finishes, Suitable for food preparation areas and healthcare facilities. It can also be utilized as a fireplace surround or a hot tub surround. Being a Quartzite, White Macaubas completely transforms the interior design of today’s houses with a refined and elegant look. Quartzite is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock which was originally pure quartz sandstone. you can also avail this stone in a cross-cut version known as ‘Calacatta Brazil’ or ‘ Calacatta quartzite’ which is achieved by cutting the block of stone transversally. Once quarried, the blocks are taken to a processing plant for cutting to size and finishing of the slabs which some times can take place in a different country. All rights reserved. Calacatta Quartzite . Snow White Quartzite . 4_White Macaubas ist lieferbar als ... Granitfliesen, Granitplatten, Granit-Treppen, Granit-Fensterbänke und andere Granit-Zuschnitte Synonyme: Macaubas Bianco, Quartzite White. The soothing tones and lines create a subtle elegance ideal for a variety of design projects in kitchens and bathrooms; quartzite countertops are elegant, durable, resistant to staining, and easy to … Amazing gallery of interior design and decorating ideas of White Macaubas Quartzite Backsplash in kitchens by elite interior designers. Please confirm that you are not a robot. Description A light background brazilian quartzite, marked with thin grey linear veins. 4. Luce di Luna Quartzite . The White Macaubas Quartzite is carried into the breakfast nook as a buffet table countertop which ties the two spaces together beautifully. It can also be utilized as a fireplace surround or a hot tub surround. Standard thicknesses for Macaubas White granite are 20mm and 30mm. Madre Perla Quartzite . 31575. Mainly used in kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and walls application. The important fact you should have in mind is that different fabricators have different names for quartzite varieties. Quartzite can be used in … White macaubas is able to create clear and homogeneus spaces but with a distinctive and elegant touch. MKW Surfaces 20-22 Wenlock Road London, N1 7GU, Tel: 020-3078-8912 E-Mail: [email protected]. White Macaubas. “The client wanted a white kitchen and a light colored stone,” says Wentworth. If it does scratch, the material is dolomite (marble) rather than a quartzite. What color choices are available? Everest Quartzite White Macaubas Quartzite is a Brazilian natural stone, with elegant whites with random veins. This is a representative sample of natural product, doesn’t guarantee to match fully with the final product. Neutral tones of white, grey and beige are popular for the trend toward lighter surfaces in the home. color: White. Madre Perla Quartzite . It is often viewed as a viable alternative to marble. Does not etch or scratch. Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite . Primarily a pearly white, White Macaubus is layered by thin slate-gray crystalline veins. Macaubas Fantasy Quartzite . Sort By. White Macaubas quartzite kitchen countertops. Every slab of natural stone is completely unique. Quartzite is a unique natural stone with a distinctive look that can be tested by using a knife on its surface and checking whether it scratches. Different colour variations can also be quarried ranging from greens, blue, red and orange. White Macaubas quartzite is a white background stone with ivory tints and a vein combination in greys, whites and ivory providing a unique marble look, and glassy finish that will dazzle users and onlookers. to see the variations in person. Search: marble, granite, quartz, Dekton, Neolith, Quartz, White, Black, kitchen worktops, vanity tops Honed, etc. The grey pencil veins in this product give it the look of a vein-cut Italian white marble. Quartzite comes in many colours and most predominantly has light tones. Popular quartzite varieties are White Macaubas, Mother of Pearl, Taj Mahal, and La Dolce Vita. White Macaubas is made out of natural quartz which originally comes from sand that has changed over time becoming a rock. Quartzite is an extremely compact stone consisting mainly of quartz. Hide. Luce di Luna Quartzite . I'm not a robot . It still has the creamy whiteness, but the darker veins contrast beautifully to give it the look of Calacatta Marble. Cuarcita Blanca . To add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen or living space, consider White Macaubas Quartzite. Slab sizes will cover areas of between 5.5 metre square and 6.5 metre square, creating kitchen islands are installed seamlessly. Whether you are installing a new kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, backsplash, bar top, fireplace surround, hot tub surround or any other home surface, White Macaubas quartzite is sure to leave you satisfied for years to come. ... Quartzite. Quartzite forms in a range of colors. White Macaubas Quartzite. application: TOPS (NON KITCHEN), INTERIOR FLOORS, INTERIOR WALLS, KITCHEN TOPS. Princess White Quartzite . Super White Quartzite . Azul Macaubas. Your RatingRate…PerfectGoodAverageNot that badVery Poor, six  ×   =  .hide-if-no-js { In addition, White Macaubas quartzite rates 7 out of 10 in the Moh’s scale. WHITE MACAUBAS. Consider this soft grey and white choice for creating scene-stealing atmospheric spaces. Your Message Please leave this field empty. Fill out the form below to start your quote: Please note that we are unable to fill orders with less than 25 total SQFT. There are many varieties. © 2020 MKW Surfaces | All Rights Reserved. First we suggested Danby marble from Vermont, but in the end we found a white Macaubas quartzite, which she felt was perfect.” Enquire about this Product. Victoria Falls Quartzite . White Macaubas is quartzite. Wonderful for kitchens and bathrooms as well as walls and slabs, it’s a point-of-difference choice for the modern house. White Macaubas quartzite is a natural stone that provides light cream tones in a modern linear fashion. Natural, earth-toned hues are the most commonly seen. See more ideas about Macaubas, Kitchen remodel, Countertops. INDIA. Princess White Quartzite . Jun 6, 2016 - Explore Nisha's board "White Macaubas Quartzite" on Pinterest. As a durable countertop option, White Macaubas quartzite can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and bars. White Macaubas is a color of the brand Sensa. Average slab size is 80” x 40” – 120” x 70”. The installers said it was the hardest, densest material they had ever seen, and it was tearing up their cutting blades, lol. White Macaubas Quartzite . People often choose it when they’re looking for something different. For suitable installation adhesives, setting cements, or grouts, please view Flextile ltd. website at (Manufacturers- member of Olympia Tile Group) For information concerning LEED … Calacatta Quartzite . This exquisite stone is recommended for indoor and outdoor projects and is available in both in 2cm and 3cm polished finish. }. Perla Venata Quartzite Dimensions: as each stone is unique, sizes will vary upon availability. Tiles or special sizes may be available upon request. White Macaubus is mild-mannered quartzite originating in Brazil. White Macaubas quartzite is a pristine grey and white natural stone that will enhance any home remodeling project. Pure quartzite is usually white to grey in color, but often occurs in various color shades due to the mineral content. White Macaubas Quartzite. White Macaubas Quartzite . Macaubas white is most popular in its polished, vein cut option. In terms of its difference with granite, quartzite varies with it in that it does not contact dark coloured flecks and may have only very slight tints in it making a geological difference more than one based purely on aesthetics. View. If no stock is listed above please contact us for expected delivery dates. Natural stones should be sealed with a penetrating sealer prior to grouting. Victoria Falls Quartzite . Thickness: standard stock thickness is ¾” and 1 ¼” for most materials, however 2” and other thicknesses may be available upon request. White Macaubas Quartzite Backsplash - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. availability: IN STOCK. Beauty of marble but with top-notch durability. Q. QUARTZITE. Toggle. White Macaubas quartzite is a white background stone with ivory tints and a vein combination in greys, whites and ivory providing a unique marble look, and glassy finish that will dazzle users and onlookers. Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression within orogenic belts.Pure quartzite is usually white to grey, though quartzites often occur in various shades of pink and red due to varying amounts of hematite. Always ask your fabricator about the softness and the purity of the quartzite you’re considering. Discover White Macaubas. White Macaubas Quartzite Countertops are available in 2cm and 3cm slabs and will add character and drama to both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s a great way to change up your space Apr 14, 2017 - Explore Amazon Stone Boutique's board "White Macauba quartzite", followed by 179 people on Pinterest. Stone Type: Quartzite. Image Source. Average slab dimensions: between 2900x1700mm to 3300x1950mm (6.5m2), 300x300mm | 600x400mm | 600x600mm | Bespoke sizes made to order, Macaubas White, Branco Macaubas Quartzite, Bianco Macaubas Quartzite ,Macaubas White Quartzite, White Macaúbas Quartzite, Bianco Macaubas Quartzite, Calacatta Quartzite, Calacatta Brazil, Architrave and columns, Bar countertop, Bathroom coverings, Bathroom worktop, Bench top, Countertop, Fireplace surround, Floorings, Kitchen worktop, Reception desk, Shower tray, Splashbacks, staircases, Table tops, Vanity top, Wall cladding, Washbasins, Wet rooms and Saunas. display: none !important; This quartzite is similar to White Macaubas but it has darker and more pronounced veining. However, since it is a quartzite, it is much more durable and is ideal for countertop use. Grey pencil veins in this product give it a look of a vein-cut Italian white marble, however, since it is a quartzite, it is much more durable and is ideal for countertop use, the slabs are book matched, which allows for a constant flow of pattern All stock is updated daily. Taj Mahal Quartzite .
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