Insecticidal soaps don’t have any residual effect to prevent houseplant pests from coming back, so it’s important to continue to spray regularly until there are no more signs of bugs. The tiny bugs crawl around the plant, leaving a waxy substance on them. If you don’t get rid of mealybugs, they can end up killing your plants. What did you use to treat the mealybugs? Mealybugs often come from new houseplants you bring home. Mealybug infestation can damage plant growth when they feed on the plant’s sap. Use mealybug spray, homemade with organic soap. The thing about using neem oil is that it takes some time to work. This article is a complete guide to getting rid of mealybugs on plants. You may see white, sticky globs (mealybugs) on stems and under leaves. Looking at a woolly aphid colony from above, you see tiny black dots amongst the fuzzy, white, cottony substance. I never add alcohol to my spray because the soapy water works very well. How to I keep it from returning? These elusive plant pests like to hide, so check the plant from several angles, and also under every leaf. They also leave behind sticky honeydew that can attract other plant pests. It can take several weeks, or even months to kill the entire population. Learn more about natural houseplant pest control methods and remedies here. So, skip the toxic stuff and use the safer pest control methods listed below instead! Also, be sure to either put the plant in a different location, or thoroughly clean the spot it was in before putting it back. It’s best not to use soil from your garden. If the white bugs you see on your houseplants look more like tiny white flies that fly around when the plant is disturbed, then those are whiteflies instead of mealybugs. You can also make a mealybug killer spray by diluting 1 cup of alcohol with 1 quart (1 l) of water in a spray bottle and apply to the affected plant. Rub them well with the alcohol. Harsh detergents and degreasers found in some types of dish soap can cause major damage to sensitive plants. Those dots are the bodies of the woolly aphids. discussion from the Chowhound Gardening, Parsley food community. For a mealy bug infestation on a big bowl of succulents, would you recommend soaking the whole plant /pot in a soap water bath for 15-20 min as you describe in your article on moving plants indoors from the outside? The tiny mites live under leaves and suck sap, causing yellow … The most common causes are…. Apply Reclaim IT in areas where you have noticed white mite infestations indoors as well as outdoors to protect your plants and create a barrier that will keep them out. I also inspect any plants that were sitting nearby the infested plant every day to make sure there aren’t any bugs on those plants (being sure to wash my hands after touching each plant!). Neem oil is especially useful on mealybugs in their nymph stage. When … They are typically found on the underside of the leaves of many species of vegetables, flowers, and fruits. Here’s what you’ll find in this detailed guide for eliminating mealybugs from your plants…. Although it will usually take a long time for them to kill a plant. The worst part is that mealybugs will leave the houseplant to hide, and can live for a long time in spaces and crevices without having a host plant. I usually only use it for spot-treating the mealybugs, but you could certainly experiment with adding it to your spray. It takes a week or two for the eggs to hatch into nymphs, and then another 6-9 weeks for the nymphs to mature into adults. Houseplant bugs can build up a resistance to chemicals, which means they won’t work, and they are also bad for humans and pets. The soap kills the bugs on contact. More often than not, those little white things you see collected on stems and leaves are insects known as aphids. You can also identify mealybugs by the damage they do to plant foliage. Black patches on plants with stunted growth can help identify the presence of mealybugs. Do I actually need to wipe off the leaves, and remove all the bugs/debris that i can see. Here’s how to get rid of whiteflies on your houseplants. Do they live through the winter? Yuck, that sounds like a terrible mealybug infestation. The classic sign of a mealybug infestation is tiny white bugs on plants. If you don’t get rid of mealybugs fast, the plant damage can be so extensive that they cause the houseplant to die.
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