Self Defense Knives – Be Safe, Be Confident Every Time. People who are serious about their defense often think about which weapon they should select for their self-protection. 11 products. They are turning to carrying personal weapons in case they need to defend themselves. While knives have evolved over time, they remain some of the earliest and most important tools used by mankind. Being the top wholesalers in USA, we provide the most exciting designs at the most affordable prices. You may never have to use a weapon to defend yourself, but if you do, a solid quality knife can offer some distinct advantages. Our favorite is the nasty little P’kal, due to its high concealability, extended flipper on the spine, and arched back for more grip styles. We sell both the economy line of knives as well as high end knives like Rite Edge and Smith & Wesson. Tactical knives, folding knives, and fixed blade knives are three of the most common knives that fall into the self-defense category; these knives can greatly improve your odds of survival against an attacker!. *best self defense knives* Today, more and more people are coming to terms with the idea that there is more violence in our communities. This pocket knife differs from many other pocket knives on the market as it is specifically designed for self-defense. They will protect you in any situation and will prove to be your best companion. Emerson Knives CQC-7 Tanto is a close runner up at number two among the best folding knives for self-defense. Before we go into the many useful benefits of carrying a knife for self defense, we believe it is important that you have at least a basic understanding of how to use these weapons should a dangerous situation present itself. Skip to content. 1.5.1 our … Our self-defense products range from self defense knives, stun guns, stun guns with flashlight, pepper spray guns, brass knuckles and a lot more. That being said, in some places folding knives and other concealed blade knives such as butterfly knives are usually illegal to carry in public. Our knives will make you feel prepared and ready to defend yourself … This is why Knives are not good for self defense, they are a very volatile and psychotic instrument. These are some exceptional knives that promise to be the best. Each one obviously has advantages, but for what it’s worth I’m a folding-blade guy when it comes to self-defense. The designs, these knives exhibit are purely exceptional as there is so much attention to … A fixed blade knife will always beat a folding knife for self defense purposes. Spyderco has forgotten more about self defense knives than some combat vets, and they have a deadly lineup to prove it. It features a high-carbon stainless steel blade set in a clever design. Submit. Just don’t play around with them, these blades aren’t toys. WE SUPPORT OURVETERANS & COPS. These items may sound common but they prove to be a great asset in a risky situation. If you want a relatively small knife for fighting and self-defense, though, this thing will make for one of the most potent options around, provided you actually put in the time to learn how to handle a karambit-style knife. Self Defense Knives. SOG Fixed Blade Knives; 1.5 #5. Folding-blade knives are far easier to conceal on your person and it’s simple to carry multiple knives as backup. So, for all those, we are here to prove that self-defense knives are the best option for their security. The Emerson knives are used both in civilian self-defense as well as military application. Life Goals. So, having a self defense knife will give you peace of mind no matter where life takes you. Knives for Self-Defense: User’s Guide. Another type of blade that is widely used in the self defense world, and even by professional organizations as well, is the Tanto blade, an old Japanese style of dagger that has been modernized to today’s standards. Whether you are looking for a cheap knife or a premium brand name knife, you can certainly find it on our site. By: Michael Janich. Type. At Sharp Import, we have the best variety of self defense knives for sale. (See also best knives for self defense. Free shipping on all U.S orders. Our incredible range of knives incorporate karambit neck knives, folding knives, double edge daggers, fixed blade knives, boot knives, military knives, fantasy style knives, rainbow design knives, and many more. All in all, they are excellent for self defense. These knives prove to be the best option in a self defense situation as they are very effective and can be carried around very easily. Knife Defense also spelled Knife Defence is the ability to defend yourself or a loved one when you are unarmed and your attacker is armed with an knife or edged weapon.The unfortunate fact is that anyone holding a knife has a tremendous advantage over you, assuming you are not armed with a weapon.But there are practical and strategic “knife defense” guidelines that can dramatically … The drop point features a curve at the end that goes up and is useful as an all-purpose knife. In recent times, self-defense has become a very serious matter. There is no science in stabbing, it goes in like in hot butter if you strike most of the body, anybody can do it and there is no special technique required to use it except wanting to. Filter. Designed for fighting in close quarters, boot knives are traditionally a last-resort self-defense tool. Our self defense knives are ideal for defending you. It is always good to be prepared for the worst. The longer you allow your attacker to pose a danger, the greater your chances of being killed or seriously injured.
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