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[257] Kjellberg relies on external revenue sources rather than YouTube's ad model, which he has stated is common for most YouTube content creators; Kjellberg commented that YouTube's ad revenue model is inefficient, unstable, and insecure. [146][147] According to, he made light of Pakistani users who subscribed to his channel over T-Series in response to T-Series' removals. [‡ 28], Aside from his own YouTube channel, Kjellberg has made appearances in the videos of other YouTube creators. [171] He explained that this was due to his comments about the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests and an image of China's paramount leader Xi Jinping being compared to Winnie-the-Pooh shown in a previous video. He lost the overall title, but still became the "Gaming King of the Web" for the 1–15 February 2012 voting period. Among those creators was "E;R", who Kjellberg highlighted for a video essay on Netflix's Death Note. "[12] Kjellberg has commented on fans from Malaysia and Singapore; during a trip to Kuala Lumpur in 2016, fans entered his hotel to search for him, which he expressed annoyance with. [75] On 13 October, he decided to allow comments on his videos once more, albeit only after approval. [157], In July 2019, in large part due to Kjellberg's Minecraft gameplay videos, his channel received over 570 million video views; The Verge noted it was Kjellberg's most successful month in years–in terms of video views. "[28], Eventually, Kjellberg began to work with more brands, stating that he wanted to have genuine relationship with brands, and added he was lucky to not be dependent on working with them to support his career. On his listing's blurb, The Verge wrote that "Kjellberg's real talent is finding the human within games. "[141][160][161] Access to the music videos on YouTube was later blocked in India. Kjellberg donated $10,000 to his fundraiser and managed to raise over $30,000 for NAMI. [286] In 2019, he was a guest on the Cold Ones YouTube podcast. "[232], At the 2013 Social Star Awards, Kjellberg greeted his fans personally despite security warning him against doing so. [276], On 3 June 2014, Sveriges Radio announced that Kjellberg was chosen to host his own episode of the Swedish radio show Sommar i P1. "[19], Lev Grossman of Time noted that "he's totally unpolished, but at the same time his timing is consistently spot-on," adding that "most of the critical literature about PewDiePie focuses on the bad language and crude physical humor–and admittedly there are a lot of both–and the fact that he is, at the end of the day, just a guy playing video games and yelling. [295], In celebration of reaching 25 million subscribers in June 2014, Kjellberg announced another charity drive for Save the Children. [44] Kjellberg signed with Maker Studios in December, a multi-channel network (MCN) that drives the growth of the channels under it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In the 2010s, the channel attracted younger viewers, such as teenagers and those in the 18–24 age range; various surveys conducted throughout the decade highlighted that Kjellberg's online influence within these age demographics was comparable to that of mainstream celebrities'. YouTube Rewind 2016. Justin Bieber's "Baby" took the second position with 10 million dislikes. [303] Part of Kjellberg's fanbase criticized his decision, citing controversial actions and stances of the ADL. [55] In July 2013, he overtook Jenna Marbles to become the second most-subscribed YouTube user,[56] and reached 10 million subscribers on 9 July. The game was developed by Canadian game developer Outerminds in collaboration with Kjellberg. Kjellberg says his own name in Swedish using the alternative pronunciation, This is a music video directing a congratulatory gesture toward, "A Funny Montage" is a compilation of moments from PewDiePie's. Sort by. "[20] Rob Walker of Yahoo! Celebrating the moments, memes, and people that made 2014. "[178], By December 2011, Kjellberg's channel had around 60,000 subscribers,[33] and on 9 May 2012, it reached 500,000 subscribers. All this and more here. It is both amazingly awful and amazingly funny when a father bikes around with his son in the game Happy Wheels and both get crushed and bloody again and again and PewDiePie improvises absurd comments as the game continues. [126] The three series listed were You Laugh You Lose, which features Kjellberg watching humorous video clips while trying to not laugh; Last Week I Asked You (LWIAY), having begun as a parody and homage to Jack Douglass' Yesterday I Asked You, where he challenges his audience to create content and reviews the output; and Meme Review, in which he reviews popular Internet memes. "[97] Kjellberg has attributed his content around this time as a result of immaturity, boredom with playing video games, YouTube's platform incentives, and the belief that his channel's growth had plateaued. PewDiePie's antics are the thin end of the wedge", "PewDiePie thinks 'Death to all Jews' is a joke. The influencer may have lost out on a lot of money when he was dropped by Disney, but he got back on track by inking a few deals with some well-paying sponsors. [148][deprecated source?] YouTube's Rewind video for 2018 wasn't just a poor performer — it was a complete disaster. [223] In September 2019, The Sunday Times ranked him first on their list of the UK's 100 most influential people online. [127] Pew News parodies both mainstream news channels, such as CNN, and YouTube news channels, such as DramaAlert. Long story short, YouTube wanted to give PewDiePie props while trying to keep its distance from the star. [90] He followed that video with one asking his viewers to have the video reach 1 million dislikes. PewDiePie, the world most popular YouTube star, has spoken out about his exclusion from this year’s YouTube Rewind end-of-year recap. [129] Alinity stated that her reaction was caused by "the rampant sexism in online communities", arguing that Kjellberg's comments degraded women; she refused to accept Kjellberg's apology. [132] The video was edited to remove the reference. He originally started the meme with the purpose of beating T-Series in the run for the Guinness record, but things got rapidly out of hand when fans used it to vandalize a World War II memorial. But he shares much of their culture and amplifies it across the world. ", "PewDiePie's Fall Shows the Limits of 'LOL JK, "Super Cassettes Private Limited versus Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg & Ors", "China reportedly censored PewDiePie for supporting the Hong Kong protests. Achetez Youtubers Vloggers New Youtube Rewind 2017 Poster Zoe Joe Caspar Phil & Dan Lucy Lydia Troye Oli White Tyler Oakley KSI Miranda Chante Connor Franta Pewdiepie Casey Neistat Sugg Favourites A1, Noir, A1 (594mm x 841mm) : Posters : Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ [182] In June 2013, Tubefilter began a monthly listing of the most viewed YouTube channels. Maybe momentum ensured he'd keep gaining subscribers regardless. According to Rogue Rocket, the Indian music channel filed a court order against PewDiePie. [36], Beginning in April 2014 and spanning into August, Kjellberg, along with his girlfriend Marzia, began a marketing campaign for the Legendary Pictures film As Above, So Below. [74] After disabling comments, Kjellberg continued interacting with his audience through Twitter and Reddit. [233][234] The fan base has been subject to criticism; in July 2018, Wired published an article, referring to Kjellberg's fan base as "toxic", stating that "it's not just that they've stuck with the Swedish gamer/alleged comedian as he peppered his videos with racial slurs, rape jokes, anti-Semitism, and homophobia for nearly a decade (though that's bad enough). PewDiePie sells his merch through,, and other online shops. [110][112] The video received negative attention and caused a media backlash, with various publications writing critically of Kjellberg's defense of his controversial content as jokes taken out of context, and opining that his content helps normalise ideologies such as fascism, neo-Nazism and white supremacy. [191] It has eclipsed the 10 billion video view milestone on 6 September 2015, becoming the first channel to do so. [63] In the same month, Kjellberg proclaimed his dislike of YouTube's new comment system and disabled the comment section on all of his videos. Pire, en dehors de ce classement établi par le magazine, ses fans n’auront pas non plus l’occasion de voir dans le YouTube Rewind 2017. [20][19] At the same time, the growth of Kjellberg's channel has been described as rapid by various sources; Douglas Holt of the Harvard Business Review commented that "the power of crowdculture propelled [Kjellberg] to global fame and influence in record time. The latter established a significant lead in April that year, and Kjellberg's channel currently remains as the second-most-subscribed on the platform, having received over 107 million subscribers as of 22 November 2020. [92] On 8 December, it reached 50 million subscribers, becoming the first YouTube channel to do so. [108][109], –Felix Kjellberg, My Response video, February 2017(uploaded in response to the Fiverr controversy)[‡ 5], In January 2017, Kjellberg uploaded a video which appeared to show him using a racial slur. [97] His religious views are ambiguous, as he stated "I don't know what I would consider myself religiously," in a 2019 video. [291] Kjellberg contributed one dollar to the charity for every 500 views the video announcing the campaign accumulated, up to a maximum of $10,000. [73] He cited most comments being spam and self-advertising, and was not what he wanted to see. As of November 2020, Kjellberg's video has 9.2 million views. [173][174] Kjellberg began his hiatus on 15 January 2020, and returned on 21 February. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moments that defined 2018. [15] Unlike conventional walkthroughs, Kjellberg devoted his Let's Play videos to communicating more personally with his audience. [153] On 31 March, Kjellberg posted another diss track music video, titled "Congratulations", ironically congratulating T-Series for obtaining the title. An interesting note about Kjellberg's rise to fame: he never really had a video go viral. Maybe you'll want to credit the increase to the news coverage of his break. [265] In January 2015, Mountain Dew partnered with Kjellberg to launch a fan fiction contest, in which winning fan fictions will be animated into video formats and then uploaded onto his channel. PewDiePie, My Response (2017) En janvier 2017 , les vidéos non- let's play de PewDiePie font l'objet de critiques, après qu'il a employé le terme « nigger » [ 66 ] (nègre) à plusieurs reprises, terme interprété comme une injure raciste [ 67 ] . [133], In late 2018 and early 2019, Kjellberg reacted to various compilations of TikTok videos. The same amount. I'd be very surprised if there was anyone in this year's YT rewind that wasn't running a G rated channel. [46] Shortly after, Kjellberg attracted criticism and controversy for the jokes, and in October 2012, he addressed the issue through a Tumblr post, writing, "I just wanted to make clear that I'm no longer making rape jokes, as I mentioned before I'm not looking to hurt anyone and I apologise if it ever did. 1 YouTube channel. ", "Pewdiepie's Premium YouTube Show Is Trashy, But Entertaining", "PewDiePie makes $50K donation to ADL sparking cries of a conspiracy from fans", "PewDiePie changes mind on $50K donation to ADL, says it was a mistake", "Gaming Channels With The Most Subscribers: The Top 10 Gaming Channels On YouTube", "Jake Paul, a Reality Villain for the YouTube Generation", "YouTuber PewDiePie posts last video, leaves 102mn subscribers to take a break", "Pewdiepie hits 50m subscribers, claims he'll delete channel today", "PewDiePie Announces He's Taking a Break From YouTube in 2020", "Teens' favorite people to follow on social media in 2020 include fashion icons, established YouTubers, and Charli D'Amelio", "Can Copyright Law Bring Down PewDiePie? Follow. [‡ 10] By early 2017, he had uploaded almost 3,500 videos to his channel, around 400 of which have been made private. [‡ 7], The New York Times retrospectively noted that around 2015, Kjellberg's video content experienced a change in style: "he began to take more risks. [101][102], Throughout 2016, Kjellberg's video style change became more apparent.
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