window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"445003c8206deff3672f3ecc5","lid":"5271adac55","uniqueMethods":true}) }), If you have appreciated the content of this page and cannot. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. 12 miles long. We are family of with three children so taking the tour flight to Barrow is financially challanging :). Still not entirely sure what they meant by ‘cave,’ I jogged the rest of the trail until it faded into obscurity in the wide bed of a braided river. ... "Upper Canwell Glacier Hut" but was renamed the MacKeith Hut after club president Peter MacKeith died while climbing Old Snowy in April 1980. I’ve read about rock-covered glaciers, and even heard that there are places where trees are growing on top of ice – some say the Matanuska has a forest on top of a large section of ice to one side, nearest Lion’s Head. He waddled around and ate snow an picked at willows. Great job Kristen and Blaine Fun to see the YEP crew in action today at Government Hill. In 1952 the snout of the glacier was quit close to the road. October 24, 2020 Update: The ice cave at the front of Castner Glacier is currently accessible and should remain accessible throughout winter. Your email address will not be published. Download high quality 4K, HD, SD & more. This finally convinced me that the entire section I had been walking on was a part of the active glacier. Avoiding likely moulin areas, go up the ice tongue until you reach the intersection of the 3 branches of the Castner Glacier. Explore Castner Glacier with ODR and Steven Miley! A steady 2.5-mile snowshoe or ski brings you to the wide glacier terminus, where you’ll find a captivating wall of … Jackie and uplifted barnacle line, Hartney Bay. Could it be that the entire glacier was covered in moraine? The summer of 2017 started with yet another long drive from Utah to Alaska. Castner Glacier Ice Cave Exploring. Area: 84.6 mile - 136.1 km radius. More exploration was needed. On top of the ice? Castner Glacier Statistics: My First Visit: 14 May, 2017 Type: Valley Glacier Location: Delta Mountains (subrange of Alaska Range) along Hwy 4 between Paxson and Donnelly Source: Delta Mountains between Triangle Peak, Black Warrior Mt., White Princess Mt. All that water goes in, it has to come out somewhere. I parked the truck before a particularly narrow and washed out section of trail, near another vehicle which looked to be camping there, and proceeded to follow the “road” on foot. The summer of 2017 started with yet another long drive from Utah to Alaska. Footage starting at $15. Continuing on, I finally crossed the valley to the south to find a massive slope, the steep angle keeping the majority of the moraine from sticking in place, and the extra sun exposure on that side ensured that it received more heat, furthering the effect of differential melting to cut away the slope. It’s not your stereotypical blue glacier calving into a big lake or the ocean, but rather a gritty valley glacier covered in rock, mud, and—in the winter—snow. The trouble with maps in Alaska is that the last time the USGS bothered to really compile information was some time in the 1950s, with a revision in the ’80s. Take a peek at Thayer Hut! This function has been disabled for Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life. I quickly discovered that under the thick covering of rock was more ice. I was literally on hands and knees crawling forward in the sliding rocks, at times just brushing the moraine aside to look for imperfections in the ice below to place my hands and feet on. It had been raining now for days in Delta Junction, and I felt that we might be close to wearing out our welcome at the Delta Public Library and at the coffee lounge at the IGA food market, if for nothing else than for simply being; loitering as it were. Castner Glacier. There must have been massive landslides many years ago to bring this much rock down with the ice. It was far from the beautiful blue ice everyone expects when they excitedly ask their tour guide if they’re going to see any ice caves. - See 9 traveller reviews, 14 candid photos, and great deals for Delta Junction, AK, at Tripadvisor. The importance of the active ends of glaciers (the terminal moraine) were apparent because the river was actively fed by the glacier. What a change in 4 months! Jackie and uplifted barnacle line, Hartney Bay. Further walking saw more signs of ice, some peeking out from below the moraine in the steepest sections of hills. Asulkan Glacier – Seven Steps to Paradise – 25 Apr, 2019. Explore Castner Glacier with ODR and Steven Miley! Bye. Lichen measurements from the youngest moraine indicate an age of 1842 AD, The drive from Anchorage takes 4 hours and 57 minutes and follows a paved road the entire time. A few hundred meters along, I met a middle-aged couple coming the other way. Castner Glacier 04/14/14. I carried a bit of hope that I could hike to at least one on this early recon mission, but I didn’t want to be too disappointed if time wouldn’t allow, and anyway, most glaciers would probably still be covered with snow at that point. We walked down the safest path of firm glacial silt and ice, which was marked by orange cones. During the summer a party made a first ascent of Black Cap in the side of the Black Rapids Glacier and to climb Mount Russell in McKinley Castner Glacier area by the east ridge, and a group visited the … Apr 22, 2018 - Outdoors Editor’s note: Trip Report is an ongoing series about trail conditions around Interior Alaska. Length: 19 km Width: ~1 km Flow: Unknown Status: Retreating The ice is so clear that you can see several inches back into it revealing layers of suspended soil.It’s hard for me to say how long they have been trapped in their icy tomb! However, all the moraine would have, and still does, insulate the ice to prevent it melting as quickly in the covered area. Roam the glacier looking for more caves and other interesting features or views of the glacier stretching for miles up the valley. The hike to the glacier’s face follows Castner Creek; the creek is fast-flowing, brown, and fed by the melting glacier. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Glaciers of Alaska. Palisade Glacier ski tour – Apr 14, 2019. Go out there and witness their magic first hand. The caves often reach far back and are sculpted in inconceivable ways. On the Teflon Skid, Pipeline. This page is for summer hiking tours of Castner Glacier (available May through September); if you are interested in visiting Castner Glacier between October and April, see the Castner Glacier Winter tour page. Trust But the Figure out. Distance: 2 miles round trip. … Castner Glacier, AK. VIEW EAST TOWARD CASTNER GLACIER (AT LEFT) AND CANWELL GLACIER (EXTREME RIGHT). Posted on May 14, 2017 November 21, 2018 by CryoPhotos. Today we take you inside Castner Glacier! Honestly, it wasn’t much of a cave – more of a death trap – “a little unsafe” was quite the understatement. The 10 meter high hill became an agonizing battle, but I was too stubborn to slide back to the bottom and find a way around. Castner Glacier. Route Description: Castner Glacier is the simplest glacier to reach coming from Fairbanks, and for the past several years it’s been the easiest place to find an ice cave as well. Like!! To see the suspended sediment in them made it clear how areas like my hometown (with sandy, loose soils) could be laid down by receding glaciers. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I told myself just seeing even one glacier would suffice for this early in the season, and I would have more reason to return for one long trip later on. My trip to the Castner Glacier was unexpected and short, but provided an interesting perspective on something I had yet to witness in person. Mount Castner is a 5,535-foot (1,687 m) elevation glaciated summit located 44 mi (71 km) west of Valdez in the Chugach Mountains of the U.S. state of Alaska, on land managed by Chugach National Forest.It is situated at the head of Ranney Glacier and Dartmouth Glacier.Although modest in elevation, relief is significant since the mountain rises from tidewater at Unakwik Inlet and College Fjord of Prince … I was pretty comfortable in my twenty below bag, so it probably wasn’t quite minus 20. Hiking At Castner Glacier | Alaska Vlog 003, in this video I take you along on my drive as well as my hike to Castner Glacier. 2 comments. Should I stop going, admire from afar, and hope to spread the word of the damage being done without such first-hand experience and evidence? The timing of moraine stabilization and ice retreat was determined by cosmogenic 10Be surface exposure dating for the two older moraines along with lichenometric … Elevation gain: very little. be careful on the glacier,eventually water will start flowing in the tunnel. Any one of these (not to mention the much larger boulders also ready to fall any second) would have been enough to kill a person trying to walk into the opening. Team Alaska, Denali. COtoAK. One of them lies at mile 218 and a hike up Castner Creek brings you to its end (the terminal moraine). As  you stand there in the chill of the cave and stare into the crystal-clear ice, it is impossible to grasp it all! I often photograph ice caves at Castner Glacier, Canwell Glacier, and Black Rapids Glacier in the Alaska Range, which typically contain several caves each, and I offer tours of these glaciers in winter as well. On Gopro H7B. Camera & Tripod Castner Glacier. However, it must be moving incredibly slowly for the shrubs to take hold and grow to heights taller than me! It reminded me of the carvings of the guardians in the caves in Belize. Along Castner Creek. The … Close. Castner Glacier – 14 May 2017. Armed Forces Resorts US Family and … Reference Location: Castner Glacier, AK. What a change in 4 months! Great detail in ice near the Sanctuary River in Denali National Park & Preserve. Wait, shrubs? ... and the glacier … In a remote section of Eastern Alaska, between Delta Junction and Glennallen, the Richardson Highway cuts through the Delta Mountains, part of the broader Alaska Range. To get at the size and beauty of these caves, I’ve compiled this video of the walk-through of just two of the ice … No, don’t stop at one. My husband and I will be in AK from July 4th till the 13th.. total of 9 nights. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5. Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life, Castner Glacier : Hello, but Goodbye | Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life, Watching a Glacier Die | Ian A Johnson : Life, Wildlife, Wild-life. The drive is beginning to wear on me, and I question every time I travel it whether or not it’s worth it. They are incredibly beautiful in the winter! Item Peak, from… Posted by. Above it was another hill – thankfully less steep – and above that, another. Caption: Scott with wife Krin along with their son At Castner Glacier Alaska. South of Delta Junction, AK there are many glaciers. I did, however happen upon an unmarked dirt road fairly close to the toe of one presumably incorrectly labeled Gerstle Glacier (further research after the fact would reveal it to be the Castner Glacier). When it was first finished in 1964, the Thayer Hut was only 100 feet above ice level; now, it’s 400. The hole had been melted out of the ice by water running under and through it. Ross commented that it was though “a huge tsunami had just been frozen instantly” – a apt description! Details. Comment. Castner Glacier is about 140 miles from Fairbanks, around a 2 1/2 hour drive. If you go to the BLM link for Castner Glacier, they say it’s only a 1/2 mile hike to the glacier – this is not correct. Apart from the beauty of the caves the geology of them is truly remarkable. Anyway that was one of the better climbs of my life. Salmon Glacier + Unnamed Glacier – Sep 15-17, 2019, 30. Steven Miley Photography: Castner Ice Cave In Winter Was Amazing! Your email address will not be published. Like Castner Glacier, you can spend all day roaming around the moraine looking for interesting features like caves, meltwater canyons, glacial lakes, and more, or you can press up the glacier as far as you desire. Every glacier I visit in my travels is unique and intriguing in it’s own way. Explore Castner Glacier with ODR and Steven Miley! However, aging the Alaskan glaciers has proven difficult in some regions. However, it would be odd that this much dead ice would still be frozen with an exit moulin this large and with this much water running out from under it. Dec 5 8:30 am. The easier way is to follow the south (M'Ladies) branch of the Castner Glacier, turn the corner left, and set up base camp at about 6000 feet in the cirque between White Princess and M'Ladies Peak (but set it well away from the latter - the steep face above the cirque regularly releases avalanches). glacier(s) a mass of ice, usually at high latitudes or high elevations, with sufficient thickness to flow away from the source area in lobes, tongues, or masses. woodman6437. A collapsed wall or cave at the terminus. I dug down through over half a meter of loose rock and silt, getting colder and colder as I dug down, until yes, glacier ice was eventually revealed. 6 months ago. It looked like the valley was filled by a glacier, except it was all rock. Surface exposure ages indicate the timing of ice retreat after the late Wisconsin maximum at 14.7 ± 0.7 ka (n = 4, k-years before present), and identify the intermediate moraine as corresponding to the Little Ice Age (LIA) at 1627 ±32 years AD (n = 2). Sorry for a some instability, but the floors were very slippery, and I had to protect my camera in case I fell . Ptarmigan are notoriously “fearless” of humans (some describe it as stupidity), so this guy had little problem with us approaching him. In a few short minutes I witnessed at least 20 softball size or larger rocks dislodge themselves and tumble the 10 meters down the slope to crash to the rocks and river below. I want to know if taking the Dalton road from Fairbanks to Barrow is reasonable. G9 integrates and delivers Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and services enabling readiness and resilience for a globally-responsive Army. I transitioned to day shift without sleep and we drove the Denali Highway, hiked to the Thayer Hut, and spent two nights enjoying the wonderful weather and amazing aurora. Everything around me was just dunes of brown and tan granite rock. It is incredible to consider that the hundreds of gallons of water which flow by each minute are created by the collection of millions of water drops. See many glaciers. They form layered domes and peaks which can be be many feet tall. This is a list of glaciers existing in the United States, currently or in recent centuries.These glaciers are located in nine states, all in the Rocky Mountains or farther west. Sometimes I have the privilege of spending an entire day, or multiple days, exploring the intricate details of a glacier. Certainly access to many of them will be getting much more difficult in the coming years. Johnson and Spur Glaciers area Water sources in the area are limited to glacial runoff or small snow patches that melt and are found in the small ravines draining off the side hills, also glacier ice. The walls were sculpted by water and wind. Route Description: Canwell Glacier involves a much longer approach than Castner Glacier, but the ice is more colorful and interesting and the mountain scenery is better. Squirrel Creek, and Lake Ahtna beds. and Old Snowy. Then a trip to New Zealand (in progress as of this writing) will hopefully add on a few more to kick off 2018. 5 Comments. The hike to the glacier’s face follows Castner Creek; the creek is fast-flowing, brown, and fed by the melting glacier. Activity Amusement Bank Food Fuel Lodging News Parks Wikipedia - None - Group 1 . In addition to running photo operations alongside MICA guides, I had resolved to explore as many other glaciers as I could possibly get to that summer – I’m aiming to walk on and photograph as many as I can in the increasingly bleak and shortening existence they are destined to. Yale Glacier is a 20-mile-long (32 km) glacier in the U.S ... On this same occasion, Castner went on snowshoes some distance up the margin of the Yale Glacier, which may perhaps show that it was then less severely crevassed than in 1910 when traveling upon its surface was impossible. I excitedly asked if they had seen the glacier, and they responded by telling me they saw a cave, but didn’t go in. Only when I climbed to the top of the highest dune (the only way I can think to describe these hills of moraine), nearly a kilometer from where I had scrambled up the first slope near the cave, could I look up valley and see actual white-ice-glacier far off up the valley. The easier way is to follow the south (M'Ladies) branch of the Castner Glacier, turn the corner left, and set up base camp at about 6000 feet in the cirque between White Princess and M'Ladies Peak (but set it well away from the latter - the steep face above the cirque regularly releases avalanches). Am I doing more harm than good? Further research after my hike revealed that, indeed, the glacier is covered with more moraine than usual, apparently when studied in the 1950’s there was an outcropping or nunatek in the middle of the glacier far uphill, where potentially all the excess debris came from. Traverse down to the ice tongue. Amanda and Rose, Savage River. Well done:). Traverse down to the ice tongue. 29. Post Cancel. The ice above the cave was melting from above and below, forming a steep angle covered in rock and mud which was all visibly sliding down and dropping into the river below. This glacier is very low-angle and has few crevasses, but the snow conditions can become very soggy during the summer … Castner Glacier : Hello, but Goodbye. An easy hike or snowshoe leads to an ice cave at the glacier terminus. The only ice to be seen was in the roof of the cave. Sort by. It includes the Castner Glacier (13B) and the Black Rapids Glacier (20A). We love spending time together as a family, having fun, learning through homeschooling, growing in our faith, and building our forever home! My trip to the Castner Glacier was unexpected and short, but provided an interesting perspective on something I had yet to witness in person. Answer 1 of 9: Hi, We plan to be in Alaska in July-Aug. In 2017 I would employ new methods of Alaskan transportation including backpacking, kayaks, a train, four wheelers, and wading through belly-button deep, newly melted glacier water (complete with icebergs floating by) to access 10 more glaciers that summer alone. THE FAULT FOLLOWS THE... 550594 - DFCY2C from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Part of the one does indeed look like the head/tail of a dragon. Here’s a small deposited pile in the mouth of the eastern Castner Ice cave. My hopes were that the maps were still somewhat accurate, meaning that several glaciers would be within possible hiking/bushwhacking distance of the highway. About heads on White Princess, trends NW and SW to its 1934 terminus at head of Castner Creek, 27 mi. Aug 2009 ” There were even large shrubs growing up here. Others, I may have only a short time to spend on the ice. Even if you fall down, I will keep searching for. Skipping the potentially deadly cave visit – it only went in a few meters before wading through the river would be required anyway – I scrambled my way up a less-steep slope around to the side. There are two different hiking trails that you can take to reach Castner Glacier. Thanks for the photographic wowser! Unlike Castner Glacier, though, it only takes a mile of hiking over rough moraine to reach bare ice, and from that point it is rather easy to continue up the glacier. This thread is archived. Join Eielson Outdoor Recreation for a hike of the Castner Glacier Trail which leads to the Castner Ice Cave. u/Taco_2s_day. Download this stock image: DENALI FAULT. Castner Glacier a glacier in Alaska. And what could have caused all this moraine to fall all the way across the valley and cover the entire width of the glacier? Wheeler Peak Glacier, Nevada – Sep 29, 2018, Bomber Glacier (Bomber Traverse) – Backpack, Mojito Glacier (Holden Hut Build) – Backpack, Northern Cwm Glacier (Holden Hut Build) – Backpack, PennyRoyal Glacier (Bomber Traverse) – Backpack, Snowbird Glacier (Bomber Traverse) – Backpack, Wintergreen Glacier (Holden Hut Build) – Backpack, Asulkan Glacier (Seven Steps to Paradise) – Ski Tour, Looking down into the large cave at the toe of the Castner Glacier with water, mud and rocks falling in from above, On the steep slopes of ice, moraine is unable to stick so the ice shows through. My response probably wasn't needed. Photographer Sebastian Saarloos wrote of his astonishing July 2011 photo, "After traversing up a glacier moraine for what seems like an eternity, and going up over 2,400 feet of vertical gain, you finally reach a point where one glacier turns into three. The southernmost named glacier among them is the Lilliput Glacier in Tulare County, east of the Central Valley of California. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . A glacier would be cool, an ice cave was something totally unexpected and even more exciting. From pictures I have seen of the Castner Glacier it really looks like it has shrunk. Pick your way, angling south across the glacier to pick up what’s left of the old access path, which ascended up a sort of medial moraine on top of the glacier. We're 25 & 26, enjoy the outdoors, wildlife viewing, hiking, etc. 23. This must be the ‘cave’ the couple had spoken of. On the Teflon Skid, Pipeline. February 18, 2020 hike to the Castner Glacier Ice Cave in Alaska. We slogged up to where I think the Thayer Hut is now and made base camp. Or rather, what was on top of it was different. I hoped to get eyes on some or all of the 4-5 glaciers mapped out to within a mile of the road. MacKeith and Bull had made plans to climb Old Snowy on their own, camping at the base of the O’Brien icefall on their first night out. As global temperatures rise and weather events and climates become more erratic and unpredictable, who knows how long they will be around to be enjoyed. But through the years the glacier has dropped dramatically making the climb up to the hut an arduous and potentially dangerous climb. As you pan the camera, his/her head emerges from cheek to nose. Getting out of the sleeping bag in the morning was a good reminder that we were winter camping in the interior of Alaska. Join Date: Jun 2008; Posts: 241; Share Tweet #5. Yale Glacier is a 20-mile-long (32 km) glacier in the U.S. state of Alaska.It begins at the saddle between Mount Witherspoon and Mount Einstein, and trends southwest to Yale Arm of College Fjord, 47 miles (76 km) west of Valdez.It was named for Yale University by members of the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition.. Geography. There is a small turnout near the Castner Creek Bridge where you can park, and from there the ice cave is about 1/2 mile upstream. They call these pioneer plants – they are the first to begin life in geologically new or devastated areas, and they are generally a good indicator of a nearby receding glacier. My First Visit: 14 May, 2017Type: Valley GlacierLocation: Delta Mountains (subrange of Alaska Range) along Hwy 4 between Paxson and DonnellySource: Delta Mountains between Triangle Peak, Black Warrior Mt., White Princess Mt.
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