Directed by Hiroshi Kôjina. Hisoka suggests that they should ambush Killua in the hospital, but Illumi claims the assassination will fail if they do so because Killua's friends are there. After tussling for a while, he whispers something to Kurapika, then he forfeits the match. [30] A fighter at Heavens Arena named Kastro fights Hisoka to avenge his past loss. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Illumi then tells Hisoka about what happened during the Chimera Ant crisis, the death of Chairman Netero, Alluka—his younger sister, and the current situation with Gon and Killua. [24] Hisoka's first match is against Kurapika. After his fight with Gon, Hisoka obtained the right to fight a Floor Master, whom he defeated to obtain the title. Razor is pushed out of bounds, resulting in the team's victory. [70] A few weeks later, he leaves the island with Abengane after the latter has successfully deactivated Genthru's Countdown..[71], Hisoka is next seen during the first round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election looking for Ging. When Kastro declares he will take Hisoka's left arm next, Hisoka remarks he may feel more eager to take the fight seriously. When Nobunaga protests, he uses the Lovely Ghostwriter ability he stole from Neon on him and Shizuku, learning that tangling with the "Chain Dude" will lead to the death of five other members. [74], He then confronts Gotoh, Amane, and Canary, who are left behind after Killua uses his Godspeed ability to escape with Alluka. [78] He assisted Illumi without being discovered by the Hunter Association[77] and seemingly killed Teradein while the latter was at his desk. When Hisoka took the water divination test, the water turned sour. His insatiable love for spilling the blood of powerful fighters in combat and his enjoyment of extreme pain while doing so fuels his seemingly sadomasochistic desires. Daisuke Namikawa enjoys playing Handball as a hobby and is generally a kind person who takes his job very seriously but is silly when it's appropriate. [32][36][37] In fact, his willingness to let Chrollo pick the location and time of their showdown,[84] as well as to adapt to his pace in its early stages,[2][79] nearly led to his demise. Hisoka often exhibits androgynous characteristics throughout the series, manifested in his wearing of "women's" shoes and using an alluring speech style typically reserved for females in Japanese. Kalluto, Hisoka's replacement in the gang, walks out, and Hisoka expresses his approval of him. The song was released on 03/21/2012 on the album Character Collection Song 2. Instead, Hisoka chased the man up a wall, but seemed to have forgiven him after he had cried and pleaded hopelessly. Hisoka's main ability allows him to make his aura sticky and elastic. [9] When they reach the Milsy Wetlands and a Man-faced Ape tries to pass himself off as the real examiner, Hisoka throws cards at both him and Satotz, killing the monkey, whereas Satotz blocks his attack, leading Hisoka to declare he is the real proctor. After the performance, he confronts Moritonio outside where he accuses him of being John Doe. [8][31][80] He was unaffected by breaking ten fingers[67] and, more impressively, by having one hand and one foot blown off[83] or by the loss of two arms,[31] to the point he stuck his fingers in his open wound to retrieve a card. Hisoka Morow, znany również jako Magik jest powracającym, głównym antagonistą w mandze Hunter x Hunter oraz jej adaptacji anime. He secretly rates the Hunters on the scene using a scale of his own and is apparently quite happy with the power of some members of the Zodiacs: Kanzai, Ginta, and Pyon. [36] He avoided all of Kastro's strikes while the latter was not using his double,[31] and even after he lost of both arms the clone was unable to land a single hit on him when it attacked by itself. When night falls, Hisoka decides to get himself two other tags. [45] He later lights Bean's cigarette instants before Machi kills him. He then begins to fight for real, surpassing Gon in both speed and strength. [19], He spots Leorio and Kurapika,[19] but, fascinated with their resolve, he allows them to leave unharmed in exchange for a number plate. Hisoka's appearance is similar to that of a magician or jester. Chrollo then commands the referee to attack Hisoka again but explodes before the two can make contact thanks to a new ability stolen by Chrollo, who is now also capable of using two abilities at the same time or one without needing to touch his book. Using Bungee Gum through his legs, he starts walking on the sides of a stand, destroying more puppets from that position before running away. [91], Hunter × Hunter - Volume 34, Chapter 351, Hunter × Hunter Hunter Association Official Issue: Hunter's Guide; Character & World Official Databook (pg. These dynamic variations in appearance illustrate the complexity of his character. In fact, Chrollo steals the announcer's microphone and orders to "break Hisoka", causing all the puppets with the stamp to rush at Hisoka, who proceeds to destroy them using the head as a projectile and by attaching Bungee Gum to multiple puppets and using them as a hammer.  大輔 Namikawa Daisuke) is a seiyÅ« affiliated with Across Entertainment. [59] The group wins three games, after which Razor challenges the remaining players to a dodgeball match. Hisoka found himself to be a natural performer, showcasing highly competent feats of dexterity such as juggling batons. [80] When he fought the boy at the Heavens Arena, he could move so quickly that Gon was unable to get his body to react in time. [36][60], Offensively, Bungee Gum can be used to pull the opponent towards Hisoka[37] or to create flail-like weapons. Among the opponents he has defeated are previous #4 member of the Phantom Troupe[7] and the Single-Star Blacklist Hunter Bushidora, killing the latter without suffering any injury himself. [2] Although the normal regulations were suspended during the fight, Chrollo technically won by KO. The fight between Gon and Hisoka begins. Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hisoka is a force to be reckoned with at close range, even without his cards or Bungee Gum. Hisoka knocks him down and whispers something to him. [19] It is unknown if this technique is achieved with Nen, or if Hisoka can merely improve his eyesight by concentrating. He voices both North Italy and South Italy (Romano) in the anime adaptation and drama CD's of Hetalia: Axis Powers/ Hetalia: World Series. The incident rouses his appetite for murder and, when the fog descends, he "plays examiner" and attacks the surrounding applicants, among which are Kurapika and Leorio, with the intent to kill. [73] Later, as Killua, Alluka, and their butlers are on their way to Gon's hospital, Illumi manipulates some drivers and crashes their vehicles into Killua's car, causing it to fall into a forest below. Killua begins to suspect that Hisoka has met other members of the Phantom Troupe on the island and is hiding it from everyone. He easily repels all of Gon's attacks without moving from his original position, until Gon uses a flagstone as a diversion and succeeds in punching him in the face. Despite his wide range of voice casting, he is usually cast as young, kind heroes, such as Mikage in 07-Ghost, Fay D. Flourite in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Jellal Fernandes and his counterpart Mystogan in Fairy Tail, R… Hisoka's Past Was Written By Tokyo Ghoul's Creator. [15] In the Third Phase, Hisoka is targeted by Togari for having nearly killed him during the previous Hunter Exam. [29] He becomes excited when he sees Gon enter a state of Zetsu against Gido. BWHAHAHAHAHHA HISOKA.  大輔 Namikawa Daisuke) is a Japanese voice actor. Kefka is a. are manipulative, selfish, maniacal, flamboyant, destructive, cruel, and insane (although Hisoka controls himself better than Kefka); are nihilistic psychopaths with no regard for human life nor remorse for the atrocities they commit; highly regard themselves in the matter of strength. As soon as the fight begins, Chrollo activates Shalnark's ability and takes control of the referee, using him to attack Hisoka while, the latter reckons, preparing to stick the second antenna in him. [86] When one of his kicks missed Gon, he sent a flagstone of the ring crashing explosively into the audience stands. Hisoka informs Illumi that he has found a map detailing the aircraft's paths and destinations. Gittarackur then appears and finishes Goz off. Struggling to get out, she shouts and swears at Hisoka, saying she'll kill him herself, before Hisoka makes his exit. It is unknown to the reader if Hisoka's original prophecy predicted he would leave the Troupe after his confrontation with Chrollo, or if he would die as a result of it, since only Hisoka saw how many paragraphs it contained. [2], Hisoka is also a skilled magician and often uses Nen to perform his tricks. The thrill of fighting strong Nen users in tactical battles and near-death experiences is an orgasmic experience for him. At Biscuit's request, he accepts to play against Razor's group. He wears face paint of a star (★) on his right cheek and a teardrop (💧) on his left cheek, and like his attire, in the 2011 anime, his face paint also occasionally changes colors. [83], The next time Hisoka is seen he is, by all means, dead, presented before Kortopi, Shalnark, and Machi; his face is extremely disfigured by the explosion, with one of the three wondering why he did not suffer more damage. It is then revealed that he provoked Illumi on purpose to let Killua know his location because he too wants Gon to be saved. å¤§è¼”, 'Namikawa Daisuke'?, Tóquio, 02 de abril de 1976) é um seiyÅ« japonês.. Ele começou a atuar em 1984. [11] He offered further proof of his swiftness against multiple foes when he fended off the throng of puppets sent after him by Chrollo. [77] Illumi Zoldyck, who was estimated by the magician to be even more formidable than some Zodiacs,[72] was wary of crossing Hisoka,[27] and even the leader of the infamous Phantom Troupe deemed it prudent to prepare a strategy and gather Nen abilities before facing him to ensure his victory, declaring Hisoka set a new record for the number of abilities he ever needed to kill someone. He is a voice actor so he is more extroverted since he needs to project the characters emotion he's playing to make it seem realistic. In order for them to grow to their full potential (so as to improve the pleasure of killing them later), Hisoka allows the main protagonists to live in situations wherein he is easily able to kill them. [28] By forming a circle with his index finger and thumb and peeking through it, he can enhance his vision. [52], When he learns Chrollo has been captured by Kurapika, he hires Illumi to disguise as himself and act as his double in the Troupe's hideout so that he can leave and fight Chrollo alone. [7] Around the same time, he "initiated" Kastro to Nen at the Heavens Arena, sensing potential in him. Watching from a distance, Illumi tells Hisoka to eliminate the butlers but Hisoka asks if he can kill Killua. The magician easily dodges his strike but is suddenly struck by Gon's fishing rod. The loss of a leg prevents him from escaping to the ceiling, but before he can project Bungee Gum from his other leg, Chrollo throws two spectators at him, causing him to fall back into the ring. At the end Gon successfully punches Hisoka in … They succeed and Gon shoots the ball with his last, most powerful Rock. Jest byłym członkiem Trupy Fantomu oraz seryjnym mordercą, który zawsze szuka silnych przeciwników, posuwając się nawet do oszczędzenia tych, którzy mają wielki potencjał, takich jak Gon Freecss i Killua Zoldyck. He determines that both Leorio and Gon will make fine Hunters. Hisoka's Past is a Hunter x Hunter prequel … Fantasy Requiem (狂想レクイエム, Kyōsō Rekuiemu) is a character song from the 2011 Hunter×Hunter anime adaptation, performed by Daisuke Namikawa as Hisoka Morow. [84], Aside from Hatsu, Hisoka is capable of using at least Ren,[28]Gyo,[32] and Ken, which allowed him to survive multiple explosions of The Sun and Moon set off in his proximity, although one of his legs was severely mangled. He invites her to spend the evening with him, but she leaves before he finishes his invitation. At the beginning of the fight, Kastro seems to have the upper hand, landing some blows on Hisoka from unimaginable positions and angles, gaining a 4-0 lead. While Gon complains to the judge, he attaches the strand of aura on Gon's cheek to a rock and tricks him into being hit, winning the match. [70] His ability to gauge an individual talent and raw power is so refined that he has been able to create a point-based system to quantify them. [8][31] When Kastro prepares his Tiger Bite Fist, Hisoka willingly gives him his left arm, but has the right one severed instead. Chrollo orders the first come, first serve rule to make it fair for the rest of Troupe members to kill him.[85]. He has a nasty habit of skipping out on Spider meetings. [31] He can defend even from disadvantageous positions[2] without losing his balance. [59] He approaches them to reveal his identity and offer to take the Exorcist to Chrollo once they find one. [60] He also came up with the concept of "Memory Overload"[32] and a system to divine an individual's Nen type from their personality, which, despite him calling it unreliable, has proven correct several times. [56] He hangs around the spell card shop in Masadora, reckoning that is where he will be able to meet the greatest number of players. [90] He most commonly detaches it from his body to attach projectiles to his opponent, such as his Shu-enhanced cards, while concealing it with In. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. His skills in misdirection and amazing dexterity find applications in combat, their combination allowing him to triumph against Kastro. In Episode 54 of the 2011 Edition, Hisoka wrote a message "the corpses were fake" using an emoticon of himself. He started acting in 1984, when he was about eight years old. As he retaliates, Chrollo, having stolen someone else's clothes, maneuvers behind Hisoka, who prepares to counter, but is tricked by the opponent's feint and kicked in the nape. As such, his character is more simply amoral than flat out evil. The latter also remarks that Hisoka is their equal and bears watching. Master Strategist: Hisoka is an exceptional strategist who can formulate winning plans at the very start of a confrontation. [50], Hisoka heads to Greed Island in search of an Exorcist for Chrollo. ‘Digimon Adventure’ Episode 23 Preview trailer, Synopsis, Spoilers, Release Date And Airtime [32] He also displayed proficiency with flail-like weapons by swinging an aura-coated human head connected to his hand via his elastic aura,[81] as well as with knives. While going after him, Hisoka finds and decapitates Geretta, who turns out to be his target. Hisoka can apply his aura to any smooth, flat surface, such as paper or cloth, and manifest imagery on it to change its appearance and texture, (To Illumi, after threatening to kill Killua). Daisuke Namikawa, Actor: Gekijouban Poketto monsutâ Adobansu jenerêshon: Myuu to hadou no yuusha Rukario. [27], Hisoka follows Gon and Killua to the Heavens Arena and with his Ren prevents the duo from entering the 200th floor until they are able to use Nen, declaring them not ready. He is the first to pass through the Trick Tower, having taken 6 hours and 17 minutes. Although Hisoka did not appear during the Zoldyck Family arc, in the musical, Daisuke Namikawa, Hisoka's voice actor, also voices, His voice actor in the 1999 anime adaptation, Hiroki Takahashi, also voices. When his right arm was severed, he connected it to the stump with Bungee Gum, whereas he linked the right one to Kastro's chin. He employs them to instantly kill the opponent by targeting their vital spots, generally the throat,[11][21][2][80] but also to incapacitate them by severing their tendons. [34], On the day of the match, Hisoka can barely contain his excitement. [64], Enhanced Agility: Hisoka is fairly acrobatic, a skill which he uses to recover his balance and respond to attacks quickly. Ele é muitas vezes confundido com o ator companheiro Daisuke Hirakawa, como seus nomes só se diferem por um caractere quando escritos em kanji.Apesar de sua ampla gama de elenco em voz, ele é normalmente escalado para jovens heróis bondosos, como … In the manga, during the Yorknew City arc, Hisoka dyes his hair light green. He is the first to disembark, due to his ranking in the previous trial. [21] Having obtained the necessary number of plates, Hisoka qualifies for the Final Phase. Hunter x Hunter: Secondary: Hunter x Hunter: Hisoka Origin Story: Main: Related Characters. Hisoka changes his appearances at each turn of arc. After a revamp of the show, it was replaced with a red or almost neon pink color to be in accordance with the manga. At the same time, the hero himself (. The Roughneck Teacher in High School, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, Summon Night Granthese: Sword of Ruin and the Knight's Promise, Hiiro no Kakera New Tamayori Princess Legend, Remote Investigation -23 Days to the Truth-, Fist of the North Star: Legend of Raoh: Chapter of Fierce Fight, Intrigue in the Bakumatsu - Irohanihoheto, Fist of the North Star: Legend of Raoh: Chapter of Death in Love, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Fist of the North Star: The Legend of Toki, I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. In the manga, Hisoka asks Machi to spend the night with him. [23] He laughs when the boy refuses to give up and states he would also prefer not to have his leg cut off. Add Hisoka MOROW as a favorite today! Hisoka allows both of them to pass and tells Gon if he can win one match on the 200th floor, he might consider fighting him. Anime. At first, his Bungee Gum ability seems to be neutralized by Gotoh's ability to fire coins with power superior to bullets, but Hisoka manages to adapt quickly and uses his Bungee Gum to fire the coins back, forcing him to shoot more coins to deflect them, with that distraction Hisoka is able to drop in on him and slit his throat. If they break, he either loses interest or kills them before going out to find more potential prey. [19] He single-handedly outmatched Gon in close quarters combat and repelled all of his offensives without moving from his spot until the boy resorted to a diversion. Although he generally glances at someone to determine their strength, he ranked Illumi without even seeing or recognizing him beforehand. The exchange allows him to figure out Kastro's secret, the use of a Nen double. During the Greed Island arc, Hisoka wears the Greed Island Ring on his left middle finger. Illumi instead reveals an ability to manipulate a person's actions through a nen-imbued needle.
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