Try applying some of the following natural repellents around your house to keep cats away from your property. PO Box 274, Princeton, MN 55371. Professional authorities will provide you with guidance on how to handle problems arising from a nearby owl nest. Rabbits are prey animals, and cats are predators. The CatBib was invented by a bird-feeding, cat-loving gardener in Springfield, Oregon, after collars with bells and other deterrents didn’t work. Birds, mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits are all fair game to a cat. While not the most always the most imminent threat to chickens and household pets, owls are best kept away. In general, creating conditions preventing a cat from digging soil is the best way to make it … Safely Deter Owls Use Nite Guard Solar owl deterrent lights to protect your property from unwanted nocturnal visits. If you want to keep owls away from your home, create barriers to your property. Startling the owls may be the only legal recourse for removing them. It can … Devices that startle or frighten are always a good option. Many of us use garden fleece to protect crops from frosts. Try to bring your animals into their wooden structure each night to prevent them from even being seen by predatory birds. Trapping or hunting squirrels, rabbits, and other rodents to manage their populations may encourage the birds of prey to move on to another area. (You may need several roosters if your chickens number more than 15.) Nylon netting (poultry wire can also be used) is both inexpensive and effective; its presence will prevent owls from making any diving attempts. or something highly reflective that moves in the wind like reflective anti … Last Updated: April 16, 2020 Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. The CatBib – stops cats from killing birds The Most Effective Way To Stop Cats From Hunting and Killing all Birds and wildlife! Make sure you install any lights outside your coop or structure, since indoor brightness could disrupt your chickens’ sleep patterns. It’s easy to hang, and you’ll be able to find at most hardware and garden supply stores. By time spring is sprung, your cat could be a full-on convert to indoor living! Protect crops with garden fleece. Check with local government authorities about pyrotechnic and gun use regulations in your area before using these devices to frighten an owl. Once you install a set of Nite Guard Solar lights, you can rest assured that your farm, purple martin nest, chicken coop, fish pond, and other precious property is being effectively protected. With this option, you will need to move the decoy around once or twice a week to prevent the owl from figuring out it’s not a real bird. Install a repellent device. Deterrents frighten birds away using visual repellents and noisemakers. If you can catch a cat in the act, an effective natural cat repellent is the … Another trick using water is to fill bottles of water halfway up. Nite Guard Solar lights and Nite Guard Repellent Tape will keep your property protected from hungry and determined owls 24/7. Owls don’t require the pitch black of night to hunt; they’ll also hunt at dusk or during early morning when the light is less intense. Install tall poles around any areas prone to owl attacks. Another way to keep owls away is by securely covering your chicken run with bird netting (assuming, of course, you have a chicken run — netting won’t make a difference for free-range chickens). This can already be a challenge at home, with cats hunting anything that moves, such as feet, curtains or cables. When you notice a curious cat coming into your yard, arm yourself with a water-filled spray bottle and surprise him with a squirt of water. This includes electronic devices like a motion-activated sprinkler, predator decoys, and aluminum foil tapes. Fortunately, you can keep owls away with certain frightening techniques or by changing the habitat to make hunting more difficult for them. Scented oils and herbs: If you don't feel like planting certain flowers, you can purchase dried lavender and rue to spread around your yard.You can also spread oils like eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender around your garden. When choosing your chickens, look for the breeds that will naturally blend in with your environment. Roosters are keen assessors of the true level of danger. But take into account that the net should be pulled tight, otherwise your pets will perceive it and use as a hammock. Avoid going near a great horned owl nest, or take precautions like wearing a helmet or using an umbrella if you must walk near one. Other Benefits to Protecting Pets . Place a net over the crib to keep cats away. Find bird-deterrent lights online or at a home-improvement store in your area. Also, think about adding a rooster to your flock if you live in an area that allows them. Great horned owl nests are typically only found high in trees of a forest habitat. This article was co-authored by Scott McCombe. Many cat experts agree that a gradual approach to indoor life is best. Having an enclosure with a roof can help protect the pet from attacks, although you will still have to watch to … Since house cats are one of the biggest threats birds face in the wild—they kill somewhere between 1.3 and 4 billion birds every year in the U.S.—the BirdsBeSafe could really make a dent in the mortality rate. Puppies and kittens are at a greater risk because of their size and their lack of experience with predators. Because the spikes don’t harm birds, and simply prevent them from gathering in a favorite location, they are a favorite legal means of getting wild birds to move to a different location. Ideas to keep cats away from your veg garden New Zealanders love cats, but what our beloved pets leave behind in the vegetable patch can be dangerous to our health. Stay away from owl nests, and contact local animal control or wildlife authorities if you discover a nest on your property. Owls, like any predatory birds, also often roost in high trees or on building gutters, so any kind of perch-like structure or pole can be dangerous. If they are on a neighbor’s property, discuss your concerns regarding owls in the area and find out if removing perching locations is an option. Check to be sure that the water pressure is not lethal to an owl if it gets hit before using this option. The sudden mist of water startles the cat out of your yard. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 38,424 times. Sharp mulches and plants with strong aromas can also keep cats from prowling nearby. Once they’re indoors and more difficult to access, any circling or perched owls may automatically leave your area. Cats like to stalk their prey by crouching down low and slowly creeping through cover to … Modify Their Habitats. Bushes, brush, deck and overhang access where your chickens can take cover is essential. Cats are also likely to see your rabbit as food. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. If you’re wondering how to scare an owl away, the presence of a loyal rooster with the readiness to crow will do the trick. Protect with a Net. In addition to protecting pets from hawks, owls, and other raptors, taking steps to keep a pet safe will help them avoid other hazards.Birds of prey are not the only hunters that will target pets, and protected pets are much safer from coyotes, foxes, bears, and other predators. Use noises such as a cat, dog, snake, or an owl. You can find globe shaped mirrors online or at home improvement stores in the garden and patio section. You may need to clear prey animals out of the area. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Make sure your chickens get into the coop by dusk and securely close it all night until the daylight has fully onset again. If you get a light-up collar you should try to get a strobe one. Even a short fence can thwart a predator's attack. Install the light near the area you want the owl to avoid, such as a chicken coop or backyard, according to the product instructions. By using our site, you agree to our. Sometimes simply increasing human activity in an area, like setting up and using a fire pit and chairs in your yard, can deter an owl from trying to hunt near your home. A Brown Leghorn chicken, on the other hand, may be less of a beacon for hungry birds. One way to keep your chickens and pets safe is to move them inside at night while owls are actively hunting. Think of the relief you’d feel if you could guarantee that your cats, dogs, and chickens were safe from owls. Great horned owls are the only type of owl that may attack people who wander too close to their nests. A rooster is also fiercely protective and will fight any owl who gets within range. Should you break this law, you may be handed jail time and/or a hefty fine, so we’ve compiled some less lethal owl deterrent suggestions. Do not use toxins to get rid of owls, or shoot them. Cats don't especially enjoy the smell of lavender, peppermint or lemon. You can also get rid of owls by shocking them, literally. What kinds of devices can you use to keep owls away? If predatory animals lurk near your home, you can take action. Feral cats not only kill birds and oth… Be sure that the trees or other perches in your area are on your property, and not a neighbor’s, before having them removed. Step 4 Coat bird landing surfaces, such as patio furniture, railings or nearby tree branches, with a layer of bird repellent spray. How to Keep Cats Away from Rabbits. Roosters are not allowed in some urban areas; check with your city or county animal control office about local regulations regarding roosters. Spray the Cats with a Hose. Yell or clap your hands near the owl if you see it. While pretty rare, larger hawks have been known to attack toy breeds, cats, and other small pets. Cats are natural born predators. Blood meal fertilizer: Cats dislike the smell of dried blood that is found in this fertilizer.It can keep cats away and make the plants in your garden more green and lush.,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Another option is to remove perching areas altogether by cutting down larger trees. If your cat currently spends most of his or her time outdoors, bring it in for increasingly longer spells. To learn how to use noise to keep owls away, keep reading! By putting up a physical barrier between an owl and its prey, the owl will lose interest and leave to find food elsewhere. PHOTO GALLERY: Owls found in Las Vegas area. The only type of owl known to attack people is the great horned owl, and it only does this if its nest and young are threatened. With care and thoughtfulness, it is possible to protect birds without being cruel to cats. Note: Roosters aren’t allowed in every area (especially in urban zones), so check your local rules before bringing one home! Mix one part oil to three parts water in a spray bottle and spray liberally in areas where cats visit. If they see it, they may get nervous, and that instability could make your rooster aggressive. The strobing light confuses owls and is actually used in products like this (which is also a solution). If there isn’t anything in your yard to attract birds they will be less likely to … If possible, install a decorative or wire fence in front of shrubbery or hedges that may conceal predators to prevent them from attacking birds from these vantage points. There are a few things you can do to help pets not get taken from a raptor but none of them are 100%. Although owls prefer smaller, easier prey, larger birds such as great horned owls may prey on small cats or dogs. If you don’t want to put in the effort of moving a scarecrow around, consider an “electric scarecrow.” This is actually just a high-powered water hose with a movement sensor that blasts water toward an animal. Keep chickens enclosed at night so they cannot see the light; having lights on at night can disrupt their sleep cycles. Owls may become used to some noises, so always using the same noise can be less effective over time. If you can synchronise the transition period with the beginning of winter, then all the better – since cats prefer warm, dry places. One of cats' natural enemies is water.These animals hate water, so if you want to keep cats away from your garden, a good option is to have a hose or to install an automatic sprinkler in your garden.Water won't harm cats but will scare them off. Play these noises in areas where you have noticed rat activity. Sometimes permits will be required, depending on the circumstances. Since owls are territorial, the presence of a decoy will deter other owls from trying to claim the area. In addition to keeping yard clean, you can use a small ultrasonic device that keeps rodents away. Founded in 1991, SES has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded "Best of the Best 2017," “Top Rated Professional,” and “Elite Service Award" by HomeAdvisor. Put roosting spikes wherever you see owls trying to perch. Also make sure you don’t leave your decoy(s) in the same place for long. These spikes can be especially helpful to place near your gutters, as owls will also sometimes use a roof ledge as their place to spy on smaller animals. Tips on how to keep wildlife away… With an increasing number of house cats hunting outside, it becomes more and more difficult to keep birds nesting in your garden safe. … There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. One way to keep your chickens and pets safe is to move them inside at night while owls are actively hunting. Owls can be a concern for homeowners with pets or small livestock such as chickens or rabbits, because occasionally they hunt small animals at night. Exploding devices, for example, create a sound like a gunshot that owls won’t enjoy. Give us a call at 1-800-328-6647 or send us a message for advice or installation assistance. Add spikes. To learn how to use noise to keep owls away, keep reading! Our Expert Agrees: The most effective way to protect live stock like chickens from an owl or hawk is to keep them in a covered forage area using tight mesh fencing and bird exclusion netting. It's in the Water Certain scented oils can keep cats away from your domicile. Website Designed by FootSteps Marketing. Our tips could save your cat's life. If you have an outdoor cat (even if it’s confined to your yard), put Birdsbesafe® cat collars on them. Get crafty by thinking camouflage. … Since owls are nocturnal predators, lights and bright flashes at night will deter them from your yard/coop. The best action you can take is to remove any possible landing surfaces where owls could land to watch their prey and prepare to strike. Get Under Cover. There are four effective methods to keep birds away from your property: using deterrents, spraying chemical repellents, creating physical barriers, and trapping. Also, clear out any areas the prey animals might find attractive, like windfalls, woodpiles, overgrowth, groundcover, standing water, and storage or clutter. This article has been viewed 38,424 times. Make sure the fake owl or hawk (or even scarecrow) isn’t visible to your chickens, though. Here are 8 helpful tips to keep cats away from your garden or property: Avoid leaving garbage bags with open access and keep them in a closed container. Just make sure to move your decoy every few days so the owls think it's real. If an owl comes circling and your chickens have taken cover, the owl will often fly away without investigating further.
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